What’s hero’s next move?

  1. Yep. I thought I was gonna play with the "big boys" at the $50 table (yep, thats big for me) two nights ago. I bet 3.5 times BB with AA and was raised all in by utg. He won with a 10d-6d two pair. Not cryinv just sharing my lesson I learned which is: Some people have so much money they will go all in with anything. Sadly, sometimes they are rewarded. Not crying about it but thought my experience was relevant to this post.

  2. Someone did that to me earlier in the year. buy in was 1-3 but 600 max. We both had max stacks. I 4 bet all in with QQs when he bet 200. It waited about 5 minutes before someone at the table called clock. He calls shows the AAs.

  3. Don’t you see you have two buttons option? You have to be playing it in balance by folding and calling 50/50. And this time I suggest you should fold your AA

  4. In that spot I would TANK FOLD. Yes, I am holding premium. Yes, I have villain covered. Nonetheless I can’t risk my tournament life all in with pocket rockets againt such a strong range of a shove.

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