How do you play your range vs calling stations?

  1. It’s super boring but you just have to play a tight, linear, ABC range against stations. Value bet relentlessly. Value bet in spots that seem thin. Don’t bluff. Don’t call any of their river raises unless you have the nuts. It’s hardly poker but it makes money

  2. Then you're just playing exactly like the fish, like it's a game of bingo. You still have to cbet dry flops and charge draws with air or you'll bleed off, right?

  3. Abc poker all day in these games. Put away the cbet in multi way pots unless you have it or some strong equity, raise your premiums pre for value, 3-4x is fine, no need to bloat it if your comfortable playing post and limp your 22-99s as they dead to hitting a set majority of the time anyhow.

  4. You shouldn’t be cbetting in multi-way pots unless you have a strong hand no matter who you are playing against as a general rule

  5. Your skill edge is now that your starting range is better than theirs, and you only put in money when ahead. Stop putting in money when behind. Against calling stations your bluffing frequency needs to drop to near zero. You can build a pot with drawing hands if you like, assuming you're making the right price for yourself, but mostly -- if you miss, you're done.

  6. Don't bluff. Take them all the way to value town and make peace that you're playing a high variance game with them.

  7. Bet very large with strong hands post. 2x pot. 3x pot. If they continue to call you’re filthy rich. If they don’t you’re pretty rich

  8. Think about how much you are paying them to make their sets or 2 pair on the flop. You could show them the aces and 27 is a good call.

  9. If you have a skill edge you know when to bluff and when not to. You know what getting called down light means, and how to adjust. So if you have a skill edge, you’re not really complaining about any of this. It makes the game incredibly easy.

  10. Bro what you missing here? Calling stations are the easier players to beat, i would rather have calling stations than LAGs

  11. Value Bet me every made hand and I promise you my dumbass will hand you money. Just reduce your bluff frequency and always value bet when heads up against the player.

  12. Widen your value range. It's hard to do if you don't know exactly where your threshold is in all your spots.

  13.  You can get a lot of value with straights and flushes, and they apply little pressure, so play more connectors and you will usually get to see turn and river when you choose. When you turn or river your flush or straight, do you want to be vs 1 or 3 players? In general more, so don't play too agressively early in the hand risking a lot without much equity vs calling stations.

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