when do you bluff calling stations/High vpip players? or do you even bother bluffing them?

  1. Bluff good runouts that bring complete obvious draws/ or good scarecards they cannot have. Otherwise you usually underbluff and capture this ev by betting thinner vs these type of players.

  2. It's important to recognize which streets they are calling stations on. If they call c-bets too often then they arrive on the turn with a wider range that you can bluff easier. If they call flop and turn bets too wide then you just want to follow through with a triple barrel more often. If they call all streets too often, then don't bluff them as much

  3. One really good tell I’ve found in my years of online play is that 99% of the time if a fish is betting 1bb (sometimes 2, but it’s usually a min click/donk), they’re on a draw or a weak pair. It basically gives you the green light to reraise big regardless of your holding. Happens on every street as well. Yesterday I bluffed a guy out of a decent sized pot with A high after he donked 1bb on the river.

  4. As others have said, these two different problems. I'm pretty TAG, most days. High VPIP players who are reasonably educated players can be moved off of a lot of boards on the river, if the player is experienced enough to have been watching me. Lots of young wannabe pros will be super LAG, and after you have called them twice and donk them on the river with a 40% pot bet, will give up when Mr. could be OMC steps in. Stations, on the other hand, are often too dumb/inexperienced to bluff. They can't hear the message you are trying to send, and bluffing bets are just wasted chips. They aren't even thinking about what you are representing, and will call because they have second to the bottom pair.

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