Very low stakes cash aggressive shot taking question.

  1. What are your goals for poker? If your goal is to eventually become a pro it would almoooooooooooooooost definitely be better to save up a more reasonable bankroll of around 10k~ and study off table while eventually coming into a stake like 100NL. Playing micros is a big waste of time unless that is part of your poker goals.

  2. I appreciate it. Right now am in college and want to be able to get reps playing but not invest too much into my bankroll until a bit later in my life. My goal is never to play for a living but wouldn’t mind it being a serious side thing eventually. I always enjoyed video games but got bored and I think I can find joy in college in grinding the micros and seeing raising up in stakes almost like beating a campaign in a game. Monetarily I agree that it’s a waste of time, but for now am doing it as purely a hobby with off table study slowly becoming more a part of my game recently/into the future. Thanks for the time and thoughtfulness.

  3. I appreciate it. That’s somewhat of what I’ve seen so far😂😂 I’m in college and am mainly doing it as a hobby for now as I can find enjoyment in not risking too much while learning the game more in depth at low levels. I’m looking at moving through micro stakes as a game essentially, and moving to the next stake will be like beating a level or one campaign and going on to the sequels. After college (aka when I have an income that isn’t immediately going to rent) the plan is to start at higher limits because obviously 5nl is full of idiots😅

  4. If you are looking to shot take aggressively, I think 15-20 buyins is the sweet spot. But don't feel like you have to play 6 tables of NL $10 right away. You can take a shot playing 5 tables pf NL $5 and 1 table of NL $10. Dip your toes, see how it goes. Then the more buyins you have the more tables of NL $10 you can play out of your total number of tables.

  5. That’s great advice thanks. Honestly such a simple thought of playing some tables 5nl and one or two 10nl to start but I hadn’t even thought of it! I appreciate it.

  6. My advice is stick to one form of poker and master it. My niche is playing low-mid stakes mtts with fields up to 300 players. I crush at these. If you're good at low stake mtts you don't need to transition to cash. That said, minimum BR of 30 buyins for cash games.

  7. Huge Celtics fan here. Love it. Yeah I am a winning low stakes mtt player, just transitioning to cash at low stakes as well for several months to see both worlds and then decide which I’d like to pursue in my future poker. College student learning the game at a slow pace so that I can start picking up the pace/stakes when I have a real income.

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