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  1. Took fifth in the Bovada $50+$5 nightly $30k for a little more than $1200. I know that isn’t a first place win, but I’m happy!

  2. The white knuckle death grip on the steering wheel said it all for me last weekend getting 4 bet all in by 88 when I had AA, then losing to an 8 on the turn.

  3. I sat down in a 2/5 game with two OMC's, one guy who always plays a hand an hour and usually sits there with a $70 stack (like this time), one young nit with about $400 and three players who are hyper aggressive and had between $1.5k and $6k. I had position on the agro players and the nit and OMC's had position on me.

  4. Second time playing 1/2 in person this past Saturday. Bought in for $100 and went + or - $50 for about 2 hours. Get ready to call it a day and head home, but take one more hand for the road.

  5. Got way too used to playing online. Played in a live tourney and after break, we chipped up and got rid of the 50 denomination chips. I then tried to raise for an amount like 650 chips and everyone laughed at me. The entire next orbit, any time someone tried to make a bet, they would jokingly ask "are you sure you don't want to make that an extra 50 instead?"

  6. We have set up a group that uses PokerStars play money "Home Games" feature. Buy initial points and add 15K free points every 4 hrs.

  7. I am an ok player who is in the form of his life MTT wise, as I have already made ITM in the second biggest tourney (by prize pool) of the online WSOP ($10m). I also won $390 on Sunday in a GG Global Millions, not a massive win for most people, but amazing for me and huge for my bankroll.

  8. If you are all-in in a tournament playing with bb ante and you have only have the ante left or less, how much of the pot can you win? Example: blinds 1k/2k/2k

  9. Interesting question. I don’t know the rule, but logically, if BB is all in for the ante, that is all he can win. On the other hand, if the BB is posted before the ante then there is no ante and BB can win 500 from each player. If I was a tournament director I’d do it the second way.

  10. Playing live for the first time in 7 months. 2/3 $300 max, and I buy in for the max. Table seems pretty tight, and after about 45 minutes, I’m down around $35 and haven’t gotten involved much. Get dealt ATo in the CO, and raise to $10. BU, BB, and HJ call. Flop A T 3 rainbow

  11. Came here to post losing with the same hand. I had ATs, flop comes AT6r. I bet, 1 caller. Turn bricks. Villain covers me and goes all in. I call. River bricks. V shows AA.

  12. You can only win as much as you have in front of you. If you go all in for $100 pre flop, and villain calls with a $50 stack, villain will win $100, and you will get $50 back. If 2 villains call, winner gets $150, etc

  13. This is why I hate getting it all in on Global Poker: super users can see all 5 community cards before they are dealt. That is why anytime I get it all in they snap me off and catch their miracle.

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