What is the best/easiest HUD to use for ignition with a windows surface book computer?

  1. Are you looking for a pure in-game HUD, or stat tracking? PT4 is the best for the latter, but given the anonymity of Ignition, it’s not entirely useful for an in-game HUD. Plus, it doesn’t support Zone, so you’d have to download your HHs after your session and upload them to PT4 if that’s what you play.

  2. Stat tracking but doesn’t have to be too detailed. Just starting so something basic would work fine. In-game hud will be useful as well but similar to the other just need a basic one for now

  3. PT4 with the Ignition hand grabber works on Zone for Ignition, you just have to enable a setting somewhere, I'd have to look it up. I use PT4 with Ignition, and I never have to download HH.

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