GGPoker awards pot to wrong hand

  1. Not the best look for GG after all the cheating that just happened on their site. If this happened at the microstakes instead of a $10k, there’s a chance nothing would be done about it.

  2. Update from discord: Darwin said his queen of diamonds blacked out after the flop, after that his client froze and died. Tom who was also involved in the hand apparently also had a client crash and next hand dealt had the same problem of one card dissapearing. Darwins POV:

  3. This makes no sense. Why would they have a specific graphic like that for the Q that wasn't counted at showdown? Unless they thought it was a PLO hand and only one card in his hand played? And the graphic is showing the dead cards not playing?

  4. Bro I have no idea. I literally programmed a basic text poker in college and had “unit tests” to see if the correct hand won. I have no idea how a professional company with multiple software engineerings lets something like this happen…

  5. Now I’m wondering if someone folded a duplicate Qs which is why it didn’t recognize the Qs. Which would be even fuckier.

  6. OP: is there a text format HH that you can show? Really curious if it is a visual glitch or an anctual HH error.

  7. This comment needs answering. Its a fuck up for sure, but how much of a fuck up depends on the text HH. Check pokercraft, download the hands for the tournament and see what happened in the history.

  8. GG doesn't have tournament hand history that is accessible by any typical means. But you can see from the screenshot that the hole cards appear to be Q v TT, as oppose to QQ v TT.

  9. I'm gonna guess they deal the cards into separate arrays for each player's hand and something got messed up related to either adding to or removing from the array.

  10. No, they just changed the Super Millions to a NLHE version of razz to attract more recreational entrants whilst all the pros are away at the WSOP

  11. Gg has always been terrible for bugs and internet connection, i remember during lockdown i spent all week qualifying for their wsop event, finally got into it, decided to play flight b, was doing really well had a ok chip stack, then a hour and a half before the end of day 1 the whole site crashes but only for half the players! The players still able to play blinded out the rest of the players who couldnt log back in! After an hour i was able to log in and was left with like 3 big blinds, shoved all in with ak and was out!.

  12. The glitch is that you saw the hand that he saw. You were supposed to see AQ. He saw a different flop... one with a 10 on it and saw your actual hand.

  13. I really don't understand how this could be a stand alone occurrence... software doesn't just blunder on a one time and done basis.. seems like this would've had to of happened a lot..

  14. They’re just increasing the rake on you in a different way. Don’t worry, you’re not a pro, it’s actually good for you to have more rake.

  15. i play micro stakes 1c/2c rush ... but i was thinking of depositing more money on the site but well now i dont think i will not sure what to do

  16. I swear I was eliminated from a tournament on Global last week in a pot where I chopped. Board was something like 98494 and I had KT vs KQ and the pot was awarded to the other players. It was a $6.60 SNG so I didn’t bother but I’m pretty sure I won half that pot.

  17. I must disagree. Any criticism will immediately get you banned from their public platforms. Doesn't seem like great management to me.

  18. Doesn't surprise me one bit. I quit online poker after a long and expensive losing streak. Within a few years I read that regular players could purchase real time software to provide instant info it only confirmed that you're not playing against people but computers. I still play live and love the game. Now I only host games with people I know.

  19. At least it happened to CDarwin who's more than rich enough to be able to deal with it. Imagine if this happened to some rando deep in a colossus type event...

  20. not only that but hes known enough to get compensated and shit... if it happened to oyu or me we wouldnt get shit and prolly would be banned from anything gg poker

  21. For a minute I thought man what a Savage jamming with 10's on a board with 2 kings... Then I realized this was all preflop. Still ballsy but if the other dude was playing loose I'd probably have done the same. But yeah.. fuck GG.. I personally play on ignition but the other night in a 5k I watched Aces go around the table clockwise to 4 different player's in sequence. Ran my 9's into the 4th set cuz it's the last thing I thought I'd see

  22. 4 all ins tonight on ACR all lost to a 1 or 2 Outer. Shits rigged… first one flipped the nuts runner runner full house with turn and river

  23. This legit use to happen so much on Pokerstars. I haven’t played in a few years so I don’t know about now, but that site is the absolute worst and biggest scam.

  24. This opens the door for it to be possible for somebody to hack in and look at the hole cards. Online poker is dead.

  25. This should be pinned until there is an explanation. Is it possible to be a one-time only incident? Very disturbing. ClubGG uses the same software.

  26. Down for urgent maintenance. Probably due to this issue. Check the ggcommunity for updates but I suspect they'll sort updates.

  27. okay I could have sworn I saw something similar happen in a game I played a couple days ago. I wasn't paying much attention and I was all-in with one other guy and ended up winning but not really seeing what happened. I remember getting a feeling that I shouldn't have won, but was too lazy to double check. I'm gonna go back and see if I can find the hand.

  28. nvm, I found the hand I was thinking of and it was correct. sucked out on the river against AA for a straight. classic ;)

  29. i guess they forgot they can't actually award the streamer the pot if he doesn't have the winning hand. ooops. spend a little time on twitch and you see online poker is 100% rigged in some form or fashion. you can tell by the good players who stream by there reactions and comments on top of the fact they run better more often than just a regular player off the street. not to mention these sites are certainly using bots to bring back money into the sites. it really is sad what poker has become.

  30. I once was playing on pokerstars, i folded ace 5 off, a ace came on the flop and 3 people went all in with an ace, wish i player the hand now to show how corrupt it is but i bet they were all bots anyways.

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