Who's your "Mount Rushmore" of Poker?

  1. All the old school players say Stu was a cash game fish who was elite when he was on his A game, but way too spewy when he was playing his F game (which apparently was often). Honestly seems to be one of the most overrated players. Elite natural cognitive talent, but zero discipline. He was much better at gin rummy than poker, too.

  2. These people saying Ivey, Hellmuth, etc. are "has beens" and "from the past" don't seem to understand what Mount Rushmore is.

  3. Ungar’s poker theory is probably underrated. I’m not saying he was GTO, but that guy’s legend of counting a six deck shoe to the exact last card demonstrates a mind that has absurd ability to follow a deck. I don’t doubt he understood things that are now standard in poker 30 or 40 years before the populous caught on- he wasn’t just a coked out aggressive player. He was making moves with mathematical precision.

  4. Stu Unger, Phil Helmuith, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson… I could be convinced to swap chip Reese for Phil Ivey

  5. One could make a strong argument to include Chris moneymaker. It was his WSOP win that really ignited the popularity of poker and made it far more mainstream….

  6. I am torn I would definitely put Hellmuth, Ivey, Negreanu and I would cheat and go with Doyle AND Amarillo Slim. I also think that Chip Reese should be in this conversation as well since the whole reason the HORSE championship is around is because of him being amazing at every game.

  7. Any poker Mt. Rushmore has to include Stuey Ungar, Doyle Brunson, and Phil Hellmuth. The fourth can be a plethora of others...Ivey, Reese, Seed.

  8. Probably a handful of individuals rethinking the foundations of GTO. They work mostly behind the scenes, so their faces would be unknown. It would be a testament to the real pioneers of industry, not has-beens from 10-20 years ago like Dwan Ivey etc.

  9. Doyle, Ivey, Worm and Jennifer Tilly in that moment where she gave that guy credit for quad kings...we need her expression in the granite.

  10. Ivy, Daniel, hellmuth (I know I know. But we can’t deny he’s one of if not the best tournament player ever), Antonius (I just think he’s neat) and Esfandiari

  11. Rusty Ryan, Ocean's 11 The Gambler from the Kenny Rogers song The Gambler Henry Gondorff James Bond Teddy “KGB”

  12. Call me an old head but lets go with Genius28, Ozzy87, Jjprodigy, Lilholdem954, hell Annette_15, Actionjeff. Apestyles, jovialgent; aaaaaaaa2, pokerpro33, belowabove, [email protected], andddddd lets end with gbmantis

  13. I like yours OP but it's missing an iconic online name, I think I'd sub out Hellmuth for someone like Isildur or Llinus.

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