1. Is there some particular innate connection between cryptocurrencies and poker that I'm not aware of? Or is it just "gambling" that ties the two together?

  2. It attracts the same kind of morons trying to make a quick buck. And each one thinks that they know more about it than everyone else.

  3. I know Ignition poker loves when you deposit with crypto. I dunno about other sites, but they probably do too. Withdrawals are also faster.

  4. I often wondered the same thing. The attraction to Bitcoin appears to be the connection to getting rich and technology. What baffles me though is that there are ALWAYS ways available to you to gamble and get rich quick. You can go to the slot machine, roulette wheel, or if you want to be more sophisticated you can invest in the Futures markets: corn, wheat, soybeans, etc.

  5. Obviously atm crypto is doing poorly, but to address your specific situation in the future if ever the need arises, consider a personal wallet:

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