Why don't poker vloggers ever seem to go on a massive downswing?

  1. If you're actually good and play live cash you shouldn't go on massive downswings. Edges are 2 big vs boomer fish. Videos complaining about downs probably aren't too entertaining either.

  2. I mean, variance is variance. I've gotten my money in good an insane amount of times this year and just never won.

  3. I don’t know if it’s still like this. But years ago when there wasn’t so many vloggers the trooper was the “big one” and he was pretty much always on a downswing and getting jobs at Uber or dealing to make rent. I don’t know if that’s still the case.

  4. One of the other vloggers from that era is a dealer at mgm now. But don’t want to out him since I don’t even know if he’s still public or ever said it public in his blogs, or if he even makes blogs anymore.

  5. I've been following a number of poker vloggers for a few years and I've seen big downswings from Rampage, Brad Owen, Ben Deach, and David Kaye. Maybe not five (5) months long, but Ben Deach had one that was at least a couple months.

  6. Rampages downer will be huge this summer if he doesn’t bink soon. Luckily, he can afford it

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