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  1. You’re an MTT player. Get used to it. You may very well lose 67 buy ins before your next cash. You could do that and still win huge over your next 100 tournaments. Some tournament players lose for 6 years score huge once and then lose for another 3 years, and have one huge 7-8 figure score carry their whole career.

  2. 100+ bi downswing in mtts is not uncommon.. Plus the fields are not as soft as they were last year and 2020, most of those player have gone back to live poker.. Best thing you can do study and grind through it.

  3. Stop thinking your supposed to win with certain hands. Also your stacking equity. You played well and the luck part of the game showed up. Keep stacking equity and you will be fine.

  4. I never get excited anymore when I get a premium hand. I used look at aces, kings etc and get super excited and cant wait to scoop up a nice pot with this hand but now I've learned it means nothing until the hand is over. Since I've stopped putting emotion into my hands poker becomes much simpler.

  5. Read The Mental Game of Poker: Proven Strategies for Improving Tilt Control, Confidence, Motivation, Coping with Variance, and More by Jared Tendler

  6. The ol AA vs AK 1 outer. I was multi tabling 10nl cash last year and that happened to me multiple times in the same session. Almost cried lol

  7. I’ve gone on Some bad down swings playing some ACR bounty tournaments lol. It will come back to you if you are busting out in positions like that

  8. Best thing that has made my game better and more enjoyable is realizing that bad beats and downswings are always going to happen. Embrace them. Yes its frustrating having your opponents hit there 1-2 outers. But you do it too and it's part of the game.

  9. You should quit. How much time did you waste this year and last year? For nothing… I love poker but online poker sucks and is boring.

  10. Yeah agreed. What am I gonna do? Eventually go and win the WSOP? It’s a dumb hobby that rewards you a handful of times a year

  11. I've had a rough week as well, card dead and coolered constantly. I was crushing since switching sites so this downswing kinda caught me off guard. I think I got too cocky and started playing too many tables at a time. The low time limits didn't allow me to process everything so I was just clicking buttons and making mistakes. I brought it back down to 2 at a time and made a deep run in both last night. I've been thinking about taking a short break though, maybe a few days to reset.

  12. take a mental reset day/week/month whatever you think is best. Make sure when you come back your focus is on winning that buy in back+more and not trying to win it all back in one. The big score will come if you play right.

  13. I appreciate everyone’s comments. I’m well equipped to understand I can’t win every tournament, just had to rant I think. I’ve never posted on here before I don’t think so it was cool to see such a responsive and engaged community.

  14. Dont be a weenie. 700 long tournament downswing on ACR, half my lifetime profit incincerated during the 700. Only first time losing AA < AK? Youre not a true reg, how many MTTs have you played? You know downswings can last 2k tournaments?

  15. Yea dude ur right I’m literally a 19 year old kid who got lucky in his first year. I’m like 1.5k games in or so. First time losing AK v AA in that deep in a tourney that big. As I said a few minutes ago I just needed to rant. Glad you know all though

  16. It’s okay to take a break for a bit…. The emotions will eventually subside and you’ll be glad you got it in AA vs AK….. even if it stings… you’ll still see you made the right play….sometimes an extended break is not bad if you’ve been running bad and it starts to affect your decision making (ie stop playing, but not til I make my money back). I would stay stop playing until you can release that emotion. Because that emotion gets the best of us 9/10 times and just leads to worse and worse decision making which leads to worse mental health……sometimes the game is just brutal….and that can last for weeks, months, even years….sometimes you just gotta step back and take however long you need to re-center yourself….. the way the post reads you were already on the edge of tilt in this tourney from running bad for a few months….just be aware at how that can lead to worse and worse decision making overtime. Until you can release the emotion, and let the logical side of the brain say, ‘you know what, you got it in when you were ahead….way ahead….keep doing that’. When you start to feel that emotion instead of the- fuck me, I got cooler-Ed I gotta make my money back’. That’s a good indicator that you emotionally ready to get back in….where even if you recognize and feel the sting you feel MORE strongly that you made the right play and will continue to make the right decisions/plays

  17. Making the final table is like playing minesweeper. You can make all the right choices with the information you have, and still lose.

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