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  1. I was 200 big blinds deep with ace king off vs aces in a 4bet pot and I runner runnered king king after continuing a flop of 223 with a BDFD. My spade wasn't live either so my equity was .3% on the flop. Worst beat I ever put on someone.

  2. I had to pee at a home game and so folded 53o from the BB out of turn when the flop came A T 7 and accidentally folded face up. As I’m walking away the table goes bananas because turn 3 River 3

  3. Had my biggest win ever this week on ignition 10+1 I forget which tourney but maybe the 5000$. Went through two bullets on crazy 8's before late reg on this one. Got down to 3 BB with 2 tables left and then less than 1 at the FT when it was full. Ran good and picked my spots to bag 750+! Feels good and rewarding. Previous biggest win was 300 last month.

  4. I've never played live, can't stack chips, and learned to bet pot 3 months ago. LOL LOL. 17 years or something. LOL. I beat it until COVID and this horrendousness. It's almost like i cant stop this inside moron shit talking to dead people shit because it's some purpose. I'd have millions if i just asked for lump sums from alberta and saskatchewan.

  5. I keep forgetting im investing in stocks here shortly. the canadian billion im getting here isnt good to just have without a reason. and the stocks will add 100-500 million more. i can hide the billion. but im winning a tournament online to invest. it's a long, predestined story. BTW... i got my own poker format. i dont know how it'd work, but it'd be fun.

  6. Counting on getting sucked out on these days. Most recently, pick up KK in the SB, folds to me. I minraise, BB 3 bets, i 4 bet, he jams, I call. He shows A5o. Runner runner straight runout to knock me out.

  7. Played 2/5 for the first time. Was playing solid at a table of good aggro players. Sniffed out some bluffs, made some good folds with good hands knowing I was beat, made my own bluffs in good spots. All in all played so well and was super proud of it. Had my stack doubled to $2k.

  8. Had three different players in three different hands over the course of 5 hours shove into me while I had the nuts. Bought in for 350 and cashed for 1600. Feels good.

  9. Don't want to waste a post on it but does anyone have a recommendation on how to improve? I've been playing online and am finding a hard time getting information past the basic rules.

  10. Weird spot. NL200 zone bovada, I was in SB, button raises to 5, I 3 bet to 20 with JJ, BB jams all in for 200. I think about folding. Pot odds are terrible. In theory I should be against JJQ/AKo/AKs... although in theory he should never be betting like that, just a standard 4bet. Therefore, can't assume he is playing well. So I call and sure enough he has 99 and I stack him. If he has 99+/AK, then JJ easily has odds to call. And if he has 99 there he might even have AQ and 88.

  11. Brag: Had QQ early in a MTT and got money all-in pre-flop. Somehow had three callers who called with ace-high, king-high, and jack-high. Flopped quads. It felt extra nice since the board ended up having 4 spades and I did not have one in hand.

  12. Plays perfectly for 5 hours in a $22 tourny, down to 60 players. Wins a 3 way all in to triple up and take me to 3rd place 57 remaining. Next hand run TT into JJ on a 52279 board and get stacked down to 20bb. Tilted so I go get beer expecting to be gone 5 min with tourny going into a break. Come back with 9.8bb and check hand history to find that I had JJ, KK, AJ and KQ within a 15 minute period, and runouts that would have allowed me to double up at least twice, all folded because of beer. I punt my 9.6bb stack out of monkey tilt, instantly buy into a $16.50 MTT and my internet immediately goes out and doesn’t come back up until I have 1bb left. Fuck beer

  13. Jonathan Little mentioned that there are corner cases when it would be the right move to open limp. Does anyone know what types of hands/situations those would be?

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