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  1. Finally had a royal flush after 5 years playing on and off. It was in a pokerstars tourney so not sure yet if it will lead to something.

  2. Ah it sucks to lose shot taking. Especially since I only sat down seeing it was a dream table with 4 drunk spots. Lost a buy in just bleeding chips, whiffing every flop while they donated like 10 buy ins to the other players.

  3. Just a post to let out a little bit of steam. Had a three session breakeven streak over this weekend of about 30 hours. Not a huge deal, it's poker, and I maintained discipline. I had a few hands where I noticed some things I did incorrectly.

  4. Have been on the worst downswing of my poker career. Just running into it from what feels like every single time. Getting money in good but not holding feels like it’s happening almost every all in too. Might just take a break and put in more hours of study.

  5. Sitting with around 19 BBs in the BB with A4s. SB raises to 3x I just decide to flat. Flop is 2s3s5d. Villain bets around pot, I call. Turn is Jh [pot 10BBs]. Villain puts me in all [about a pot sized bet] I snapcall and he turns over 69o. River: 4.... Poker is fun!

  6. Should I have shoved preflop? Commerce bounty tournament. Shortstack shoves from UTG+1. I have about twice as much and call in small blind with JcAc. BB, with massive chip lead, calls. Flop is J 10 7 (spades and clubs) I shove the rest. BB ponders for awhile and then calls and flips 87 (they were red, can't remember if they were suited), UTG+1 had AK. The third 7 comes on the river.

  7. None of the places i usually play at are playing today or tomorrow due to some stupid holiday or something sob

  8. I was in a live room today. I had club spade pocket rockets and there was were two clubs with a king on the flop. We both bet big, me thinking he hit a pair of kings and him thinking I'm bluffing. Another club (low card) comes out on turn and we do another round of fairly aggressive betting. Final card is yet another low club and I end up with the ace high flush and the nuts. He goes all in and I obviously call and he had pocket kings and hit trips on the flop. It was the one hand that could have beat me until the river.

  9. I had my first ever “half outter” bad beat over the weekend. Open KQhh and go multi way to a flop of AxJhTh. We flop the nuts with the redraw to the nuttier nuts.

  10. Hit those rare coolers but unfortunately on the losing end. My red KK vs villain black KK all in pre 2K pot and he hits runner runner flush.

  11. Opening up KTs UTG+1 is pretty wide for a tournament, you should rethink your ranges when it comes to your opening hand and positions

  12. playing 1/2/3 350 effective, I make it 30 with AKo over a bunch of limps from the big blind and get called by the small blind. Flop comes AAA. He leads in to me for 50 all 3 streets and calls off the jam on the river. Said he had pocket 5s.

  13. been messing around with micro HUSNG the past month and I’m up 25 buy-ins! about the least brag-worthy poker brag you’ll ever read, but I am happy about my trajectory and progress

  14. Heck yeah! I also recently started playing micro but 1-3 table SNG and I'm up a bit as well. Not anything noteworthy monetarily but its fun to feel like you are improving and having moments where you just know you are making the right plays.

  15. Fucking around on $7 heads up S&G's on BetOnline. Gotta try to emulate my inner Phil Helmuth. Limps for days.

  16. Started roughly 2 weeks ago playing low stakes cash games but pretty quickly realized I much prefer tournament play. Been mostly playing low stakes triple-ups with 1 real tourney a night from small buy ins like 5$. 2 nights ago decided to enter what was essentially a 250,000 monster stack sub-satellite. Made top 6 of 108 to win a ticket to any 10 + 1 monster stack tourney. Decided to use that to enter into the 2 seats guaranteed satellite for the 250,000. Ended up running well in there and earned the 150 + 12 ticket to the 250k tourney Sunday. Super excited and no expectations to cash on Sunday, but it will be so nice to play with a chance to win big and I will hopefully learn a lot more studying before and playing in that!

  17. So I have no money but I've been studying poker for the last month or so. I opened a GGPoker account and got my daily freebie spin & gold ticket (I was waiting 2 weeks for my KYC to go through but that's another story). I quickly watch a video on youtube just to check for any funny rules. All seems good.

  18. Gotten set over set’d literally 12 times in one day. More than half of them river rats getting off clean when I’m way ahead. At least 5 times had someone call a massive all in chasing a gutshot and gets there. Nine times get cracked by lower pairs this week. Fuck this fucking game sometimes. Fuck

  19. started playing on a new site and was getting railed at first but i realized the player pool was completely awful. player volume is so low that players play up in stakes & buy in for minimum. got whales shoving with shit like 4th pair. so as it turns out, the adjustment is playing super tight. it almost feels like the way i hear live poker described - opens are regularly 5x minimum and lots of calling stations. value town

  20. there are like 10 or so states now with legal or soon to be legal online poker. PA, Michigan, WV IIRC are a few examples on the east coast.

  21. playing NL20 for the first time bc the table looks weak. one in particular at about 95 BB i saw call down a river bet with K high - and win. when he cbets he generally just overbet shoves lol and so it happens - I flat his 5 BB bet pre with 33. Flop A35. He shoves, I call. Turn brick, river 4. he flips over 25o. Immediately quits the table lol.

  22. Where can I find a website that will measure players starting equity against eachother? Like 57s vs 66 pre-flop?

  23. I'm getting better at victimizing people is what I'm saying. (In the embarrassingly recentish past I might have folded to the initial big BB shove, thinking I never see anyone do that without AQ or better. And I might have called it just out of overabundant caution being in EP, and then folded to any reasonable flop bet.)

  24. encountering negative variance, then making dumb hero calls i shouldn’t, still in the green but now i am terrible and worthless!!

  25. Just got back into poker, first time since Pokerstars was banned in my country (Australian govt. corrupt af only giving online gambling licenses to local operators, but I guess they want to keep money in the country too). I've been playing on ignition poker, which seems to work for deposits, but the client is so shitty i can't even install it, have to use their web browser. Haven't tried withdrawal yet. Anybody have similar experience?

  26. Had a 9 hour session last night MTT’ing. Was part of 11 all-ins pre-flop where I felt I had a good read on the opposite players (also holding strong hands in position, i.e AA, QQ. AK suited against ATo, 74o, etc). Only able to hold up 2 times…poker variance is fun sometimes.

  27. So I got into poker from Red Dead Redemption 2, I kept loosing in the game, so I decided to get an app on the phone to practice, just me against the computer.

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