What new S/V Pokemon do you think will rule the meta?

  1. Yeah, I'm definitely struggling to see a meta where this thing doesn't dominate. But S/V took the mentality "If everything is overpowered... nothing is". So who knows? 116 isn't the speed tier it used to be lol.

  2. My friend and I tested a set with orthworm yesterday. I'm not sure on the exact move set but its ability "earth eater" makes it immune to ground type attacks. if you stack it with the electric terra type. orthworm's weaknesses are essentially covered as all of its weaknesses become neutral sense orthworm is now pure electric.

  3. Doesnt help its lack of recovery, damage, status, special defense, or speed. It can temporarily peeve some mons but IDK how it can really do anything productive besides setting up hazards

  4. Yeah, this guy will be everywhere too. That 120 bp steel move with 133 special attack, aegislash typing and the defog denial? Along with spikes being given out to half the ground types? It will definitely be interesting to see how this guy impacts the game.

  5. I’m very new to competitive pokemon, but I love weather teams. I’ve been trying to make a Sun team based around Roaring Moon, Flutter Mane, and Great Tusk as wallbreakers/sweepers.

  6. I don't think it will rule it, but i think people hard underestimate Palafin. Like you can almost always lead with it and then hard switch or flip turn out. And 160 attack and 100 speed with a 60 bp prio stab. Just slap band or scarf on it and you can do what you want. It might struggle with Pex a bit, but it can even learn Zen Headbut. So i would probably just scarf it and run something like Close combat, liquidation, flip turn, zen headbut. On band you can run Jet Punch for fast strong prio. It seems kinda busted

  7. Idk how anyone who has played a decent amount of games rn would think Palafin is being "hard underestimated" considering how easy it is to get Hero form on top of everything else u mentioned, I'm pretty sure current OU council has it on their watchlist for

  8. Band or scarf is a waste on palafin. Bulk up, taunt, jet punch, drain punch and I can almost guarantee top 500 on the ladder

  9. I think kinggambit will be a massive threat even around some of the crazy pokemon like fluttermane. I could see it being a top 10 Mon after terrastalizing and op mons are banned. As it stands right now it can even take a mystical fire from fluttermane

  10. I used these pokemon with my own movesets that I will show here, but I can easily see changing them to better suit the team.

  11. The vgc format isn't out so idk if I should play doubles ou or 2v2 doubles. I've just been looking at the new mons on showdown when I have time at work

  12. idk if anyone commented this yet but cyclizar can substitute and baton pass with one move, and gets regenerator. that’s broken on so many levels.

  13. I've been playing doubles and the combo of follow me moushold with population bomb and tidy up and rage powder toedscruel with Spore to start is great and nasty plot chi-yu can ohko with snarl and it gets access to heat wave and dark pulse and then weakness policy tera poison dondozo paired with orange tatsugiri running waterfall order up with rest and sleep talk and for my last one having baxcaliber for a last resort if needed

  14. Maushold. 300bp pop bomb with a great speed stat. Combo with a grimsnarl or a tailwinder for speed control and you're golden. Tera ghost to get a stab shadow claw and avoid fake out/fighting moves.

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