what evolution are you gonna choose and why?

  1. Lunala because ghost type Pokemon are my favorite. Mine is near the IV floor, but overall that doesn't really matter. She's not good for PvP and I already have good enough ghost and dark pokemon to duo almost any raid they're needed for. So just going with my favorite.

  2. I was looking at this topic all day and I’m still torn in two, I have a 3* cosmoem, I like lunala a lot but I also like solgaleo and he has more resistances.

  3. depends. if we're going to get another cosmog soon then I will evolve it into solgaleo because my cosmog has bad stats and I don't like solgaleo, so I wanna wait for a better cosmog for lunala

  4. They did say that we would be getting more cosmogs, I wouldn't be surprised if we got 1 more and enough candy for both furing the research

  5. If the rewards are good and the evolution must be done during the event I’ll choose Lunala. Otherwise it’ll stay as a cosmoem until more cosmog are around.

  6. Lunala because honestly I don't care about moves, I go by looks. And lunala, being purple and a bat, wins me over easily. Plus it just looks cooler imo

  7. All of the in-depth latest info says Solgaleo will be more useful in PvP because Lunala's fast moves are absolutely trash. So probably Solgaleo. By the time they give us another cosmog they'll likely give Lunala a better fast move.

  8. Same here, also with the tiny chance that the next Cosmog I get will be shiny (yeah I know) cause shiny Solgaleo looks freaking awesome compared to non-shiny.

  9. Lunala. I couldn’t care less about PvP so worrying about what’s better or whatever is a non-starter. I like the look of the Pokémon and I’ll get the other one whenever we get a second Cosmog.

  10. you have to wait for the event field tasks to open again, then complete it. Then you will be able to see the "evolve button" under cosmog. If you miss the event this time, you might not be able to evolve it again

  11. I'll probably end up choosing Lunala, I have a bad IV cosmoem but it doesn't make much of a difference. I'd choose Lunala just cause it looks so much cooler and more like cosmog or cosmoem although both are very cool and it is a hard decision. Also apparently Lunala beats Solgaleo in a battle but Solgaleo will be better overall for PVP and Raids. Just my opinion though and from what ive heard. Lunala would also look so much better as a buddy. I'm super excited

  12. I’m gonna wait and see what everyone says about the two. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of conversations a couple days won’t hurt!

  13. gonna go with Solgaleo because i like it more and its apparently better than Lunala amyways, if they release these dudes again as shinies tho ill definitely get Lunala because omfg that shiny is 😩😩

  14. Sogaleo 100% I that what caught my eye first just love the design and the lunela?? Didn’t cut it for me design wise and I don’t like the looks of nihelego has well or most of the ultra beasts

  15. Lunala because it’ll be more rare. People are gonna think “ooh tiger cool” like “oooh sword slash , shield no slash” when deciding with game they should get

  16. Definitely Lunala first. I don't usually play at night, so I just want to get this one done. With Rockruff it took me forever to get Lycanroc because I kept forgetting to play at night, so this time I want to avoid that. Easier to get it done now that the nights are longer too.

  17. Solgaleo, I like the design, casual player Also hopefully we get dusk mane necrozma which is My n1 favourite pokemon

  18. I don’t think either will be super useful in PVP or PVE, so going to go with Solgaleo just because I prefer it’s design

  19. Probably solgaleo but I'm gonna wait until the moves are revealed. I'm more concerned about raiding and gym battles than pvp.

  20. I’m going to do lunala, I already have a few good metagross and mewtwos so I don’t really need psychic or steel types, but I don’t have many ghost types, just a giratina origin and a couple altered

  21. Lunala, my Cosmeon is trash and I like the design better so since I'll never use it anyways, I can choose the one with the more appealing design.

  22. Solgaleo just because I owned moon on the 3ds and haven’t caught a solgaleo yet (wasn’t my favourite game, much preferred Y or Alpha Sapphire)

  23. How the hell do you get 100+ cosmoem candy? I have sadly 1 cosmog but I just started playing again after quitting around 2017

  24. None , nebby stays nebby . I’ll just wait for a raid for a fully evolved out of the box solgaleo and lunala and get the other cosmog to be cosmoem

  25. Seems weird we are being introduced two Pokémon but literally only have the potential resources to evolve one. I only have one cosmoem and 66 candy and it doesn’t even seem worth it to use rare candy to make up the difference.

  26. Lunala since that’s the choice I made back in the debut of Sun and Moon. Always preferred the design and type over Solgaleo’s

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