Weekly questions, bugs, and gameplay megathread - November 2022

  1. Accidentally traded a 2017 haunter, but I thought all trades from then & 2016 were supposed to be guaranteed lucky trades? It was just a regular trade

  2. Only pokemon from July/August 2016 can force a guaranteed lucky trade and only as long as the person trading away that pokemon has participated in fewer than 10 guaranteed lucky trades.

  3. So I just downloaded Campfire and I recall reading that your friends can see you on the map a long time ago? I was wondering if that’s still the case, and if sp, how to block that from happening? Is it a blanket block or can you do individuals?

  4. My game seems to be moving at a faster speed. It's very weird. Is there some sort of setting I may have turned on?

  5. Since a few days my store doesn't show the option to buy PokeCoins and I wanted to buy some to upgrade my bag space but they don't appear anywhere.

  6. Have you tried to close the app and log in again? You may have to delete the app and reinstall. Could be a bug or something in the update and it needs a refresh to get things to work again.

  7. Anyone else's adventure sync not tracking your walking? I did the recent updates and it's checked in my settings and pogo has location permission all the time. It only logs distance when my screen is actively on and the game is open. If the screen times out, it stops tracking.

  8. Why doesn’t Giovanni give a red egg when defeated? I was hoping for like a super red egg and got nothing!

  9. You only get 12 km eggs from Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff. You don’t really get anything from Giovanni other than the chance to capture the shadow legendary. Were you expecting more??

  10. Sorry if this has been asked, Did they increase the framerate? I’ve noticed the game runs faster the past couple weeks. On iPhone 12

  11. At what level would you say you could probably take on a three star (or whatever the terminology is) raid on your own? I’m a 32, almost 33.

  12. Depends on the boss and what your team looks like. How much defense does it have, does it have a double weakness? do you have good damagers of that type?

  13. did i miss the opportunity to remove frustration from my shadow mewtwo? typically how often do these rocket events occur?

  14. Yeah, for now. We get an event like this once every few months, so we likely won't see another Frustration event until early 2023.

  15. I caught a Zapdos that has a zero star rating. I take it the only value I could get out of it would be to use it in a legendary trade?

  16. Anyone know a solid YouTube video that teaches everything for a semi new beginner? Just started playing again and don't know alot of the technicalities

  17. I've been using litwick, turtwig and buisel in the element cup remix and they've been slapping, especially the litwick. Give the lil candle a try!

  18. I saw a post on here about a perfect dex, but I have a perfect chansey but I don’t have a perfect dex. Is there a way to unlock it?

  19. I believe you need to have at least 20 unique entries to the perfect pokedex before it unlocks so that you can see it.

  20. It won’t let me evolve my seadra and says I need 1000 dragon scales in order to do so. And it pops up a message “pokemon_info_evolve_need_key_item_count”

  21. did anyone’s research list of past researches also disappeared? mine isnt below my list of uncompleted researches anymore.

  22. I have enough candy and candy XL to max out my 98% Meltan but wanted to know if I should wait for some sort of event so I won’t spend as much?¿is there that sort of event!????

  23. Should I feed my buddy treats when I’m idle in my house and not walking? I know it’s more effective when I’m out farming stops and doing raids, but what about if I’m home and not doing anything? Also, do I need to have the app up for them to collect candy or can it be still running in the background without me having the screen up?

  24. You won’t get much from it other than earning the basic hearts from doing it, so not may pros but no cons other than using 3 berries. It can be in the background with adv sync on

  25. I have this really bad Shadow Dratini (11/1/5) and I removed Frustration but now I‘m not sure if it is worth investing in it. I have a full team of grown up Dragonites from the recent classic Community Day and Raids and also some Salamence from Raids. Will Shadow Dragonite with these Stats be a useful addition to my rooster ?

  26. It was very worth removing frustration. It is better than every normal dratini in the game, but I wouldn't rush to evolve it. Wait until it has some use and hope you get better first. I personally look for 3* shadows or 13+ attack 2*. Depends how much you care and how much you play

  27. I wouldn’t bother with that particular shadow dratini. I am not sure what you consider good IVs for your Dragonites or Salamance. My IV floor for everything nowadays is 14/14/14. Use your Dragonite and Salamance until you get a better one.

  28. Can you still encounter go team rocket leaders and Giovanni after team rocket go event even after completing the challenges? Would like a chance for another shadow mewtwo

  29. Yes, if you have any research, you can still encounter shadow mewtwo until the next shadow legendary is released

  30. In my city there are a decent amount of gymz/raids. But I can never find one that has people at it no matter the time. Is there any way I can complete these on my own? And is there any benefit to leaving pokemon at the gyms I take down?

  31. For raids, there's an app called Poke Genie that a lot of folks like that lets you host a raid and have 5 remote folks join you.

  32. As long as they won‘t spam golden Berries on the Pokémon in Gyms it‘s quite easy to take them down. Putting a Pokémon in a Gym rewards you Coins which can be spent on Storage Upgrades or Incubators. You can gain a maximum of 50 coins per day and earn 1 Coin every 10 Minutes you defend the gym.

  33. i am seeing some stuff about the go plus, that it is having connectivity issues, but i am not sure if that is it. my go plus connects for at most 10 minutes if i am lucky, and then it just turns off. i have replaced the batteries multiple times with new ones and sometimes it doesn't even turn on. can i get more info about the connectivity issues, i would like to know if it isn't just me 😭

  34. Sounds like maybe a unit issue. Since they recently restored the access, I haven't had any issues with mine. Try using a pencil eraser to clean around the battery contacts area, or look up what they recommend these days for keeping contacts area clean.

  35. The pokeballs indicate how many pokemon that player has remaining. As their pokemon get knocked out, the icons will disappear.

  36. Next Community Day will be a big recap weekend on December 17th and 18th featuring pokemon from 2021 and 2022 community days. Swinub was a 2019 community day so it won't be featured.

  37. The tasks for the Singapore safari zone say to explore x kms, does "explore" mean just walking, or do I have to do something special like walk with my buddy?

  38. In the interest of promoting quality submissions and discussion, please avoid posting any of the following text submissions: Posts made primarily to request trainer codes, remote raids or trading partners. If this is what you want to do, please use

  39. Did they change how gifts work? Previously, if my bag was full, it was throw that error and not let me open the gift. Now, it’ll open the gift but only give stickers and stardust. So if you’re not checking, you could be losing out on new items! Bug or feature?

  40. Check your settings. There's now an option to open gifts when the bag is full. Might be useful but also might cause problems depending on your inventory management. So you can keep it on or turn that option off as you want or need.

  41. Got a 93% shiny latios on my "mom's" account. Is it worth trading over to my account? Had this question since the IV for trades are randomised.

  42. Probably not worth it until you have a guaranteed lucky trade after reaching max friendship. The minimum floor is 12/12/12 so that's an minimum of 72%, but on average lucky trades end around the 90% mark.

  43. It only happens after I leave my game open and lock my screen. After coming back 20 minutes later, everything is super speedy. Absolutely love it!

  44. Yeah I just logged on and is seems everything is in 2x speed. I tried it on another device but this seems to only be affecting my phone.

  45. How do you defeat those higher level rocket gym leaders that use shield? I can't find pokemanz that have enough HP to beat them, I can beat the rockets that dont use shields but the high level ones that use shields are undefeatable, their stuff all has 3-4x times the HP of anything you can find so you can't defeat them if they use shields and now I'm out of potions so all my high level mons are dead too.

  46. The AI stops attacking for a short time after you use a charge move or swap your pokemon - use that. For example don't start with the pokemon you want to use against their first mon, start with one of the other two but immediately swap to the right one. this will give you some free energy. Then, try to use pokemon with cheap charge moves and fast moves with lot of energy generation. Spamming skills is a good way to keep them from attacking.

  47. Does anyone also have problem with feeding a berry to your buddy, I can select which berry, but they wont appear on screen and cant give them to my buddy, more people have this?

  48. Rather disappointed that there is no event for Scarlet and Violet, I really thought that the gap on the calendar between events meant they were planning something since it coincided with the release.

  49. Hello everyone, i recall seeing a lazy way to get pvp reward consistently, something like lose 2 game win 3 game. Can someone explain it to me please ?

  50. you have a rating based on your performance. If you win it increases, if you lose it decreases. The higher rating, the better the players you face and vice versa. Thus losing on purpose matches you vs weaker opponents and leads to easier wins afterwards. Find a ranking where you can comfortably win the desired amount per set and then adapt to an overall 50% win rate. If you want 4 wins for the candy, make sure you lose at least 4 times the next set. Repeat.

  51. Hi community! First month in the game. Thinking of buying some coins to upgrade my meagre storage/pokemon limit. Just wondering usually will there be a Black Friday sale of coins soon? Not sure if I should buy them now or wait for another week. Help appreciated!

  52. Define useful. It obvisously performs best at max cp. it performs better with each level it gets in those parts of the game with no cp restriction. If you power it up more, it will most certainly be more useful. If it has similar or higher cp than your other monsters it might be useful. It's all depending on what you compare it with.

  53. I have a shiny Bonsly from an egg, should I evolve it to Sudowodoo or keep it as a Bonsly, which one is rarer?

  54. Does the half-hatch distance thing for the egg widget on iOS work on 12k eggs? I know there’s a limit of three that get the introductory half-hatch. I was really distracted when incubating a new egg from the widget, I thought I’ve only used the widget once. I went to put in a 7km egg, saw the egg distance halved, then cancelled out and swapped to a 12km egg. But it’s still 12km hatch distance.

  55. Yeah, despite the wording on the medals, it counts up however you obtain it. This includes, hatches, evolutions, and trades.

  56. Hello! New player here, wanna ask if there is a specific way to find a ditto? Lol I’m stuck with the Mythical Discovery research bc I can’t find a ditto. Thank you!

  57. Ditto is spawning as Ekans, Gastly, spinarak, Natu, surskit, numel, budoof, finneon, lillipup, dwebble and swirilix. Just catch any of these when you see them. Ditto is quite rare. Good luck!

  58. Yep same I've getting just stomped by the bosses and I can't figure out how to beat them, I'm almost all out of potions too. I'm probably just gonna delete my account and uninstall lmao.

  59. The easiest way to power up legendaries is to use Rare Candy, which can be farmed via raids and GBL.

  60. You can clearly beat them without legendaries, you should focus on right typing and then using pokemon with cheap charge moves to abuse the pause of the AI after a swap or charge move.

  61. So is it basically not possible to compete in Master League without putting 100's of £ into the game? XL legendaries are ridiculous. I'll patiently be waiting for Great and Ultra to return lol

  62. you can attempt with stuff like dragonite/Togekiss/Melmetal or (shadow) snorlax / (shadow) Mamoswine / Garchomp /Excadrill / Metagross which are still extremely strong. But if you really want to compete for top spots and not just play for the rewards then yea - stick to lower leagues or go out and spend your money. Most tournaments are played in great league anyways.

  63. Ralts. Gardevoir is an absolute beast and Gallade although not as good as Machamp is still quite decent. You get the chance to pick the one you want, and both options are better than Electivire. Mega Manectric, Zecrom, Zapdos, Magnezone, and Mega Ampharos are better Electric types.

  64. Looks/feels the same to me. I wonder if they enabled the native refresh rate setting as default for everyone now. I remember turning that setting on a year ago and thinking everything was much faster and smoother.

  65. I just noticed that, too. The animations are all super fast, which is obviously really nice! I just hope they sped it up on purpose and it isn't some bug they're going to revert later.

  66. Close the game and reopen it. It's a known issue. The game locks the evolution until you reach that step of the research, but it doesn't dynamically add that option, for some reason, so you have to restart the game to update.

  67. It's possible, but it really helps if you have 2 empty egg slots. It appears that the 10km egg is assigned first, then the 5km egg is assigned afterwards. So if you only have 1 one space, the 10km will almost always block you from getting the 5km.

  68. So, anyone else not getting any potions or revives from pokestops/gyms? I used up all the ones I had and obviously still need some after fightings the leaders but I’m not finding any.

  69. This might be because you battle a lot more than usually. You don't get less than before, but you use a whole lot more and therefore get the impression of not getting any. The best source for that stuff is probably raids.

  70. Do daily Go Battle League allowances reset between cups/formats? If I do my 5 sets in ultra, will I still get to do Element Cup when it transfer over later or will I have to wait until tomorrow?

  71. Limits don't reset when the leagues change. You still get a total of 5 sets per day, so you have to choose whether you want to use them pre-switch or post-switch.

  72. I have a three star shadow Piloswine and I'm gearing up to evolve it but I wanted to double check; are there useful legacy moves for Mamoswine, and if there are can I get it by waiting to evolve until December community day? I just wasn't clear if December community day restricts legacy moves from evolutions to this years' community day pokemon (I believe Swinub was in 2019 yeah?).

  73. Ancient Power is Mamoswine's only legacy move, and it's fairly useless. It serves no purpose in raids, and in PvP it's generally worse than Mamoswine's other options unless you want to fish for the random 10% boost chance.

  74. It's there a way to switch back to the old sticker layout? The new one is awful (to be polite), and it doesn't have an option to view "all" on a single page. It's clearly designed to lure people into to buying more stickers, which makes no sense, since I have more free stickers than I can physically use.

  75. who is your buddy? there are some pokemon that give you one candy per 1km and some that require you to walk 20km for a single candy.

  76. Yes, use a charge TM to remove Frustration before the event ends. You can always change it again later.

  77. Can anyone tell me how the hell I can get Giovanni to show up? I keep getting Arlo and Sienna but not him, it's very annoying. Have unequipped, reequipped, restarted to no avail. Help?

  78. will shadow mewtwo be available after the team rocket takeover event or will it swap back to latios? ive been sick in bed all week and wasnt able to complete the quest

  79. It *should* still be Shadow Mewtwo. That's how they've worked in the past. It will be Mewtwo until the next event that Niantic decides to rotate the shadow legendary.

  80. Only if you want to remove Frustration from Shadow Mewtwo immediately. You'll still have time to catch Shadow Mewtwo, but it may be several months before we can remove Frustration again.

  81. So, ended up with 3 shadow mewtwos, each 2*. I'm not certain, but as far as I understand, Mewtwo has a bunch of good possible movesets, so it's worth it for me to keep all three. But in that case, which movesets should I actually go for? (I don't play PvP, btw)

  82. For whatever reason, Niantic seems to have hard coded it so that it will only be completed by doing a Tier 3 or Tier 5 raid. Ultra Beast, Mega raids, and Elite raids don't count towards this task.

  83. I got quite lucky and got a 13/13/13 shadow mewtwo with my first rocket radar. I have 2 more rocket radars. Should I even bother getting more mewtwos? Or should I save my radar(s) for future shadows?

  84. I would go for more Shadow Mewtwos even if their IVs aren't good since they don't matter that much and Shadow Mewtwo is just that good so it can't hurt to have more.

  85. Is Shadow Mewtwo tradable? I'm working to get it today and was hoping to send it to my son when I get it but don't want to get his hopes up and not be able to

  86. Shadows aren't but purfied are. Not that you want to purify mewtwo but if you desperately want to give your son a mewtwo (of any kind) then you can purify it and then trade it (Will count as a special trade)

  87. I need to battle a trainer in the great league for a challenge, anyone available to help my out as I can’t do it with randomers anymore

  88. Literally any of them you might want to use. I used them on swinub, machop, larvitar, latios, mewtwo, and some others I had saved up.

  89. Just caught my first ever shadow Mewtwo, and it's 10/11/12. Did I get relatively lucky, or is the shadow Mewtwo reward from the recent special research (Ultra Beast Protection Efforts) guaranteed 10+ for each IV like with raids and eggs?

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