this might be more divisive than mystic or valor tbh

  1. I wish I got used to using my thumb, I can do it but not well. I usually hold my phone with my left and throw counter clockwise with the pointer on my right.

  2. Do you take your whole hand off your phone when you throw? Pulling my right thumb inwards to throw the ball feels a bit awkward.

  3. I think this is just the correct answer, both have you sliding your thumb outward, rather than pulling inward which feels like an awkward motion for throwing a ball.

  4. I do the exact opposite ahahaha I have to go left hand clockwise throw to catch them if they go to the right part of my screen as I just can't with the my main hand

  5. If I do counterclockwise with my left thumb, I can’t fling the ball to the right to make the ball go straight. This why I use my left thumb and throw it clockwise; then I just need to spin it and flick up so the ball curves to the center.

  6. Wow, exact same. I get more precision with the right index ccw method and usually use that for further throws or for better timing on small excellent rings. Right thumb cw is for one handed play and a common distance throws. Great strat!

  7. This is completely wrong because in my heart I’ve always been a blood but the counterclockwise throw is the only way for this lefthanded trainer

  8. Depends on my hand. I hold my phone in my left hand most of the time and do a counter-clockwise spin with my thumb. If I use my right index finger, it is a clockwise slip.

  9. Everybosyvdoes it the same everytime? I do counter clockwise with my right hand and clockwise with my left hand. Unless the pokemon moves to one side, then I have to switch it up sometimes.

  10. Right hand, clockwise, throe with middle finger with index finger pressed to it to give it support and stability.

  11. With the right thumb 100% clockwise; with the right index finger clockwise unless the pokemon is pinned left.

  12. Phone in left hand, Right pointer finger, counter clockwise, usually. But I'll swap and go the other way if it's a pokemon that moves so I can use the curve to hit it.

  13. Counter clockwise with left index finger, clockwise if the Pokémon has moved to the right of my screen, Right thumb clockwise if I’m playing one-handed

  14. I assumed you had to do both. I'm righty, when the pokemon swings right, I had to go clock-wise. Works for me, it's not rocket surgery.

  15. If I'm using my right I go counter clockwise, left I go clockwise. But that is only when the pokemon is camping right corner of the screen

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