I was excited reading the first couple of words hoping they were gonna address the boxes.....

  1. "We understand that war in Ukraine gave a reason to other companies to raise their prices without any actual link to the war. So we're doing the same because why not, screw you dummies."

  2. ‘Yeah we know things are tough right now, that’s why we just wanted to tell you prices are going up, keep it up buddy!’

  3. Amen to that. I wish a ton of the player base would stop giving them money and maybe it would force them to actually listen to the players. I rarely spend on the app now whereas I used to spend frequently. They got some work to do lol.

  4. Yeah I stopped putting money in at all like a month before the strike or whatever happened and didn’t have a reason to be motivated to do so after since it’s now the slow death of slow roll releases here on out. Then after hitting 50 I extra don’t need/want to put money in the game and even new shinies like Yvetal, I’m not putting in 50 passes to try for it. Think I did 6 and I’m over it.

  5. 'Sorry bruh, we ain't making enough money after setting it all on fire developing 5 games we had to cancel.'

  6. This is happening across various mobile and gacha games FYI. I’ve seen notices of this change in Fire Emblem Heroes and Touhou LostWord as well. From what I understand, prices for in-app purchases are going up in Japan and Europe just to name a few, but to compensate FEH is increasing the amount of orbs (their in-game currency) in accordance with the price changes. Hopefully Niantic takes some notes from what other mobile games are doing and adjusts the number of coins accordingly.

  7. Im probably one of the few who will literally just quit. Its a phone game. Ill delete or sell my account and play something else. I literally spent so much $ on this game and its useless. Not doing it anymore

  8. Why do companies do this shit? It’s all for short term gain and shortsighted AF. They could hire a better marketing team and have them reduce prices, add new content, new free shit, and make a huge gain instead of a loss in weeks to months. It’s like choking the playerbase out for money when you could be gently asking them and giving real incentives where they’ll spend 2x what they already do.

  9. Ever see one of the posts on this subreddit where someone says “Man, I bought and used 100 remote raid passes and still no shiny Mewtwo! I’ll buy 100 more maybe I’ll get two.” because that’s why.

  10. To be fair they could be telling the truth that App stores are increasing costs or getting a more favorable revenue split. Will that make the increase right probably not but the change could actually have reasoning unlike many of there other ones recently.

  11. I’m not sure if it’s the case here, but it’s probably just Apple and/or Google recalculating exchanging rates as they do periodically. This will cause people in some countries to see prices go up. I don’t think prices will change for those in the US as they’re likely pegged to the USD.

  12. Ya I know. Ittl cost the same amount of coins but the coins are gonna be more expensive. What I meant by my title is that I was hoping when they said "we know you've been concerned" as a sort of lead in to say "so we're gonna make boxes better" so I'm obviously disappointed.

  13. An increase to the price of coins is an increase in the true cost of boxes. But they have also been increasing the coin prices of boxes. And the box content has also severely degraded (another effective increase in the price of the items)

  14. Though I agree Niantic has always been making anti consumer moves. I believe the increase costs would probably be more associated with increase costs like salaries, cost of servers and probably changes to revenue splits/costs of being on the App stores(which these changes would fall on the greedy app stores not Niantic).

  15. “We know that prices are going up and we know you know prices are going up, so we wanted to let you know that prices are going up.”

  16. Imagine if say...95% of the player base just up and stopped spending on the app for like 3 months... and just went full free to play.

  17. Apple set App Store pricing tiers so fair enough but Niantic can set the price for their boxes at whatever coin price they like so they are taking the piss.

  18. Yeah let’s increase the price of virtual items that literally cost next to NOTHING on their end.. wtf? There’s gonna be SOOOO much backlash! Brandon Tan is literally gonna have a video on this tomorrow, I can feel it!

  19. Lol ur asking why game freak, the company that reskins their games every iteration to double the amount of copies sold isn't protecting their customers?

  20. Wait, is No one going to mention that their in-game prices are all totally made up? There’s zero cost for Niantic in charging 300 coins for 3 remote Raid passes or 100 coins for 20 remote passes. Pokémon is even built on the Ingress platform, so the bulk of the development cost was already paid for… they are making making money hand over fist. So this message is nothing but public relations to pretend like they care.

  21. I’ve seen this same message from almost all of my games. I thought at first it was just a convenient way of framing them upping prices not actually an Apple store thing lol.

  22. Yea…basically I just stopped buying coins where I used to probably spend 20 or so a week. Thanks niantic for the savings but seems stupid on your end

  23. Same here. At least 20 a week. I won't be buying any anytime soon. While this change doesn't affect me, I'm over these terrible boxes and box prices. Used to buy a bunch of remote raid passes. Not anymore. It's the only way for them to see how they are destroying the game. No more tickets, coins, etc. Everyone needs to do this.

  24. $9 Billion company pokemon Go! Increasing the prices is nothing more than greed. Much like all other cash grabbers. Pay no attention to their blanket repetitive excuses. Inflation has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  25. Wait, so,,, Nintendo’s other prominently successful mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, decides to make their prices cheaper and offer more value for previous bundles in response to the App Store pricing changes,,,

  26. This game is literally designed to scam you. Sure, you can play without spending a dime, and that’s what I do, but I’m fortunate and live close to 4 PokeStops and 2 gyms. Literally right across from my home.

  27. Weeeeellp I'm Canadian so I'm assuming like all other things related to our currency we're about to get bent over the sink

  28. I only spend money on games that can play freely, pay to play or pay to win games i just drop or don't play. pokemon go was a pretty free game if you had the time, but now i just feel like i have to spend money to progress so i won't spend money and i might just drop the game.

  29. I think the reason they are doing this is because in some currencies buying 100 poke coins multiple times is cheaper than the more expensive coin packs. For example, in AUD, 100 coins costs 99 cents but 1200 coins costs $14.99, so the 100 coin pack has the best money to poke coin ratio out of all of them

  30. Whales are going to whale anyway so why not make it easier for free to play players to earn coins? Increase the limit to 100 per day at the very least.

  31. Less than 1 year ago I had my "20€ per month" to spend in this game, right know I waste literally 0. Surely there are more people like me. Increasing prices is not what will make them earn money.

  32. I used to be active in buying coins, I played every week for raid hour and every community day, I couldn't be bothered with gyms so paid for any raid pass bundles I needed. Since the initial price increase I have stopped playing almost altogether.

  33. Didn’t the weekly box disappear, why bother wasting money on coins anyway might as well get them for free and save up

  34. The price may be going up, but that doesn't mean they can't make better offers for what someone pays for, but why do that when you can offer the same, but just raise the price

  35. I'm level 39 and that 5 star raid bird yrill or whatever the name is ran away after 15 throws with a golden raz each time. I bet they are also uppping the run away percentage to keep you buyign raid passes

  36. I will not give them money at all anymore I just can raid and have wait buy expansions for storage. I paly the for about 5year now and spent about 10e at most

  37. After making a billion off of us during covid, now they feel the aftermath of a not so booming quarter - this my friends, this is the definition of business overgrowth and how once you show your shareholders the moon, they will want the sun next

  38. I love how they just went “We know how much a price increase will affect the community.” And there was no upside

  39. get more money from whales while everyone else stops and some abandon the game completely since its a game and not a bill to increase

  40. "We would like to address the awful rumors about our greedy business practices... They are absolutely true, now give us money...please"

  41. I stopped playing a while ago, too greedy and too many dumb players throwing money at them so they wont stop.

  42. I actually just happened to buy my first box in a long time this morning. 299 coins for 3 remotes passes and and an incubator. Not saying that it’s necessarily relevant to this post. But the timing is curious that they’d finally hit me with a semi decent deal for a change

  43. Luckily it won’t affect me because I’m not living on any of the countries listed on the price increase, but I still think this is ridiculous. This app is on the top of the App Store Downloads since launch. Why do you feel the need for more money

  44. The fucking whales will just keep spending absurd amounts of money on this scam and we’ll all continue to suffer for it. My suggestion is to go play a game like Valorant where the only purchases are cosmetic. Niantic doesn’t deserve anyone’s money and the whales will realize their mistake when the game is so dead that they can’t get people to raid with

  45. So what your saying is those of us that depend on remote raid passes because physically we're a train wreck have to pay more to remotely raid with friends we've made in the community ? Or rural/ small town players that get low PokeCoins from inactive gyms have to pay more now. Kinda bs .

  46. Yeah I'm not spending ANY money after all these price increases. I'm running out of incubators, but things were already pricey enough and these increases are just more greed. Niantic can get bent.

  47. “We’re sorry the increase in prices are shocking to you, especially since we made record profits all pandemic long, but we’re about to raise them again”. -Niantic

  48. Is this going forward or is this a post notice? Like, they have already made the boxes less valuable per coin, been that way for a month.

  49. So they're going to add more to the bundles right, since it costs them nothing to bump up the value of what you're buying due to it being virtual product aye, in line with the price hike which admittedly is out of their control....?

  50. Did they literally just say they're going to sell you fewer Pokecoins per dollar (or your local currency) after October 5th? We're already past the close of the 3rd quarter, so it can't be about causing a rush on coins to increase profits. Just greed at this point.

  51. I know the recent years have been impactful to the supply chain of digital goods so I want to proactively provide notice that Niantic might experience reduced expenses from my side.

  52. Ah yes.... because a fully digital box has costs that went up right? It totally costs them more to just add +1 to your items..... i hate digital items sometimes. These things should be like 5 cents....

  53. im sending all shinies and legends/myths to home now.. lvl 42 and really dont care about go anymore.. its more like addiction than enjoyment.. I just transfer anything i can, so i can actually enjoy shinies/legends/myths elsewhere.

  54. “We really care about the community and acknowledge that everything is pricey and to help you all, we are also charging more 😇 #We are in this together”

  55. I would love to know their justification for this? We all know those items aren't manufactured in the real world. No actual increase in cost to transport. Heck, staff probably works remote too. Make it make sense!! Other than profits greed lack of understanding of their customer

  56. If that was the sole issue and they did not want to screw players, the price increase would have been put on the coins at purchase.

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