Worst shiny in game?

  1. Fun fact, shiny Zapdos is such a bad shiny, that when Zapdos was released, Niantic accidentally used the shiny sprite. I read an article stating (I cannot personally verify this as all my Zapdos from this time are gone), if you still have a Zapdos from when it was first released, it does not count as a shiny in game, it does not have the shiny icon, but it still uses the shiny sprite, with its slightly darker orange feet.

  2. Imagine my pain when I evolved my shiny Chansey mere moments after catching it, having no idea what shiny Blissey looked like

  3. I recently learned I once had a shiny Happiny in Home. No idea where it is now. Probably tossed it in wonder trade.

  4. Shedinja, Regice, Togekiss and others i can’t remember atm are a whole lot worse, since Gengar’s Mega redeems Gengar’s minor change

  5. I dunno. I remember, telling my BF that everyone got the memo because everyone had put a shiny eeveelution in the gym and he said, "yeah except the dude with the glaceon." The glaceon was actually shiny, it just sucks

  6. Not at all omg. As others have said, shiny mega-gengar is one of the best looking shinys in the game, but alas that is personal preference I suppose. Also, I think there are several shinys out there that look very similar to their normal counterparts. I still get my shiny poliwag confused because that mf literally looks just like normal poliwag. No difference. Togetic too (at least that one has a slight hue change) Then there are the just flat out ugly shinys. Tbh I’d rather have a shiny similar looking to the normal one than an ugly shiny, which I have several of lol (looking at u mismagius 👀)

  7. Plusle and shedninja are the worst...hit that mega evolve button and it'll turn that frown upside down.

  8. I'll love Gengar no matter how bad it's shiny is since it is beautiful just the way it is. As a floating dead Pokémon

  9. Honestly shiny Gengar looks way more awesome in pogo than in the MSG for some reason, for me I’d definitely say Regice I seriously don’t see a difference even if they’re side by side.

  10. Shedinja is worse because it is just useless, all round. At least with shiny gengar you can mega evolve it and it’s mega form looks good, and obviously gengar is just a useful Pokémon in general

  11. Garchomp both Gible and Gabite looks great they get to Garchomp and they go let’s make it a shade off the normal one!

  12. I was very underwhelmed when I caught a shiny gastly.. until I saw the shiny mega gengar. That gastly sat as is for over a year... Until I saw that shiny mega. Immediately evolved it and can't wait to mega it once I have enough energy 😍

  13. It was one of the top 3 worst until his Mega evolution arrived, now he’s one the top 5 ‘cause mega-evolutions arent forever 😂

  14. At least Gengar is redeemed by his amazing mega evolution, meanwhile Blissy looks exactly the same, and Garchomp somehow looks worse than the normal

  15. Shiny Electivire is pretty disappointing too. I was so excited when I caught a shiny Electabuzz and was so letdown when I evolved it

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