I both love and hate the fact that this is my first hundo in general let alone my first shundo, so to level 50 we go

  1. I agree 540,000 stardust is alot, and I get this may be a joke, but I'd say even if you did no one will know it's level 50 if you put it in a gym since who knows the cp of a level 50 max iv combee off hand when they see it.

  2. It’s more for me to smile at every now and again regardless of its performance at a gym, the concept of having the most powerful possible useless pokemon brings me way too much joy lol

  3. Go for it, man. Definitely not a good use of dust, but dust comes and goes. I plan to do the exact same thing when I get my first shundo, regardless of what it is 👌

  4. I mean if they’re like me for the longest time I didn’t know really thing thing about stats I just went with cp who knows how many I transferred away

  5. Level 29 lol, I’ve never really been fussed with high cp and high stat Pokémon which is why I’ve accumulated 500k stardust

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