Anyone else just gave up after 1 match?

  1. I actually thought about trying this time and it has been actually a lot less painful as I imagined. I aim for 1 win a set just to get the star dust first reward and It is relatively stress free.

  2. Sorry, but GO Battle League is just plain terrible. It ruined Research Boxes for good and the Pokemon you get out Battle League suck anyways.

  3. The stupid battle leage is not the pokemon content I am looking for. I am with you. I'll pass on 100 boring slow battles for no reward.

  4. I'm actually trying my hardest to get through it. Maybe I'll get the inverse of this and just miss the mark at 499 wins.

  5. You'll probably be fine if you've been doing sets each day. There are nearly 60 days left to do it, plus a battle day meaning you have over 300 sets remaining to make the 500 wins.

  6. Once the Master League goes away and Great League comes back, I'll actually enjoy the Battle League again. I don't know why all 3 can't be available at the same time...

  7. I hate gbl and suck at it fully but had a friend pick out a master league team for me and I do ridiculously well especially for someone that knows nothing lol I even make mistakes I realize right away and still somehow win. I won’t/can’t/don’t try to play any other league, unless I have to for a task and then I just use low cp fun pokemon and get slaughtered

  8. as a ftp player, i put pretty much all of my resources into building my great league team. ultra league and master league mack to back has killed my pvp drive

  9. I’m on the opposite end of this, Master League is the only tier I actually have good Pokémon for, so when it goes away it’s gonna get a lot harder for me to win. I do agree that all should be available at the same time though!

  10. Well i dont mind only master league long as there is master classic/prem classic also.. open master just lets see in 5 years mby get enought xl candy even get one lege to 50 its just such pain. Tho i enjoy now master premium cuz no legendarys or mythicals. Just hope they eventually buff some certain types and give them better move to make bigger pool.

  11. I tried doing the Battle League Research tasks for the first time during Psychic Spectacular and Psychic Cup was so much fun. Needing to plan out team order, movesets, and Pokemon selection while still being restricted to low CP Psychic types was the most fun I have had with battles thus far. Now though? With Ultra League where anything goes? Yeah, I have given up.

  12. Tank. Pick a weak team and lose. Lose. Lose some more. The game will think you are bad and you will be paired with genuinely bad players who you can easily beat and you will earn rewards.

  13. Might I ask your team for each league? I’m struggling on finding a good one. Currently at 101 wins xD

  14. Im almost done and I have some pvp tips for everyone. 1st pokemon should try to be a shield killer. Swampert for example. Dont Immediately use a charge move like muddy water as soon as its available. Opponents will try to count how many attacks you've used, and also guess what charge move you will be using. If you only have muddy water, try to build up 7-8 basic attacks before you use a muddy water. Opponent may think you're using earthquake and waste a shield. You're other 2 pokemon should be backups to your first. People are so antsy to switch to whats most effective, that they waste what I consider most valuable. the switch. You can only switch pokemon once and have to wait for cooldown to switch again. Backup examples to your first pokemon should be "If someone switched to a super effective pokemon on my first pokemon, what would be super effective against that one?" If Swampert is my first, I'll keep a fire as a backup to decimate a grass switch on swampert. Another tip I have is with two charge moves, try to use your STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) which deals 20% more damage for matching move types to pokemon types. (Water move + water type pokemon = 20% stronger hits) and on your 2nd charge move, try to keep a counter. Whatever your pokemon is weak against, try to use 2nd charge slot as an effective hit against your weaknesses. Example: Swampert has hydrocannon. Super strong water attack with 20% dmg boost. But swampert is weak to grass. Swampert counter to grass is use swamperts sludge wave. Machamp is weak to fairy hits. Machamps counter for fairy is heavy slam (steel type) . This is a lot of info to take in and I probably need to make another vid

  15. I was playing alot of GBL while the GL was still on, then when UL rotated I wasn't playing as much, and now finally ML is here I'm not playing at all.

  16. I love pvp but only have a great league team. I’m a bit annoyed that they are locking the leagues

  17. I'm on page 4. This challenge finally convinced me to play some Master League matches despite not having very good Pokemon for it. My rating's sunk all the way down to the mid 1700s, but at least I have an excuse to finally work towards the Master League medal again

  18. I try to win at least one 10 win level a day. Sometimes easy and sometimes impossible. When I think I’ve got the right 3 Pokémon that give me more wins, suddenly my competition has better Pokémon that leave me doubting my choices.

  19. Honestly this. On the psychic cup I had a team that got me 21 wins in a row and other days I can barely get 8 or 9 wins. It really also depends on the literal coin flip.

  20. It’s this stupid match making from niantic. You can only really achieve 15+ win streaks, if you made a meta breaking discovery or found a new meta.

  21. I wanted to actually try to do gbl this season to try to get Pikachu Libre but I gave up because of the lag and the fact that I don't really like gbl that much. That being said I did get to a whopping 7 wins though

  22. Once GL comes back, I’ll probably grind more, since I feel like I’m better at GL rather than the other leagues

  23. If you’ve only won 3, it’s probably the mons and moves you’re using. By now you should have won many more than that based on your team composition hard countering your opponent’s alone. You’ve probably heard of this already, but PvPoke is an amazing website for battling. Use their rankings feature to see which mons perform best in which league then you can use their team builder feature to see how the team you’ve built stacks up against what you’ll be seeing.

  24. There'd 12500 dust on the screenshot already, it's around 150k for all 5 pages total. Add to that around 1 million dust from the battles alone.

  25. whats a meta? is that a cool nickname for excadrill/swamper spamming abilities and making everyone rage quit? /s

  26. Why would you give up on free stardust and items? Get good Pokémon with good league IVs, build good teams and get more wins.

  27. I used to play but recently I’ve just been burnt out and haven’t been enjoying the game like I used too

  28. But is the stardust you get worth the stardust you’ll need to spend on powering up good Pokemon? It seems like it’s only good for people who already have good teams, not for PvP beginners.

  29. i swear all of y’all use something like a 15/15/15 gengar in the ultra league and then wonder why you lose. learn the basics of pvp in pokémon go and i promise your enjoyment will increase exponentially. i literally play all 5 matches every day, i wish 5 wasn’t the limit.

  30. almoust hit 300.. gbl just suck this season. week ago patch make gbl totally unplayable and still no single lege encouter which is crazy.. they made leges way to rare

  31. I'm going for it despite only starting out about the middle of this year. I only recently got into pvp and looking up stats, so the master league is especially difficult. I'm about halfway there.

  32. I can’t do shot in master league, literally nothing. My highest CP is 2000, the only way I win is if another idiot is trying to get some wins with 2000cp and then we have a fair battle

  33. I can't compete in the current matches I have nothing over 2700 CP. I had to lose 10 games on Saturday to get those rewards, i was molested by the same team 10 games in a row :P Dragonite, Metagross and ??? I never got to the third pokemon haha.

  34. I've just done the essential (+ some additional battles to finish the set) for one task of level 50 challenge which is "win 15 battles in Go Battle League" Don't want to bother myself again with Go Battle

  35. No. I gave up when I found out the next set of challenges was the exact same shit. I don’t need the 10 Great Balls, thanks though Niantic.

  36. I tried to do it but ever since the challenge came out every trainer battle says weak connection even if I'm full bar wifi or on my high speed data.

  37. Most of the time I enjoy PvP on Pokemon Go, but now they removed the Pl limit and I am screwed. Like, 4k giratina against my really nice Escavalier it is not doing that well xD. I was really good at the Baby cup tho xD

  38. At 60 wins at the moment.. It's a bit boring, even more because the other teams are almost the same (togekiss abusers, giratina lovers,...)

  39. I think this is way impossible... win 100 trainer battles...unless you've been playing constantly since the game came out, I just don't see that happening in a reasonable amount of time.

  40. I didn't bother redeeming the pass despite playing to get to at least the free elite tm every season. Didn't need it cluttering my Today tab.

  41. I'm at 140 wins right now. I just hate the fact that I can't compete in master league. I'm only lvl 39. There's no chance I can compete with all of these lvl 50's with 4000+ CP pokemon.

  42. I was stupid enough to grind the first 100, naively thinking I'd get something good after finishing it... It just resets again. You don't get anything, you just get to do it 100 more times...

  43. Yeah, I’m not doing that shit. I will probably never get beyond level 43 because battling against other people in this game is flat out stupid and boring.

  44. My friend grinded for a few days and refused to claim any stardust until all was completed and he popped a star piece to get double. Sweat.

  45. The Go League bores me to death. I have been lvl 45 for awhile and I still have 10 to do for the lvl 45 quest. I honestly thought the battle thing would have helped. I just hate it.

  46. At least you’re not like me who actually won 100 GBL matches over the weekend and only just realized that I hadn’t activated this timed research until right now 🤦🏻‍♂️ But honestly the rewards are mediocre at best so I’m not too pressed about my rookie error

  47. I finished the first page when Great League was out, but now the second page is stuck at 1 win because I only tolerated GL and don’t enjoy UL or ML at all

  48. Dude I have 175 wins after making lv20 so far and not a single legendary encounter. They nerfed the rate even more than before.

  49. I’m on the 4th round so I’m doing pretty good even though I’m using a max of 2450. Can’t believe I’ve been killing pokemons that are over 3500 and 4000. When I see a mewtwo, any dragon and metal I get excited 😂cuz I know I can actually beat them with my low team!

  50. I almost gave up. I basically play gbl for fun and also to see if I can get a legendary. Really all you need is to find a good team of mons. Mine is gyrados with dragon breath, flagon with a mud and dragon attack and dragonite with dragon attacks.

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