PvP lag was bad already, but after the latest update it's absolutely unplayable

  1. The worst is when you have to sit there watching your pokemon get fast-moved to death and your tapping doesn't register

  2. Even if there was zero lag PoGo pvp will never be a real esport. Esports need to be interesting to watch and to casual players counting moves and tapping the screen isn't interesting at all and that's before we get into bad competitive mechanics like team matchup and overall simplicity of the battle system that prevents advanced player strategy.

  3. It's so frustrating. I literally lose 1-2 battles per set that I definitely had a shot at winning just because of lag. Do better, Niantic.

  4. Man I absolutely thought this was just me so that’s reassuring in a way that it’s a widespread issue.

  5. i am so pissed off because of this. and the lag only seems to be on my side too. my pokemon with a charged attack that only needs 50 to charge. gets overtaken by a snorlax with lick and hyperbeam. the hyperbeam is charged before my magmortar even gets half way to having a firepunch... wtf. the snorlax took out my magmortar. gyarados and sylveon. i didnt even get the snorlax to half health... pvp is unplayable for me. how am i supposed to complete the special research for winning pvp battles if the lag is too bad to eve let me have a fair chance? wtf

  6. The thing is, it really seems to be a one-way lag. Like if nothing is happening for my opponent, who can play as usual, but I get slowed down to oblivion.

  7. Kind of funny how all other games that require split second precision work just fine with the same internet connection. The sole exception being PoGo PvP.

  8. I swap between using cellular data and wifi whenever my player and buddy are stuck in 1 spot (loading issue I’ve been having 10x more often recently), which nearly always gets them moving again….I have unlimited data in my phone and excellent wifi in my apt, so I’m able to swap between the 2 freely and can confirm that this is absolutely NOT a wifi issue.

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