Looking for some advice/answers, returning player from 2017 back for 2 weeks now so far.

  1. Thanks for all the information. The game makes a little more sense now. I'll check out that other sub for sure and get some more in depth. Hat off to you!

  2. The chance for a perfect Pokémon in the wild is 1/4096, for one hatched from eggs or from quests or raids have a 1/216 chance. As for shiny, the rate is about 1/500 but can be boosted sometimes to up to 1/20.

  3. Shiny and hundo are each rare, but you can up the odds. I normally get about 1 shiny per week, maybe 1 hundo per month. If you do raids or hatch eggs those odds are much higher, assuming the mon even comes in shiny, Rockruff does Celesteela doesn't, for example.

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