Lucky friends - What is worth trading for?

  1. Any legendary you might not have or need and make it shiny I got a shiny lucky zekrom from my lucky trade depending on the type of player you are but go for anything that will help in raids or pvp

  2. This is what another friend was telling me. Right now I think I’m leaning towards Shiny Reshiram or Zekrom bc I don’t even have regular versions of either of those. So if he doesn’t have a shiny of either one I’ll settle for a shiny Reshiram.

  3. I'd go for a good legendary shiny like Mewtwo or Zekrom, or a pokemon you need a hundo for battles like Galarian Stunfisk in the Ultra League (shinier the better). I wouldn't lucky trade phantump because a hundo doesn't really help you. Lower IV Trevenant with XL candy will serve you better in the Ultra League.

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