"Oh cool my first shiny Riolu! wonder if it's any goo---......

  1. That's also rare in a way. Whenever I catch a raid boss or hatch an egg with 10/10/10, I put it in a tag called "hall of lame."

  2. I still don’t get the complaints even being as weak as a hatch can be it’s still a desirable shiny??? Ppl just never happy

  3. I want one. Don’t care if it’s good. If it is, I’ll use it. If it’s bad, then I’ll give it for another one during a lucky trade

  4. I swear it's so hard to get a Riolu. I've hatched soooo many 10km eggs (haven't gotten any of the ones you get from walking 50km in a week) and only got one Riolu. At least it was a 3 stars one but far from perfect.

  5. Riolu is in the 7km egg pool now with only 6 mons and are all on the same tier which is easier to hatch. I got 2 out of 3 of the eggs yesterday

  6. I’ve hatched over 100 of these little dudes and still have not seen a shiny (or a hundo 🙃)! So I have to say I’d settle for that!

  7. That's painful. From what it seems in this event the riolu odds from the 7ks aren't great I've only gotten 1 out of 18 eggs so far which was the shiny funny enough. Best of luck though

  8. I was more so joking it's cool and riolu/lucario is my favorite line just thought the 10/10/10 was funny

  9. Yeah I'm using a 10/13/11 Lucario for great league right now maybe I'll evolve this one but I like riolu so maybe not

  10. You do realize this is the equivalent of a 0/0/0 in regards to egg hatches but less cool than an actual 0/0/0…. Right?

  11. Riolu as of now is an egg exclusive pokemon. But currently for the test your mettle event Riolu is featured in 7k eggs.

  12. Honestly, it’s the difference of doing 5% more damage. It’s not a factor or even noticeable unless you’re constantly at the most competitive tiers of play. Your Riolu is awesome!

  13. This is any mythical Pokémon I get. Or the first 3 legendaries of any Pokémon I get. If the lowest the stats could be was 5/5/5 I’d get 5/5/6 every time

  14. Id still throw like all my dust at that thing. Shiny Lucario looks friggin sick. And I use my normal colored one all the time. This would be the same thing, only a better color and way worse IVs! So better?!?

  15. Riolu has a soft spot in my heart so I'm probably going to keep this one as a baby and just pray I get lucky during the rest of this event with the 7k eggs.

  16. My girlfriend hatched a 98% IV Shiny Riolu and he's just sitting there, not being evolved or invested in, for months now. Drives me nuts.

  17. My mom has a Galarian Zapdos when she barely plays the game and will never do anything with it I feel your pain

  18. We need a new word for minimum IVs from raids/research. I nominate 'Blundos' I have so many of these stupid things. And no hundo legendaries after hundreds of raids, send help.

  19. I didn't get my first hundo legendary/UB until the go fest finally with my Xurkitree I feel your pain.

  20. Still one of the rarest shinys in the game, maybe you can lucky trade someone you know for theirs and get a better one. Just do it soon before they do a community day for it. 😆

  21. I always go for 3 stars but I'll take 2 if there is none. (Kinda like how it seems research pokemon r always at least 3 stars)

  22. I think if his iv are much higher, the evolution would be too high for great league, which is its best league. So at least you can flex your shiny lucario in GBL if you want. 😁

  23. i think this is really cool actually. it’s basically the exact opposite of a hundo, which makes it just as rare as one, which i think is neat. i would definitely evolve it, the difference in power between it and a good iv one would be small anyway, so it would still be a great raid attacker

  24. I’m not a Pokémon go expert but if it just gathers dirt in Pokémon go you can transfer to Pokémon home and use it in other games

  25. I have to say. I love lucario, he is my favourite Pokémon and riolu is just adorable. But their shiny forms makes it look like they’re covered in piss and I don’t like it

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