Still haven't even seen one lol

  1. I had one spawn the first day I was using the incense. When I had no berries or ultra balls. Now I keep a stash but no more birdies.

  2. I've had a shiny Tangela on the third or fourth day after Daily Incense was released but other than that, just common junk that spawns all around my house anyway.

  3. Yeah, I've been using mine every day. I haven't kept a single one I've caught from the incense yet.

  4. I've gotten mostly commons, but I did get a rockruff and an espurr which are normally egg or raid exclusive, so I guess that's something

  5. I think it's more like Niantic pumping the encounter rate when first released, then adjusting it down dramatically after. That way they get plenty of initial hype, with folks posting screenshots, but can milk the event, as the rest of the player base wants one too, but, oops, now it's hard to find.

  6. I’ve never gotten anything good (I literally didn’t know it was an option) but I did find that the incense would do jack shit if I didn’t at least go for a walk.

  7. How is anyone catching 24 pokemon in 15 minutes? I'm lucky if I get 15, like it takes a literal minute for the animations and transferring and everything. Wth

  8. Most will wait to do the transfers until the 15 minutes are up, and you can cancel the catch animation using quick catch, speeding up the process.

  9. I’m starting to think it’s not about catching. It’s about catching the ones you just HAVE to have and keep them spawning. I feel like that increases your chances.

  10. I got a Moltres appearance the first day where there was a white orb and it teleported in, bastard ran off after one golden+ultra ball. Saw another white orb a week ago and stopped dead in my tracks... a Sewaddle...

  11. Truth be told, I’ve only done it 3-4 times, haven’t seen any, so it makes it less excited to the point we’re I skip days without meaning to lol

  12. Legitimately enjoy the hunt. It's literally the basis of pokemon. It's not a handout, good. I don't think legendary raids are hard enough. So for me this is all just refreshing.

  13. I can get behind enjoying the hunt, but the legendary raid difficulty is irrelevant to me and anyone else whose only hope of winning one is remote passes. They’re already hard enough to get a crack at since I’d usually have already spent my coins on storage.

  14. 100% agree as most mons in this game are fairly easy to obtain. I like the way we interact with this new incense. No event-esque time limit. No monetary incentive to increase your chances. Just the enjoyment of the urge to get out everyday for the chance of a rare encounter. I would love to see Niantic continue this practice with the adventure incense going forward.

  15. Yal, they've got like a 1% spawn rate, a 90% flee rate, and at level ONE less than a 35% catch rate. It's been less than two weeks, it's supposed to be a long term goal. Some if yall are hella impatient

  16. I find it highly suspect that the hardcore level 50s in my group have all seen one, a few having caught one and all but one of the rest of us haven’t even have a spawn. Not to mention a couple of pvp streamers I’ve seen actually having caught one too very quickly.

  17. Why though? I’ve used the daily incense every day since it came out and had two encounters. That was in hundreds of spawns so it doesn’t seem that crazy.

  18. My first spawn with the incense was Zapdos - had no idea about the flee rate so didn't prepare a good enough throw to catch. Haven't seen a bird, shiny or hundo since 😭

  19. It was a 90% flee rate (Way too close to Abra’s 99% but maybe temporarily lowered to 1% or so) but less than 1% catch rate which is bad and very rude for Niantic to do that but it should be increased by a lot more soon!

  20. Uhh tyrunt is pretty rare, I played constantly during the fossil event and only got one (and that was a research reward)

  21. I’m really shocked but I got Zapdos my first time using the incense. I caught it while driving, with no berries using a regular ball. I didn’t even realize how insane it was until I got home and showed my husband

  22. If anybody gets more than 1 spawn, you're doing better than me. I got diddly for 3 straight days. Then a single Eevee spawned for me, and it was trash. :/ Makes for a cute pet tho.

  23. Are you actually moving while using it? It doesn’t work at all unless you’re actively moving

  24. I'm on 5 days now without getting as much as an evolved form of anything, I think the most rare thing I've gotten in that span was a ralts. That's with 20 to 25 catches per day

  25. You have to be moving for it to spawn new Pokémon; so going for a walk is what it’s intended for. But I mostly use it while going to work when I’m not the one driving cause it’ll still spawn and if you’re driving slow enough you can still catch most of them

  26. Is there a secret to catching one? I'm guessing you have to land a excellent curve ball on the first throw?

  27. The very first time I used the new incense, the first spawn was a Galarian Zapdos. Of course it ran away. But I figured "oh sweet these must be pretty common". Have yet to ever see another one. I think I lost my one chance

  28. Hell it would be nice if I could at least see some non current common spawns. Each time I get new spawns I gotta search for the blue ring to figure out if it even spawned an incense pokemon. Would help pass the time waiting to finally see a bird when I get to see non current spawning pokemon

  29. I don’t think niantic has got the math right in this to give enough worth it pokemon for me to give them 15 mins dedicated gps data around my house. The goal of galar bird’s just don’t seem attainable anymore. I’ll justget them when they finally get into raids, good job niantic for destroying another potentially exciting feature

  30. I've only caught galarian articuno but I already have regular articuno so unless it turns out to be one of the better psychics then it's really just around for bragging rights

  31. Does the path you walk matter? I essentially walk the same path every day for my daily incense and haven’t run into any of the Galarian birds. Wonder if they will appear in certain places for the incense. Might explain why some see it more often…

  32. The people who have all three have been either incredibly lucky or which is more likely, just traded for it with someone else.

  33. That ran away Birdies CP is quite high. Idk if it's has to do with it since I caught 2 Galar Zapdos at level 3 and 12 respectively

  34. It says you get pokemon that don't usually spawn but all I see is the same roster that naturally spawns.

  35. I don't even seem to get any spawns whenever I use the incense, I got 3 when I went for a walk the other day. I'm baffled that people get these vast swathes of Pokémon on the share screen.

  36. Wifey had zapdos spawn two days in a row, ran away though. Me who told her about it, ain't seen nothing lol

  37. I live in the woods and haven't seen a single bird or anything overly interesting. I'm wondering if you have to be more in a city setting where the spawn rates are higher anyway?

  38. Of my 3 different accounts the lowest level account (level 15) has seen 6 and caught 2. My level 25 one has seen 3 caught none. My level 34 account hasn't seen a single one so I'm starting think it's only for low level players 😞

  39. Had a Moltres run away after two throws yesterday and an Articuno do the same this morning. Also had a shiny Aron run away Friday night 😞

  40. I haven’t seen any and I can walk for 5 minutes straight and only get one spawn. I back out of the game and I’ll get a spawn and then the five minutes of walking in a blue ring. Pretty frustrating, but at least I’m getting credit in the research for opening the incense everyday.

  41. I saw one once. Zapdos. I used my golden berry, an ultra ball, and got an excellent throw, and the thing just broke out instantly and ran off.

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