What’s a quality of life improvement that if added right now, would instantly improve your gameplay?

  1. I just search in the storage and then go to the pokedex entry from there. It's much easier than looking for it in the pokedex

  2. I would like the ability to search and/or favorite avatar items. The amount of items makes it hard to find the item you want.

  3. Yes! Like a ‘closet’ of the stuff you’ve worn before. With the ability to take items out if you want to. Also, I wish they would stop with the ‘new avatar items’ when they are not new, they just fit with the current event and have been moved to a different spot. Call them spotlight items or something.

  4. This. Any kind of sorting options for avatar items would be highly appreciated. Or at the very least give us the ability to view them in a grid or something so we can swipe through quicker.

  5. Ready up button to skip waiting in raid lobbies, especially in private lobbies. As a trainer that likes to solo/duo non legendary raids, this would be huge.

  6. Definitely no happening, they wouldn't want people to complete raids from the car on the way to work and whatnot. Lots of families would just raid from their car I think.

  7. That would be sick, but even some sort of flare above a raid gym that shows people are waiting in a lobby. It might not be a problem for people in the city but it’s hard to find raids with people in my town and I know that others have it even worse

  8. I believe this is what they're adding with the Campfire update in that blog last month. Put up a flare or something to ask for help.

  9. Or the stickers menu should open like your Pokémon storage/bag storage does, rather than having to slide across the bottom. I keep one of each sticker I get so by now it takes me a long time to reach the more recent ones

  10. Yeah I'd settle for having the basic ones available up front. The ones you can get any time. Takes way too long to find the drunk pikachu or seductive treeko. LOL

  11. I’ve been wanting this forever! I try to keep the last one of all the stickers so scrolling through all them is hardly worth my time to send gifts with stickers except with a research task. I’d love a way to preserve stickers I want to save, like a sticker book similar to the postcard book. When I place them in the book, it removes them from the sticker list. I’d also like the sticker list to be easier to navigate, as mentioned by OP.

  12. Yes I would love this! Or maybe being able to sort them in several ways. I’m keeping one of each so would be great to be able to sort on how many you have from each sticker!

  13. i would like a sticker book!! i collect one of each sticker too so it would be nice to have at least one of each displayed there

  14. The only way I know now is when I get nothing but stardust. It showed me the message about that once and now I have no warning before I need to get rid of unwanted items.

  15. The option to sort your Pokémon by quantity would instantly improve the game for me. “Why is my storage so full? Oh, it’s these 80 Whismur I have for some reason”

  16. That would be a great idea! Instead of having to scroll through and see which cluster is intentional, and which one is just from community day that never got purged

  17. There should be a button where you can evacuate the gym early. That lets someone else take your spot, win for everyone. If it's too op then only give half coins for it.

  18. Or 1 coin per day that your Pokémon has been defending the gym, on top of the 50 coins a day. Hold the gym for 30 days and get 30 coins a day while you hold it.

  19. Friends get equal experience for increasing friend level. So if someone hangs on to the last gift for 3 months so they can use a lucky egg we both get the 200k rather than one of us getting screwed over not knowing when it’ll happen.

  20. I see this as a min-maxer issue and not a gameplay issue. The gameplay issue is that post lv42 you need to much exp to level and the only 'fast' way are friends and raids.

  21. You can do now by disabling friendship level up notifications. Then you can use a lucky eggs, activate them and earn the double XP. The only caveat is, of course, if the other person deletes you from friend.

  22. If they think it's unfair for us to transfer eggs to the professor, then I'd want the option to refuse eggs, or receive less in the first place.

  23. I had a Pokémon get knocked out yesterday, cool I got the 50 coins. Then my other Pokémon got knocked out a few minutes before midnight. I’m still salty about it.

  24. I’ve been enjoying Palkia, with dragon megas helping with both, even if they aren’t the strongest Pokémon. Dialga was nice with steelix helping ground attacks and giving extra candy

  25. A last interaction date on my friend list. Right now you have to track it off the game or by changing the nickname. Quite time consuming when you have 400 friends. A simple date showing the last time you interacted would show which could be deleted in seconds.

  26. Definitely this. There isn't much space in the field for giving friends nicknames (location, trainer level, likelihood of joining a raid, etc), so I end up having to rename friends multiple times to keep track of the way I want to interact with them. I start with the date we became friends so I can delete them if we don't level up our friendship in a timely manner, but it would be super easy to just show the actual last time we interacted in the field already provided for that!

  27. Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what Niantic expects of me when I end up Lucky Friends with this random stranger in Japan. Like, I get they want us to socialize in person, but I'm not exactly willing to buy a plane ticket for a mobile game to trade a digital creature.

  28. Please let me tap my buddy literally anywhere to see my buddy's information. I shouldn't have to search in my pokemon box to find my buddy. Come on, man, this seems so simple. Please.

  29. Or at least if you search for “buddy” in the Pokémon box search it brings up your current buddy (maybe past ones also)

  30. Switch the coin cap to a weekly cap. Might help mellow out sweaty players and allow for others to earn more with the rare longer gym stays. It would still be 350 coins in 1 week just you know easier to manage.

  31. No trading distance limitations. I'm best lucky friends with someone I'll never be able to trade with because we live across the world and don't know each other in real life. I get all my pokemon go friends online since no one I know in real life plays. This means I can never trade with anyone. The main series games have had online trading, GTS, and wonder trading since 2006. Pokemon Go has been out for 6 years now and there's no reason why this can't be a thing.

  32. Man, the hairstyle thing kills me. I’ve seriously wanted nothing more consistently since the day it released. It may not be such a big deal to some, but I’m black, so obviously my hair looks nothing like that. I’ve always kept a hat on my avatar cuz I’m so tired of looking at it. Even a buzzcut will do at this point.

  33. The ability to power pokemon down that have already been powered up ( cant power down something you havent powered up ) this will give back 50% of resources used. I know it would be useful for me since I have a 3.3k Rhyperior that is 0 star which I powered up a few years ago not caring about stats and just cp.

  34. Personally, I've been in plenty of situations where I wished I knew how many candies I have for a specific Pokemon when I'm trying to catch it. Should I use a pinap or razz? I've caught Pokemon thinking I have plenty of candies only to find out after that I don't have enough to evolve one or power it up. I'd like to see how many candies I have on the catch screen.

  35. If you throw an excellent and the mon breaks out, and then you catch on a non-excellent, you should still get the XP. When you hit multiple excellents and then they stay in on a regular, cue looking up from the game and making a knowing face at the imaginary camera like you’re a character on The Office.

  36. i personally dont like this since raids are the few times I can earn coins since im the only instinct near one gym and one player literally knocks anyone out almost instantly when they lose a gym. pretty sure theres only like 5 total players in my town and we have 4 total each like at a different corner but this dude has like every gym all the time somehow.

  37. Stopping flashing lights/dark mode. There are so many instances in game where the whole screen flashes white, such as every single pokemon encounter, and my eyes feel blasted.

  38. The specific date that someone has last been online or has interacted with you (I have 399 friends and hate having to delete people).

  39. As a poke genie raider I want people's usernames above them in a raid so I can delete people who bring useless parties out of petty anger.

  40. Requiring your Pokémon in the gym to be able to raid would absolutely suck. There's so many gyms around me that get taken by a person with 6 accounts who has hundreds of golden razzes. Rewarding this person by making them the only one allowed to raid at a gym would suck.

  41. I wish you could trade in candies for other species candies—even if its like a 10:1 ratio or something, it would be nice to be able to do something with accumulated candies for Pokémon I’ll never do anything with.

  42. Be able to trash eggs. No telling how many times I’ve hatched eggs but for whatever reason the hatching animation didn’t pop up or I simple forgot and ended up with a ton of 2km ones. While at it rotate the egg pool more often, maybe tie it to weather with boosted rates with a larger pool. Could also make it so eggs from friends contain the regionals from that area. I don’t think I’ll ever get a mime jr.

  43. I enjoy using the Poke Genie app for finding remote raid lobbies, best move-sets, top counter Pokémon, finding PVP Ivs, etc. However it’s a hassle to keep flipping between that app and Pogo. If pogo could provide the same info and service, everybody would benefit greatly

  44. This. I've resorted too just making my buddy "No RR Passes" because people keep inviting me to raids that I won't pay for.

  45. Not a true quality of life…but other ball types. Dusk, wet, etc…and make the balls go into a separate item category so they don’t effect item cap

  46. Different music. Idk about anyone else but I turned mine off not long after it started, and only turned it back on for the few occasions it changed. It's just the same grating piece over and over, and while ofc it'd be that anyway, just something less like a chorus of drunken cicadas.

  47. i think another way to boost ivs would be to add like the vitamins in the main series games (protein, zinc, etc) and make it an item you only get from a 7 day spin and have three different types (one for hp attack and defense) then when used on a pokémon it boosts the iv by 1. this allows 14/15/15 to go to 100 but isn’t overpowered because it’s a hard to get item

  48. That lobby raid count is also what I’d like to see most. As fun as “whack a mole” is, I hate popping in and out of raids to see if anyones trying to do it.

  49. Automatic appraisal when catching a Pokemon. It would save time knowing I'm about to send a mon to the meat grinder.

  50. Replace the favourite star with the appraise ribbon on the Pokémon information screen. I appraise a thousand more just caught Pokémon than I favourite. Why is favourite the one that gets the easy to use shortcut?

  51. Receive all gifts at once would save so much time. Sending out multiple gifts out would be nice too, but seriously opening gifts take so much time even when speeding through them all.

  52. Appraise - show appraisal of Pokémon on the main screen without having to click Appraise, click ok on team leader, click x to get out. Frustrating waste of time.

  53. Let us remove a pokemon from a gym if we want. I still have an Aggron I put in a gym on a road trip in a small town from ~6 months ago. It's still there and I'd like it back lol.

  54. Someone mentioned Pokémon centers at medical facilities, which is a cool idea (maybe not every single one in a town). But my idea is they can be used once per 24 hours and you can revive 6 Pokémon of your choosing.

  55. Probably not at actual med facilities but something like this as a new interaction place randomized like gyms would be cool.

  56. International trading, or at least with people of your state/country and not have to be so close or even near each other.. I know this is controversial but so many different people with so many different situations could benefit from this… myself included

  57. So simple, I just want to skip the gift opening animations. Just click the person and the gift just shows it all at once, bubble style. Would save souch time.

  58. If you click the gift an immediately after that press X before the animation plays, you can skip it.

  59. Change what Pokémon are in the eggs (mostly below 12km) every month or so. Then players will try to get the eggs and hatch them before the next month’s change comes. I’m beyond sick of the Pokémon pool in the eggs. I DONT WANT 7KM EGGS ANYMORE

  60. Accumulating money in gyms per day. I had a mon sit in a gym for over a week and only got 50 coins for it. That’s bologna

  61. I would love a setting to stop receiving normal potions and super potions. I hate throwing out 50 normal potions to make space to spin more pokestops for more balls, and then instead getting more potions that have been useless for ages

  62. Maybe like a Pokecenter type mechanic? Similar to a gym, however you can leave your Pokémon there to recover and heal. But Niantic likes to make money so there will probably be a catch or forever nonexistent.

  63. The ability to put raid encounters on hold. Say a raid hour has eight raids, a group can temporary put those encounters aside to where they expire within one to two days. This would allow raids to be done back to back with ease.

  64. Friend chat function, since some of the friends I have are from reddit it would be nice to be able to dm them and ask if they want a particular raid before wasting raid invites.

  65. The possibility to choose which pokeballs get used as the standard pokeballs. Sick of having to switch at every single encounter.

  66. I wish they would do like an event playground/safari zone but virtually: where you can virtually click to walk around (without physically moving around) and catch pokemon in a limited area for a limited time.

  67. If the game was more stable in general. Some weeks I have no issues. Other weeks the game crashes a ton. I get they add new features and pokemon here and there but having a solid base game that didn't crash would be ideal.

  68. I know it's a game meant for walking about etc. but some places are not built where it is easy to get to a Pokestop. Some kind of personal pokestop function would be cool for those who can't easily get to one because of distance, disability, or the weather being too bad (like the texas heat right now).

  69. Able to set ultra balls as the default starting option to catch pokemon. Annoying to swap to ultra balls for every. Single. Encounter.

  70. Idk what quality of life means, but the ability to get more coins, and I mean in any way I literally don’t care how.

  71. i wish my friends would know when my item bag is full and that’s why i’m not opening gifts, not bc i’m ignoring them or being annoying!! i just have no stops/pokemon/gyms by me until i’m at college and never have the space for their gift items :(( so many people remove me as a friend bc of this

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