Between these mid-series plots, which one do you think is better: Tripokalon or Project Mew?

  1. I know most people are not a big fan of performances but it's leagues better than what we got in Project Mew

  2. Tripokalon easily. Project Mew was an inconsistent mess, that ultimately went nowhere. As people said there no rhyme or reason between the missions, visuals were absolutely dull, point system didn’t really matter since even if a character caused problems during the mission, they still got rewarded. While Tripokalon were just water-down contest, at least it was visually interesting. Participants weren’t rewarded just for participating.

  3. Honestly I think it would have been more interesting if not only Goh DIDN'T join Project Mew, but actively competed against them in the hunt for mew.

  4. I second this, when project mew was revealed i thought goh was going to race them to catch mew but he just joins them, i was very disappointed

  5. Both are different. The way Serena went through character development from her weak self was intense. It was better than Goh for me. A lot of people do appreciate the strategies behind performances (and contests). They were executed well. Serena’s final performance was way better than that butterfly lady.

  6. Tripokalon and its not even close. The way they handled project mew and especially legendaries is horrendous. The Regis did nothing. For all its faults, the visuals of Tripokalons were good enough to blow Project Mew away. Gary came as a weird rival that didnt act as a rival, the projects were weird and inconsistant.

  7. The Regi's were captured by the cast for those missions, there wasn't more to that. Legends were handled well in general, the worst handled legends were ones outside of the arc like Suicune and Zapdos which had nothing to do with Project Mew. I don't mind Tokio having a legend since it doesn't really matter.

  8. oh tripokalon easily. even though it was rushed, there was a buildup for it atleast, meanwhile PJ was so random, and was introduced so late in the series just cause gosh original goal was lame, so it didjtn get a proper buildup

  9. Showcases are better in terms of tracking development and getting to see growth, but the Project Mew episodes are much much more entertaining to watch.

  10. In a few words, Serena did these by herself with her team, but Goh always had someone helping him besides his team

  11. Despite the many problems with Project Mew, it's definitely better than the knockoff Contests. IMO, PM has better characters involved with it, is far more interesting to watch, and its meta-existence isn't for a single character.

  12. Well between are careful making and improtant event to a character and a treat to eye with a plot that came late and hard rush, and unlogic a lot of time what should i chose?

  13. I'd go with Tripokalon, though I wished it was not a female-exclusive contest. As I see it, Tripokalon seems to be on equal footing with Pokemon League in terms of popularity and hype within Kalos region. It's a good way to show that you have more "career paths" to choose as a Trainer, instead of the conventional "Pokemon is for battles only".

  14. No it was not No it was not No it was not No it was not No it was not No it was not it had everything it had everything it had everything it had everything it had everything

  15. Showcases by a country mile because Serena actually has a character arc and grows as she journeys with Ash, whereas Go remains a flat static line from start to finish.

  16. Both have been badly executed and they could have been more, I was really hyped for PM and I liked the characterss behind it, contrary to Performances.

  17. Project mew could’ve been greater if it wasn’t so short and bad paced (I personally think it was short) one episode they’re just battling regular trainers then the next they’re capturing legendary Pokémon like it’s nothing

  18. I absolutely hate XY and XYZ but it was miles better than Journeys and Project Mew. Loved Jesse in Tripokalon. The whole arc reminded me of Contest from D&P anime, which was one of the best parts for me personally.

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