There's been a prevailing mentality that Pokemon Journeys writers/staff hates XY & XYZ saga. However, that makes little sense given how elements from Kalos have been treated within Journeys when you think about it. Hell there's even Kalos content Journey explored much better.

  1. I think people forget the writing staff also overlaps between the two series. It’s weird to hate something a lot of your co-workers worked hard on, especially when there…just isn’t any shade thrown at the series at all

  2. That is very true, and for an anniversary season it’s always going to be under wraps in terms of execution, but honestly, I have seen way worse and considering they have staff members on both sagas, it is very weird that some people have that mentality

  3. No, it’s not everyone but the vast majority of people that I’ve seen that act like this I wish would decrease, and we have definitely seen some people with that mentality

  4. I've never really understood the belief some people have that Tomiyasu (who for reference got his start working on the show at the beginning of XY and storyboarded and/or directed a number of XY's most well-received episodes) is somehow biased against XY. (~_~)

  5. Yeah, I definitely need to learn more about the staff involved with every season saga but I don’t feel like there’s some big measuring contest between the head producers like some people think there is.

  6. Let's not generalize all XY fans as people with persecution complexes please. That's not very considerate to do. Remember Rule 3: Be Kind and Respectful.

  7. Not everyone does I mean lumoise trainer Zac exists, he literally loves X and Y, but has called those people out in numerous times regarding sun and moon in journeys. Those like Pokémon ranger boy 12 other hand…. Well, yeah

  8. On the ash greninja thing, I just think instead it was a “meh, we’re too lazy to draw ash greninja”, not a “we are retconning ash greninja”. If they did do that, I think the Japanese audience will burn down the olm studio, they’re passionate about anime like us westerners are about soccer.

  9. I can agree with the lazy or not enough time to animate, but as someone who actually respects animators, I’m not gonna go so far as to think about burning down the studios. I think back to the Kyoto, animation, incidence, and no one deserves to go through that, regardless of what some people feel about a show.

  10. Some of us yeah, the rest of us, or just a bit to silent. I swear it was rough, being a sun and moon fan and and X Y fan when the former was airing was rough

  11. Literally the only "proof" people use that XYZ was "disrespected" is the Ash-Greninja retcon and Alain and Diantha doing so poorly against Leon. You've addressed the former, but for the latter, Leon was built different compared to the rest of the m8 what can I say. No one but Ash would have given him a close fight, it was really nothing personal to those 2.

  12. Yeah, combine with the production problems. I really feel like the animators wanted to spend all their time on Ash versus Leon, so they had to rush some of the additional battles, and honestly yeah they weren’t perfect, but they got what they wanted to convey.

  13. As someone who loves xyz, the only complaints I’ve had with journeys is that I think the writers missed a great opportunity in bringing Alain back as he should have been put up against ash in the first round so ash could beat him this time. To some sure I guess watching Alain get curb stomped by Leon might be satisfying but there’s no character moments between him and Leon so him losing just feels hollow

  14. there are no reasons for alan vs ash simply ash beating what was above shows progress narratively it also does not make sense because ash never made it clear that he wants a rematch at most dialogues but a rematch would only be something useless and would not contribute much

  15. One of the key things about the pokemon anime that makes it so easy to pick up at pretty much any season is that you don’t need to have seen previous arcs to know what’s going on. Hell, especially with Journeys, I’d argue you don’t even need to have seen half the episodes of the season you’re actively watching to understand what’s going on in a given episode. Many long-running anime that started in the 90s/early 2000s are like this (think One Piece) because they started airing long before binge culture was a thing. Every episode is made to stand on its own when aired on Cartoon Network or wherever they show it these days.

  16. I think most people that think this are the type of people to think that Ash-Greninja Got retconed and are pissed Serena only got 1 episode and 1 cameo instead of beign the main companion lmao

  17. However, Galar has the strongest champion, the strongest gym leader, it makes sense to be the strongest, Diantha defeated Lance, Alan received what any other champion would have received if he had faced Leon.

  18. The people who think this are out of their minds and likely younger fans who grew up with the XY era or got back into Pokemon at that time. Most of the staff besides a few are the same.

  19. If someone has to complain about their region done dirty is Unova, outside of Iris and the Golurk episode, most of the Unova focused episodes are... eeeeeeh.... they are.

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