All this talk about "fairness" is dumb

  1. Honestly, at this point, I just really don't give a fuck. Competitive rule-wise? Yeah, it's not fair. Take it up with Leon for suggesting it, and take it up with the writers for making Leon so hilariously OP this is the only way he could remotely be challenged. Do keep in mind, he's been undefeated for years, and has gone that whole time without coming anywhere near defeat.

  2. For the people bitching about fairness, Leon is the one who requested Ash to use all 3 gimmicks. Ash agreed because it's what Leon wanted, but he never requested the rule change. Leon's full power only required him to G-max Charizard, while Ash's full power was locked behind 3 different gimmicks. So how would it be fair for Leon to use his best while Ash is at a handicap? Ash using all his gimmicks is the only way for make this match fair.

  3. Yeah, honestly tired with people calling it unfair when it was Leon request. Ash earned his power, its only right for him to wield it in his ultimate battle (so far).

  4. I completely agree. I would upvote this a million times. This is a fight to determine the best trainer in the world. For it to mean anything both trainers need to be able to go all out and use all the power at their disposal. Both are just using everything they have learned and earned in their time as trainers. It's not Ash's fault he just happens to have more variety and Leon does not. If you had a tournament to determine the greatest fighter in the world and one was a pure boxer and the other a master of boxing, Judo, and Karate the fight would only mean anything if both used everything they had acquired to the fullest. Similarly this is not a fight for who is the better Gmax trainer/Galar style trainer this is a battle to see who is the best overall trainer in the world. These complaints against Ash would only be fair if it was for the regional championship title, NOT for determining who is #1 in the whole world.

  5. Also, If the writers introduce Eternatus to make Ash win. How will Ash win when Leon challenges Ash again later?

  6. I need to remember that this sub is likely full of children. That rationale you used in your opening statement is nonsense my guy. The rule was one Gimmick of your choice per match. Giving Ash the ability to use all three was a handicap that wasnt even needed and will dilute his would be victory. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

  7. in the end if the writers want ash to win he'll win. They could give Leon all the gimmicks plus terrastalizing and have ash use none and the outcome will be the same no matter what.

  8. Leon is a pro trainer, so for all we know all his Pokémon have perfect IVs and he probably EV trains. So his Pokémon are just stronger in general. While Ash’s Pokémon are always random Pokémon he caught throughout his journey. Leon’s Cindrace also has a strong hidden ability. So Leon probably handpicks all his Pokémon to be the very best.

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