In retrospect Alan vs Leon has actually aged well, Alan was the first to take out Rillaboom and the animation was really good

  1. It kinda gives us a metric to measure Rillaboom through. Rillaboom's G-Max didn't do that much, but then Chesnaught was tanking through it on purpose. Rillaboom scores one KO, then goes down to Alain's Charizard, an ace.

  2. Yeah I definitely assume the Dragon Tail strategy with Dragapult and then Rillaboom finishing them off is what happened in the Diantha match. Still doesn't quite explain how Rillaboom survived a full force fire attack, but the rest seems more justified.

  3. people just cant accept diantha is weak. she needs to play 5d chess or have a gigantic type advantage to win

  4. People hated this battle when it first aired, but in retrospect its actually aged well. While a short battle since its only in half an episode, Rillaboom vs Chesnaught is actually a pretty good opening battle especially with the Dynamax, and then we see Charizard X take out the Rillaboom. Leon's Charizard taking out Malamar was quick and brutal, and Alan's Charizard did take a Rock Slide also before inevitably going down.

  5. Um, Alain's Charizard didn't take a rock slide, it took an air slash then went down to Dragon pulse, it pretty much tore through ancient power which probably did little to nothing.

  6. It was a great showcase of Chesnaught and Alain’s base Charizard’s strength taking out Rillaboom, who had G-Max, very easily.

  7. Yeah agreed. The only weak part for me is Malamar going down so fast but even that attack is brutally cool. Alain outlasting gigantamax is really impressive. And Zard X taking down Rillaboom that easily showed he deffinetly wasn't nerfed in retrospect.

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