Bad Pokemon Game Idea

  1. Its a good idea that i can only see the pokemon company implimenting poorly. I'd rather just play showdown. The people working on showdown balance it pretty well with the different tiers of play that GF just doesn't. If this was just added to home for an extra dollar or two a month it'd be worth it. But realistically you'd need a home subscription, a Nintendo online subscription, plus the cost of the game and any future titles you'd need to add to your dex. And lets look at the anticonsumer tendencies of other pokemon products. Yall remember how annoying it was to transfer pokemon from Go to mainline? You could only transfer so many pokemon in a set amount of time or pay for more transfers. Pokemon unite comes out and you have $40 cosmetics and a really lackluster rewards system to incentivize spending, and inb4 anyone is like "that's Niantic and Tencent, gamefreak would do better" nah, if nintendo and the pokemon company expected better practices, they would have enforced them instead of letting tencent and Niantic do that with their IP

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