The "mini-games" in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet feel insulting

  1. The skiing/snowboarding mini game was just ridiculous.. You get 1 minute and 30 seconds to get down the slope, and you can clear it in 25 seconds..

  2. I will play devil's advocate and say maybe they don't want to put anything too demanding in an RPG that can be enjoyed by kids and people with motor issues, but the lack of customizability in controls and difficulty makes me no none of this was an accessibility thing.

  3. Its a kids game but also take galarian yamask to this specific spot while below 39 hp and level it up and also theres no npc who tells you to do that

  4. I did it without knowing how to speak or read English and i did the rock tunnel in Pokémon Yellow without flash

  5. Let's be honest, the gaming industry treats even adults like idiots. Take the new God of War with its excessive verbal hints for every puzzle as example

  6. I despise that statement of calling it a kid’s game. It’s certainly a different era and not the same as when I was a kid growing up with gen 1, but the good part of Pokémon is that it’s also a challenge to kids. It shouldn’t ever be dumbed down so much.

  7. Best part of playing Pokémon at 6 was learning reading comprehension without realizing you were learning it. That and how to use a dictionary to find what the words meant. Miss those days.

  8. A real justification that I’ve seen seen used multiple times is that GF is trying to make the game more accessible to those born with mental disabilities… I’m all for accessibility, but that’s quite a stretch to believe

  9. tbf as a kid, i was a moron i never completed any pokemon game because i never understood the game

  10. I accidentally skipped that puzzle with absolute God tier luck. I was just tryjng to find out where to begin and I guessed the recipie. RIP

  11. If 10 year olds could solve Koga’s gym back in the 90s without easy access to guides, they can do it now with access to YouTube.

  12. I'd agree with the Medali gym test, it was fun to do atleast. However, I feel like we're underestimating what ten year olds can do. If 7 year old noob me can get through the team rocket base, I'm sure a ten year old can do better.

  13. I legit guessed it first time. I phased out gathering clues and got to the restaurant and guessed the options. No idea how I did it

  14. I actually guessed this correctly on the first try! I couldn't believe it and went on google to see if there's only 1 solution. Turns out there was, and I just got really lucky :0

  15. I can't figure it out! Who tf do I ask for it! I found the guy who tells you the garnish, but nobody else seems to exist! I really hope they didn't dumb this game down for children...

  16. I felt so confused om this one. All other minigames were so on your nose and easy I legit just turned off my brain and thought I bugged out by not being able to talk to the guys in the restaurant (after the lemon answer at the bar i was convinced I had to step up where the arena is to talk to npc)

  17. Right that one was a lot of fun actually, I didn’t mind most of the challenges honestly but some we’re definitely better than others

  18. My favorite part about that one was summoning Miraidon from right next to the olive and getting launched. Unfortunately this only works during the gym test, but you can summon your leading Pokemon in the olive for some more fun.

  19. I do hope this is something they improve on going forward. They definitely felt more like a chore than a fun part of the experience.

  20. And I believe in GF's capabilities. They have been able to give us fun stuff in the past. I've played almost all of their games, even the non-pokemon ones like Drill dozer and (Rhythm Knight, I believe?). I feel like some executive is putting on too much crunch time on the employees and following way too closely to mobile game philosophy in terms of difficulty.

  21. Dude the entire campaign was a chore. I haven't played in a few gens and just got to elite 4 today. I'm extremely disappointed.

  22. So I tried the challenge you can do after the gym. I will admit that I struggled with it for half an hour before giving up and have not returned

  23. When have the gym puzzles ever been remotely difficult? 90% of them were always some version of making a path to the final leader. I at least appreciate Gens 7, 8, and 9 actually adding variety in mechanics even if they're still easy.

  24. They don't HAVE to be difficult, but they need to feel like a little bit more challenging to be engaging, y'know? I remember the Ice type gym in gen 2 fondly because of the ice- sliding puzzles. HGSS even made the gym puzzles in the bug type and dragon type gym even more fun. I actually had to THINK before movin, albeit it doesn't take too much to figure out.

  25. Honestly, the Lt. Surge puzzle is kind of the only bad one and feels a bit cherry-picked, here. None of the other gym leaders in the first 4 gens really sucked to my memory.

  26. yes lol all those were much better than what we have in SV, nobody is expecting actual puzzles but i'd prefer to just go straight to the gym fight instead of whatever the fuck those gym tests were supposed to be

  27. Not going to defend those monstrosities. I wouldn't even call them puzzles. I'm not even advocating for tough puzzles, but I want to have a bit of fun in solving them, like I did with Alph ruins, the braille, ice path, etc.

  28. At least it was fun and didn't feel like a chore. I much prefer battling trainers in a pokemon gameover doing some dumb chore that had nothing to do with pokemon and accomplishes nothing but wasting time. Those gym chores were beyond irritating to me.

  29. There is a difference between "easy" and "braindead" though. The switches in Lt. Surge gym were dumb easy to find, but at least it was requested to think a bit before acting for not battling the trainers, or to battle them.

  30. When the minigame started for the psychic gym and it wasn't even the most basic rhythm game i was so unbelievably pissed

  31. Saying it’s a kid’s game is by no means to excuse the game’s shortcomings which is everywhere. They were kids games in the past and still are. Doesn’t mean they should make a shittier game because of that

  32. We can't have even a hint of difficulty in the game, or else we'll lose our players to freemium mobile games!

  33. I am liking the new game so far, but at this point I’m starting to feel like PoGo might be kind of the most complete Pokemon game lol

  34. You mention the level-scale issue but that could easily fix the issue you’re having with mini-games.

  35. Honestly, not a kid anymore, failing hard to do the olives/insects 2nd challenge on TV while my friends were watching and us laughing at both my lack of skill and the weird physics of that balloon was one of the best pokémon experience I shared with my buddies 😆

  36. You’re honestly right the only one that I feel like was difficult was the challenge for the normal gym. But I’m honestly pretty dumb so maybe that’s why it was difficult for me.

  37. the only one where it seemed like they even tried to do something interesting was for the normal gym, everything else felt like stuff they added a week before the game released

  38. I really hate how games like Pokémon dumb things down "for kids". When I was a kid I beat the Lion King game for the Sega when I was like 7 years old. Kids today are just as good if not better at games.

  39. It feels like they ran out of time putting all the effort into the open world and make it in 3 years or just less. They put a lot of effort into pokemon just look at some the details like scales on some pokemon.

  40. The where’s Waldo ass minigame I didn’t think was bad and did get a little creative but it didn’t fit at all with the scene. You’re on some streamer’s stream and have to entertain the audience and you do that by... looking at security footage to find some guy?

  41. I mean that one was the hardest for me purely because Im an idiot. I ordered the rice balls thinking they'd give me another clue. After that I walked around the city a few times looking for the odd one out until I gave up and went to wing the recipe and then I saw rice balls as an option and then I figured it out.

  42. I'd rather fight a gauntlet of trainers than play these awful minigames, I really really miss the old style of gyms.

  43. I was so happy when I learned that purposely failing ionos gym test had her send trainers to fight you, felt like I was actually doing a proper gym for once

  44. When I was a kid I played plenty of games in english and japenese on emulation without understanding shit... And that never stopped me. Issue is that Nintendo is convinced that the attention window of a kid are so short, that they must remove every kind of frustration that would make the kid quit the game.

  45. If I can beat red in HGSS at 7 years old then kids today can take on far more difficult games because I was a total dipshit lol

  46. They just felt like a chore and it was not enjoyable. I'd rather fight trainers of the gym like in the older games.

  47. The main issue with the DDR one was that it went on too long. When I had the first battle I was like oh good it's over oh shit they are making me do the minigame a bit more

  48. The thing is that they don't even need disposable income to play a different game anymore because of free mobile games and that's what Gamefreak is worried about. Whether that is a valid fear or not is up for debate but that is what they are worried about

  49. The whole 'it is for kids' argument always makes me pause. Like, I started gaming around 2 or 3 years old, and my first console was the NES. Now, game design back then wasn't very good and the difficulty was artificial a lot of the time to pad the game, but I was still able to enjoy those games.

  50. Not about the mini games, but more the gym leaders themselves - I'd love to eventually see them step away from the type-basing that they all have because you can basically go "cool, water type, so I'll just bring a grass type pokemon and one shot everything". My idea for a fix? Gym leaders with a THEME. For example, a leader who's theme is construction. Their team could consist of electric, rock, ground and steel pokemon any you could potentially find out through your exploration of the region just how much their theme leans to one typing or another just to give you a better chance at getting a party ready

  51. Ngl i adored the mini games in the Stadium games, they were so much fun and took more effort to get good with than the puzzles/mini games I've been seeing. Let me jump hurdles as a purple rat again plz n thank

  52. They give you a minute and 25 seconds to do the ice slope thing for the ice gym. Did it in like 20 seconds but felt like the brakes were on the whole time

  53. This is the only thing I really don’t like about the new Pokémon games is the lack of puzzles/dungeons and fun mini games and this I’ve noticed since Gen 7.

  54. I haven't had to help my 5 year old with a single one of them and he's 5/8 gyms now. I thought for sure he'd at least get the olive stuck in a corner.

  55. Every time the “it’s a game for kids, you’re an adult now” excuse comes up, I remind them that they didn’t pull any punches when we were kids and made us read braille to catch the regi trio. Cynthia sure as hell didn’t hold back, I restarted my Diamond when I was a kid and designed my team to take her down because she was giving me so much trouble. I don’t want these games to be insanely difficult, I simply want them to be more engaging. The gym tests were all just awful, I’d rather them just be a mini tournament. Just give us a randomly seeded tournament for each gym, make it feel like a sport. Then spend some time designing good puzzles for dungeons, something which I also think this game lacks as I haven’t seen much yet.

  56. Looking at people defending this practices, I'm starting to think that the difficulty of those mini-games are accord to the intelligence of the fanbase.

  57. Adults complaining about a game made for kids. I love Pokémon since it can into my live when I was 6 but at some point I had to accept that the games are easy because they are meant for younger people. It may be easy for most of us but it’s not for the targeted audience

  58. I agree completely, I was texting during the Ice Gym trial so I was running into literally everything and even completely stopped at one point, and still beat it with 20 seconds left.

  59. I didn't like these gym trials. I did the first one with the giant bean and while it didn't really appeal to me, it was the best out of all the gym trials. Some of them are truly pathetic. Then there's a pointless elite four trial where you answer questions lol, this one really ticked me off.

  60. The interview gave me unnecessary anxiety lol. I have terrible short-term memory, so when she said she wanted to repeat a previous question I was sweating beads.

  61. I couldn’t believe my eyes with Iono’s. I’m usually bad at those types of games. I get it’s for kids but damn

  62. My argument is when I was a kid, I probably only “beat” 25% of my games. Some games I couldn’t get past one part and still played them over and over until I got to that part, and I wasn’t bummed. Kids don’t need to beat games they have so much fun just running around the world. When did we start caring that kids could easily walk to the end of a game, especially when there’s such a loyal adult fan base. And they don’t have to make it so kids can’t beat the game, but just a little challenge would be nice, even for kids. Videogames used to be tough and kids loved them

  63. Yeah I see people sometimes mention on here how their 6 or 7 year old isn't old enough for a real RPG and its like.. I was playing RPGs before I was 5. And those were NES RPGs, which are the least helpful games ever. Your kids can handle Pokemon >_>

  64. One thin could be that Game Freak wants to make it playable for EVERYONE. You know that some children don't speak english, because there are countries that doesn't primarly speak english. They give enough time for those children to figure out what to do. Nowdays Pokemon games give you very simplified instructions so that you don't even have to read the dialogue. The reason why I, a 22-year-old, played Platinum through only few years back is because when I got that game when it first came out, I didn't understand what the npc's were saying and didn't know that I had to teach Cut to someone in my team to progress. When you don't know english, it's very hard as a foreigner to play games especially as a kid.

  65. Don't you choose your language at the beginning of the game? Anyway, this would be a language barrier/ localization issue not a difficulty issue. Game freak, the Pokemon company, and Nintendo can afford to translate the game into your language and if they didn't then shame on them. Pokemon's original language is Japanese

  66. Yeah. You and a lot of other people are gonna have to accept that these games aren't for us anymore, unfortunately. I guess earlier games were for kids as well but that's when we were kids and Pokemon was still finding it's footing in games. It's just we grew up and Pokemon did not. Sucks but it is what it is.

  67. I love the gym mini games. They’re entertaining and it’s nice to stay a bit from tradition. The gun leaders fights are the same but every gym in the entirety has a form of “mini game”

  68. I appreciate GF breaking certain traditions, but I wish they explore the new boundaries a bit more. If they want to make mini-games out of it, I want them to go far as they can with it!

  69. I follow an italian streamer who speaks about pokemon, and he did that trial literally smashing the pad against the table or gnawing it.

  70. Legends arceus from what I understand was pretty difficult right? It was one of the only ones I didn’t get a chance to play. Maybe we will get more games like that later on.

  71. But it didn’t really feature gyms or puzzles to do said battles. You just did the quest, fought the noble and that was it.

  72. People underestimate kids like I mentioned before, the gym challenges sans the Normal gym are all insultingly easy, even for a kid. Calling them challenges is an insult to challenges. None of them are in the gym, none of them have a theme related to the gym (not that the gyms have any personality to them)

  73. Most of them were really boring but some of them were actually kinda fun like the dish and then ionos was fun and I'm a sucker for the photo mode

  74. I think it boils down to the game just being unfinished. The bugs and timers are the things you would look into on a playtest and then make adjustments after you have those notes. I'm pretty sure the game just didn't get to that point in development.

  75. I actually enjoy how easy it is to get through, especially if you just want to be done with the challenge and get on to other parts of the game (I’m just in it to fill out the Pokédex, maybe find a couple new favorite pokemon, then I’m going back to playing gen 6 and 7 to finish a living dex there)

  76. Yeah totally totally 😅 I suck minigames and puzzles and the fact they gave me ten minutes to make a sandwich was a godsend im 19 and literally I failed at making sandwiches the first few times

  77. I think you're overestimating a lot of people. Idk how many people I've met now who have told me that games like Skyrim are too difficult. One couldn't even make it through the initial dungeon you enter after leaving Helgen. I've met countless people who have difficulty getting through the tutorials for a lot of games. So when it comes to Pokemon being too easy, I think you're underestimating people's stupidity

  78. Y'all forgetting you're grown ass people playing a game for kids. If you wanna complain about its difficulty, do a nuzlocke. That's what I did with sword and it was great.

  79. If you actually read what I said, I wasn't even talking about the main game. A nuzlocke only solves half the problems; I still have to play the boring mini-games to get to the gym leaders.

  80. Even Zelda is made for children. And I'm not talking about botw, but even Phantom Hourglass, Ocarina of time, Link's Awakening, etc.

  81. Kids could solve all the old puzzles, too, and they still had a good amount of challenge in them. I’m someone who LOVED Scarlet/Violet, and you gotta stop using this as a cheap excuse to shield the game from criticism.

  82. Did… did you just call X and Y the first easy games? Literally every game is piss easy, the difficulty hardly changes.

  83. I actually don't like complicated puzzles in pokemon games. I always dreaded the ice gyms in the older games lol. They could be a little tougher than the current kindergarten level nonsense we currently have.

  84. These games are made for children, not teens/adults. I know a lot of us wish the games would mature with us, but that’s not where the money is so it’s simply not going to happen. The games are meant to challenge us. They are meant to be fun for kids.

  85. I don't agree with you completly. Yeah, the puzzles were a bit on the easy end. But isn't it more important how fun the puzzles are?

  86. yeah I'd say they're pretty silly or boring, but not insulting. Insulting is when a game gives you a complex puzzle and tells you the answer if you mess up a couple times

  87. I remember the good old days of taking on Milo’s gym where you roll the wooloos, sure it was easy, but later gyms got more difficult such as ice gym mine sweeper.

  88. I didn't like SwSh's gym puzzles a lot, but at least they pretended to give you something to do. In SV it feels like the leader completely forgot to have something ready so he gives you the first meaningless bullshit thing that he can think of and won't take longer than a minute

  89. I've seen children play elden ring better than I could ever hope. They can handle a slightly harder Pokemon.

  90. I preferred facing off trainers in gyms with actual gym leader themes. Instead it is the same looking gym with a childish “challenge” that is irrelevent to becoming a strong trainer. It seems they half assed things since there were 3 different paths to take.

  91. Even as a g rated game it’s mini games and even the school tests were just lazily made. No critical thinking needed. The hardest mini game is probably building a sandwich without it collapsing.

  92. Preach, brother. You’re absolutely right. Not only are these ‘mini games’ too easy but half-assed as well. They feel like mindless student projects. Saying iTs A kIdS gAmE doesn’t excuse poor game design nor the outdated graphics and performance. I thought at least gym challenges are supposed to be a challenge. But GameFreak always finds a way to insult the intelligence of their playerbase.

  93. what I don't get is why video games are now easier than ever. Back in the day if it was difficult you had to figure that shit out or ask around, now we have YouTube. You'd think they'd make it challenging asf for fun and anything you can't figure out on your own, you can just look up yk

  94. It is a hard thing to get right. I am not defending Gamefreak here a lot of them were far too easy. Yet in the same game I have now seen countless people complaining you cannot terrastalize every single fight to make fights easier

  95. This is definitely made for little kids. All the themes are about problems you had as a kid. I bet I'd love this if I was still young.

  96. I feel like TPC is acutely aware the majority of their player base is probably 20-30 or even older, but they just don’t give a shit.

  97. Not to mention the mountain sledding game! I was excited to do that one at first until it finished. I don't remember how long the timer was but I cleared it easily and I took my good sweet time going down.

  98. It has the same target audience as Red / Blue and I remember spending hours as a 10 year old getting through that cave where you had slide across the ice. Kids aren't stupid. Let them have a challenge. Overcoming an obstacle is what makes games fun. Otherwise just watch a let's play.

  99. I remember the Sunglora one. I was about to go into the maze to look for one, but I realized... they almost certainly didnt put one in there. So went and looked elsewhere. I was right~

  100. I actually like making sandwiches, but the timer is completely useless, I don't know why they even bothered with it.

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