There’s A Lot Of Good In Scarlet/Violet

  1. Weird question, but does the world feel “detailed” in the way it did in PLA? I really loved the little things, like finding the Old Poems in the ground, the ancestors of old characters popping up, random riddles or old folktales to decode, investigating legends about abandoned towns, and the quiet world building (graveyard on coronet highlands, celestica ruins, etc). Does it have any of that kind of stuff? Because if there are things to actually explore in the open world that’d be super cool.

  2. It's a corporation. Anyone expecting anything aside from a janky money grab at launch at this point is deluded. It sucks but that's how it goes. "Let's support our fans" doesn't profit.

  3. I just went on a journey to get ditto so I could share my starter with friends and get their starters as well. Let me tell you that shit is so exciting. Yeah the game looks like dog water but God I was having so much fun just navigating areas and sight seeing. I'm ready to start this journey proper when I get the other two starters.

  4. This is nice to hear. I'm gonna get the game if they patch the framerate stuff eventually. It looks like a lot of fun even if I think they made some decisions that aren't the best.

  5. The story of the game is fun but in the post game department it has less post game then swsh. After you beat it theres no really much to do aside from online play or completing the dex if thats something you like to do in pokemon games. Game doesn't really have any longevity to it outside online play. It pretty much is like your standed pokemon game story but you can do the story events in the order you want.

  6. There are graphical issues for sure but it doesn't affect the gameplay at all imo. It's only "unplayable" if it aesthetically bothers you an extreme amount. At least for me, nothing has affected actual gameplay at all.

  7. honestly, I wouldn't worry about the frame rate. I'm 3 hours in and the worst-case scenario is some people walking toward me that look a little choppy. but it is easily ignorable if you are not actively looking for it.

  8. The game constantly dips in fps in docked mode and the camera often clips into the terrain. It also loves to give you closeup shots even though the textures are so low-resolution you can see mapping errors and count the pixels without even looking for them (very obvious in the first big city, just look at the doors). If you want to see how bad it gets, just launch a Wonder Trade and watch the fps tank.

  9. Dude this sub made me expect the game to be a complete dumpster fire from a technical standpoint. Instead, it sometimes has frame drops, a bit of unfortunate pop in, and that's it. It runs pretty well otherwise, it looks WAY better than SwSh and PLA. Honestly I think the best thing would be to quit this sub for some time, because it feels like most of the people dwelling here right now are just circle jerking about how bad they think it is, while everyone else is out there having fun.

  10. I understand people complaining about the performance but they are def blowing it out of proportion. I've never hit anywhere close to slideshow levels. Honestly the worst looking/running area for me so far has been the big city. The more open areas run a lot better for some reason.

  11. some people like to blow it out of proportion, i would want companies like pokemon to fix their issues on day 1 but i guess they are probably never going to.

  12. Shit on the newest Pokemon game = easy karma. A lot of the people taking a dump on the game here have never been around this sub or just coming in to get a easy 300 karma with lots of replies. You even had it with SWSH and PLA with an influx of user and we tend to get hooked on the outrage

  13. I got it up there at top two or three Gen. Love how the story is totally different than the prior gens and the amount of new Pokémon just a couple of hours into the game is awesome.

  14. Yeah but I noticed there are super low resolution textures that are just not up to switch standard that look like 3ds textures like the ground textures and the textures on the team star base door. They look pixlated from a distance even.

  15. Honestly haven’t noticed anything except some shit disappearing in the distance occasionally, and maybe a slight stutter. Every other aspect of the game has been great so far !

  16. Despite hearing about the technical issues I'm very excited to get home from work and play it because I hear everything else is pretty good

  17. This sub is extremely negative but it’s kind of funny, other parts of the internet are praising the game. I’d say just go into it with an open mind!

  18. Yea I’m having a great time playing this. Me and a bunch of friends spent several hours playing it together over discord and teaming up, we had 5 of us so we’re switching around teams. There were some performance issues but none of us found or experienced anything nearly as bad as how people are describing. Haha we were making jokes the whole time about how we were taking so long to get to the school just because of how much you can explore off the bat (I had caught 30 Pokémon before finally going to school XD)

  19. Well i only have 8h in and so far im just loving the game, nothing about the framerate drops or any bugs, im playing docked and offline and the game is physical maybe is because of that, but the true is i really dont see all the hate so far, unless is more in to the game, but the true is so far is being a great game, but again this is just me.

  20. While the reaction here is def worse than PLA, the overall vibe is EXTREEMLY similar. A few days before launch every post on this sub was about how awful it looked, boring world etc etc. Basically the same stuff for the most part. Within a day after actual launch every post was praising the game as being super fun, best Pokemon game in years, etc.

  21. Despite my reservations I'm picking up Violet tonight. Arceus brought me back to the franchise and I feel like I kind of have to encourage this because GameFreak is taking steps in the right direction after SwSh and BDSP (whether it's enough steps or GameFreak is taking them fast enough is very debatable).

  22. I played for about 2 hours last night, and performance and graphical issues aside, it did seem to handle at least one (or two) of my major complaints I usually have with pokemon games.

  23. I think the performance issues stem from a memory leak so if you're only playing for an hour or two, you're not going to run into the really ass issues

  24. I’m sorry, but everybody should be complaining! Actually your points make this rage more valid. Why such good game has to be locked behind such terrible performance? If we don’t rage, this will continue… I played it for a bit, and I’m incredibly frustrated that the Pokémon game I wanted for years, plays so bad. The shadows popping in and out, the lack of anti aliasing, framedrops, etc…

  25. Simple. If they don't give a high enough score, they may not get a copy of the next game early, which means they can't (properly, at least) give the games a review until basically every other reviewer already has.

  26. Yep! The performance issues are real and occasionally a little annoying, but I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN exploring the world and catching Pokémon! I also LOVE the new TM crafting system, and the Pokémon themselves have a ton of life in them.

  27. I've think what I've heard on my discord server I pretty much what I subscribe to. It's a pretty good game buried in technical issues. And if it's fixed your in for a good time. But currently... Don't try it. I hope it gets patched (I probably won't lol). But even then, it sadly won't matter, since unless your name starts with a N and ends with a Y no game recovers from a bad launch, which is disappointing.

  28. My issues with the game aren't around the performance / graphics. It's a problem, but one I can live with.

  29. IF there wasn't performance issues this game would be an easy 9/10 for pretty much everyone. I'm really, really hoping there's a performance patch or something in the works because god damn I can already tell this game curbstomps SwSh.

  30. When a game comes out and it’s actually good, no one has to do damage control like OP is. No one had to make posts like this when elden ring came out.

  31. ... yes they did. People on elden ring bitched about how hard it was and bleed builds for like 3 weeks straight. Elden ring also has junky ass glitches that get brushed off because "game hard"

  32. Elden Ring was actually completely broken on the PC at launch. They also had to do a ton of balancing and there were some game breaking glitches. I get what you mean though. I’m not trying to do damage control, I’m just sharing that even with the issues to the game I’m still having fun and I feel like that’s important.

  33. It was the same when swsh came out it will pass as they patch the game. It seems like people are super negative about new Pokémon on release every time.

  34. Well its a Pokemon game, just the gameplay loop alone is worth at least a 9/10 every time. Just a shame it gets dragged down by all this unpolished fluff

  35. I….pokemon fans have no standards, this is so sad lmao. “Yeah its devoid of anything to do in the open world and technically broken but gamefreak are a small indie team on their first game so not being able to do an even somewhat decent open world is completely fine with me”

  36. Honestly you’re right. The performance is absolutely garbage, and it takes about an 1-1:30hours to get into the game but once you do it’s really fun. By no means is it a masterpiece, it’s not even really a good game. But it’s definitely a fun time.

  37. I’ve tried both and I would recommend playing it in handheld mode. The issues didn’t seem better on handheld, just less noticeable on a smaller screen.

  38. Tell Yell weren't even "villains". They were just crazy fangirls who ended up being mooks/trainers for one of the Gym Leaders. Plus it kinda made it obvious that there was a "twist villain" a la Lusamine.

  39. Yeah really enjoying it, performance issues aside. Have been playing for 3 hours and haven't even made it to the school yet, just catching every mon in the area first.

  40. The worst part about all of this is that the game really is fun. I’m really enjoying it, but the performance issues are so bad that I can’t in good conscience recommend it to anyone.

  41. Yes, honestly. Which kind of amplifies how bad the performance must be to make a lot of people see an otherwise 7-8/10 as a 4-5

  42. i also really like the 2 friends you have (no spoilers please lol) arvin and neomona, like i actualy care about these 2 and find them both really endearing

  43. If Gamefreak could program at all the games would be in a pretty good state. Not perfect, definitely room for improvement/changes that would appeal to non children but we’d be happier

  44. I mean I get why people are angry, yes the game is really good with team star and the characters actually feel like people. But there are so many bugs and issues around it too which makes people annoyed with GF and Nintendo. They need to spend time with their games instead of pumping it out every year.

  45. I completely disagree on the music. It’s pretty subpar and it’s so repetitive and it seems like almost all of the zones/towns share the same exact song just in a different style. I literally turned music off because it was giving me a headache.

  46. A realistic thread it isn't all doom and gloom like people make every release seem. Every pokemon on the switch has released with shit performance it's a rite of passage at this point.

  47. the game by itself is really good, they've stepped up content wise and it's the true "open" game people wanted instead of the Wild Area. From what I've seen so far, there's reason to be satisfied. I just cannot accept how this game performs on the Switch, it completely ruins it for me. This is as bad as when Batman Arkham Knight released on Steam, and they pulled that game out of the store for months so they could fix it. There always were concerns about performance in Pokemon, but this is the worst it's been by far and getting a patch fix is no longer a nice consideration, it's necessary. And I know they won't do it.

  48. That’s the sad part. There’s so much actual good stuff in the game. The foundation of a great game was there and you can see how great it could have been of effort was put into it. Which makes it that much more painful that the complete lack of any actual care or effort ruined what could have been an amazing experience with all these new Pokémon and features

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