Why was Misty stuck holding Togepi all the time?

  1. my first thought was “because togepi is little baby”and when i opened the comments I was very happy to see that other people had that thought.

  2. Because then animators could save drawing time and money from not using her arms. The first five years in the Pokémon franchise could seriously make or break bank with every win/mistake they made. It wasn’t the international conglomerate we know of it today.

  3. I think this is a very good point. Adding Togepi for Misty was a win/win. Togepi is constantly out (advertising gen 2 and the new breeding mechanics) and the animation gets easier.

  4. 100% this, except the fact that it’s still used pretty heavily even as recently as SM where virtually everyone in the class had a shoulder pet to keep their arms stationary, even if it was hella awkward like Mallow holding Steenee.

  5. This is definitely something a lot of new fans seem to forget. Looking at something with modern lenses that was made in a very different time. You can see a lot of animation corners being cut for budget sake. Even as big as it got they had no clue it would be the #1 IP worldwide for years and years to come. The earlier episodes were kinda gritty.

  6. And people did t overanalize shit, they just enjoyed it regardless of how it looked or if there were animation mistakes.

  7. I remember waiting for that egg to hatch, as a middle schooler with no way to get information on there being a new game coming or anything about it. That egg. God. Every Saturday waiting for the new Pokemon episode to see if the egg would hatch and what would come out of it.

  8. Yeah, I think that's one thing I hated most about her character. From what I remember she hardly did much because she was always holding Togepi.

  9. The reason that “Togepi is a baby because it just hatched from its egg” is no good. Ash’s Phanpy, which was born later than Togepi is still kept in a PokeBall, so that excuse is invalid.

  10. Lol watching the show now, I find myself saying out loud, "Aren't Brock and Misty important people in the world aka Gym Leaders?!"

  11. They have other family members who can take care of the gym. Brock’s dad and brother take care of the gym, while Misty has her sisters (though she does have to go back after Johto)

  12. In universe: Togepi effectively being a baby ( egg) Misty felt compelled to give it more care, than just putting it in a ball, or having it perch on her shoulders or head all the time. Also it was an unknown species when she first got it, so she treated it with extra care. You could also say that Togepi triggered Misty's maternal instinct.

  13. I thought it was just cute she took care of it. Could also be a guy who had its father feelings triggered. Ugh.

  14. Yeah, Brock and Misty only really existed so that Ash wouldn’t have to constantly be talking to himself.

  15. Honestly disappointed that when they did give the female trainers more to do, they usually default to pokemon contests or something similar. Happy they changed that with trainers like Iris and Lana though. But even then I wish they had more of a battle spotlight.

  16. Togepi basically thinks Misty is its mom, and it's her baby. It's too young to reliably be on its own, so Misty holds it just like she would if she'd had a human child.

  17. Togepi imprinted on misty, as a bird owner I can confirm they imprint strongly on who they see first, and being separated from them (like being in a pokeball) causes them great distress

  18. I'm currently most of the way through Johto rewatch and to say she does nothing is absurd. Honestly, if there's a character that does nothing it's Brock. Misty has strong moments with Corsola, shows up Ash in the Whirl Cup, her Poliwhirl/Politoed has many strong showings, and has contributed a bunch to the group's success. Meanwhile Brock is used for hitting on pretty girls and that's it. I feel like the only real time Brock got do anything was with Crobat a few times.

  19. The actress playing Misty was pregnant that season, it's a common trick TV shows pull. They don't want to show the character as pregnant so they have them hold something to obscure it.

  20. Because she's the mom of the group. Her job in that dynamic has always been to rein the boys. She very unlikely feels comfortable handing over responsibility of togepi over to irresponsible Ash, who stole and destroyed her bike as an introduction and Brock (who is probably more responsible as he was a father-figure to his siblings back home), while not likely to ever put togepi in any real physical danger, is probably not above using togepi as a lady magnet given the chance. In her mind, the best option for togepi's well-being is being safely cradled in her arms.

  21. I mean, aside from being girl crazy, Brock was more the mom of the group. He took on the most responsibility and was the one to rein in Misty and Ash when they got tempers or fought. Ash was naive and Misty had huge issues with insecurity and both had tendencies to fly off the handle. Misty only began mellowing out towards the end of Johto. Brock had equally adorable Vulpix and never used it as a way to pick up women.

  22. Watching it back as an adult I felt the same way, but as a child I remember it feeling like a good thing. As a six or seven year old I identified with Ash but sort of looked at Misty as the glue holding everything together. Seeing her with Togepi was very reassuring somehow. After being fiery in Kanto and conflicted in the Orange islands her being less featured but still always present made me think she was more confident, settled, and purposeful. The resolution of her story was for her to be comfortable as a member of the trio. As far as she was concerned, she was with them initially because she was wronged and owed, but in Johto she was there because she wanted to be, and that felt like earned progression. I missed Togepi's final episode as Ruby and Sapphire were starting so it was very jarring to me when suddenly neither Misty nor Togepi were there. It felt like all that nurturing went with no payoff. Watching the animé when older is simply different, especially back in the first four or five seasons when the initial young fan base hadn't grown up yet. I went and watched the first few seasons back and was surprised at how the content conflicted with my memories. She really does come off as dull, and it's strange to see her become so tame for no apparent reason other than a lack of opportunity to be a character. I kind of miss being a child and naturally filling things in like that.

  23. Kind of off topic, but I kind of wish they kept the charred bike gag. Iris should’ve had a bicycle, Serena should’ve had a bike, etc.

  24. Because…that’s her baby. Duh! And togepi is SO CUTE. Just…why would she ever want her lovey little Pokémon away from her? I wouldn’t, personally. Maybe that’s just me being all girly tho. As a little girl, I wanted to have a togepi to carry around and to hold just like Misty instead of a baby doll.

  25. Can someone explain to me how it was when you were into watching the tv series and also playing the gen 1 games, how it was that Togepi was in the series but not in the game? I think I would see it as a legendary 😂 clearly that’s not the case. Still very cute tho!

  26. It was a hint at Gen 2. The rumors and theories around new and hidden Pokémon because of Mew is what made the franchise survive its first years.

  27. Back in 98-99, we had images of Snubbull, Marril, and Togepi, possibly Donphan as well. Rumors abound about how to get them in RBY, under the names Bruno, Pikablu, Togepi/y, and whatever we decided Donphan should be. They had allegedly had stats better than gen 1 Mewtwo, could be obtained through some near impossible, difficult to disprove method (usually by talking to a nameless NPC, like the girl on top of the Celadon Dept. Store some obscene number of times until she threatened bodily harm to an 11 year old) and were circulated on Geocities and Angelfire websites. There were a ton of other things tpo. My favorite was if you played too long, a green Pikachu would directly attack you around Seafoam Island's shore, killing you.

  28. Almost every generation had a Pokémon show up in the anime before the games, Gen 1 had Togepi show up before Gen 2, Gen 2 had Blaziken show up in the league before Gen 3, in Gen 3 May caught a Munchlax before Gen 4 etc etc. I haven’t watched the series in awhile so it wouldn’t surprise if they stopped doing that but it was basically a hint towards the next generation

  29. It was pretty cool! I liked finding new ones in the games (I avoid spoilers as often as possible still to keep that going). But Ho-oh was technically the first Gen 2 Pokemon shown in the first episode

  30. I mean, she didn't do much in the first series either. It is a trend, the female sidekicks don't do much until they introduce contests.

  31. There was that episode during Orange Islands 'Stun Spore Detour' that was pretty Misty centric. Ash, Tracey and Jessie all get put out of action recovering from getting walloped by Vileplume's Stun Spore, and Misty & James face off looking for Salveyo weed to help them recover. It had a Poliwag in it too.

  32. The battle for who gets to keep togepi's egg Meowth took a bucket of water and threw it at Onix. It was hilarious back in the day

  33. To show her motherly bond with togepi? Because it was the 90’s and girls were supposed to have a certain degree of helplessness to help the plot? Not really sure if there’s a real answer beyond she was just written that way

  34. Because they wanted every little girl to emulate that and buy Pokémon plushies to walk around holding

  35. Stuck? Ash carried the egg just for the worst character to be like "I NeED a clOSeR lOOk" and because togepi saw her first....ya know duck rules.

  36. As I recall, didn't Brock do most of the work caring for the egg? I remember a gag about him sleeping with the egg to keep it warm.

  37. Because the anime was supposed to end after aboit a year and a half. Gold and Silver was going to be the end of the series. But it printed so much money for them... oops, sorry, I mean it was so popular, they kept it going. So instead of going with the ending they had originally planned, they had to figure out a way to drag it out.

  38. I remember when I was like 7 I got a plush togepi and I held it just like that and refused to put it down 🤣 it’s so cute 😭

  39. Well, based on the lore when the egg hatched Misty was the first one Togepi saw so it imprinted that Misty must be the mother, even though Ash held the egg the entire time lmao

  40. The anime was meant to end with the first movie, in part because Pokemon wasn't expected to have a lifespan beyond Gold and Silver. Once the anime received a continuation, the Orange Islands was written to be a somewhat "romantic" mini arc between Ash and Misty that culminated with the second movie.

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