May I introduce to you, the worst preorder bonus of all time

  1. The digital farmers are running out of digital fruit, and the digital season is ending so they won't be able to digitally grow more for another digital year.

  2. Serious answer: I'd bet $10 it's because they're printing the codes on those tiny glossy paper cards they used for promo pokemon giveaways.

  3. It's about the physical copy of the Version if I'm not wrong. For BDSP it was Sold out all over Germany if I remember correctly

  4. I miss physical merch for preorders. The Palkia/Dialga stylus, Giratina statue, Ho-oh and Lugia. What happened to that?

  5. It’s because the American market doesn’t really need incentives for people to buy the games, they know people will preorder it either way.

  6. For Legends Arceus I got a physical Hisuan pokeball model and a metal game cartridge case. And that was only early this year.

  7. It costs money and preordering isn’t as important as it once was. Digital purchases have reduced the friction of buying enough that bonuses and incentives for preordering aren’t that important. Plus most people don’t care; they just want to play the game.

  8. Well, you see, pokemon has ground the creative team into the ground because of corporate greed and the obsessive need to milk the cash cow until it is dry.

  9. In Canada, for diamond/pearl we got a Dialga/Palkia DS lite carrying case. I used it with my 3ds and onyl stopped using it once I got my new 3ds because it was too big to fit in it.

  10. I still have my Giratina one from Platinum on display; only one that my family ever got for me that had a neat knick-knack and I love it; it's so bad ass to me because it's Origin Forme looking like it's coming out of your desk.

  11. I miss fun stylus too! I started collecting a few of the fun ones. The master sword and a Hylian shield from LOZ, one with a Boo at the top from Mario, the brush stylus from Okamiden, and I've been wanting to find the stylus they introduced that went with Phantom Hourglass. I'm sure they could come up with some fun stuff for the Switch? I don't know, I still don't have one yet.

  12. It would have taken me like 15 whole minutes to get all those berries if I hadn't pre-ordered! Thanks gamefreak!

  13. And yet people will still preorder, they will still get away with it, and the gaming industry will ever so slightly regress even further into an anti-consumer money-making dumpster fire, mirroring every single other time this happens.

  14. I feel like the Pokemon Center's pre-order for PL: Arceus nailed the pre-order bonus. They gave out an Arceus plush, which is nice, but isn't actual game content you would miss out on if you didn't get it.

  15. Yeah I pre ordered the Sword and Sheild bundle and got a sobble, grookey and scorbunny plush. They were small but pokemon center does great with pre order bonuses

  16. Back in the day when you pre-ordered Ruby or Sapphire at K-Mart you got your choice of a plush. I picked Snorlax, but there was also a Pikachu and an Eevee I believe.

  17. Was gonna say, I miss when pre-orders were actually cool little items. I have a psycho plush still from pre-ordering one of the borderlands games and it’s more “memorable” than anything digital

  18. Which is only good for people who aren’t big enough fans to want to play day one cause you get the game a week post release.

  19. I don't even want in game content, the game is balanced without it, or it's a bad game. I dont care much about cosmetic items either.

  20. Call of Duty did coins for military members who purchased their copy on base during the midnight release one year. I think that's pretty awesome. Doesn't put anyone in game at a disadvantage and it's thoughtful to the people who are the most hype.

  21. That's why I love that my local vendors have unofficial pre order bonus mercch like keychain or small plusbies or the nanoblock of a pokemon they throw in at not additional cost sometimes. And for the Arceus one we get the Japanese Styled fan with Pokémon art for us in the SEA which was great

  22. And those are really nice for kids. I remember as a kid I loved preordering Pokémon games with physical bonuses, like the DP Dialga and Palkia styluses.

  23. This may actually be one of the worst for real. They couldn't even have bothered to give you a couple of Sitrus berries?? At least 5 each of them plus 5 each of the already listed as well. How stingy can you be?

  24. Isn't it the opposite? Preorder bonuses are awful practice so a worthless preorder bonus is the best possible preorder bonus.

  25. Yeah if these were like a starter pack of all the type resistance & Lum/Sitrus berries, ones people might actually use after they get re-usable items, It'd be somewhat helpful for competitive players at least.

  26. I don't even use the berries unless I run out of potions and become desperate for HP and suddenly realize that I have berries!

  27. Not that I’ve seen. You can pre-order the Japanese version on Amazon.Jp and ship it to America. Choose English as your language in game, and enjoy some JP preorder bonuses, I went for the TCG bonus.

  28. Seriously just give us the apricorn balls, you don't have to do anything else for pre order. And holy shit you're bad at picking them

  29. Oh wow! Better be sure I preorder so I can get some berries I’ll be able to find within the first 10 minutes of the game! Oh boy! /s

  30. Lmao this guy thinking he won’t spend the first 60 minutes being re-taught how to play Pokémon.

  31. Company I've gone with has done the same thing for S/V preorder as they have since (I think) X/Y and that's to have an exclusive figurine on top of any download codes.

  32. I looked into this and it ended up that they bungled the distribution and most people had to contact customer service and prove it was legit. 😭

  33. Now Amazon germany offers a preorder bonus of 5 lemonade and 5 water. Why not a nice cute shiny or anything else that was remotely appealing?

  34. Aren't they also doing a special mystery gift download for the flying pikachu if you have the game during the launch timeframe? I assumed that was the actual preorder gift and it works out great for anyone who didn't specifically preorder the game but still got it early. It essentially still rewards early orders without punishing people who A) Don't want to preorder games without reading reviews and B) May not be able to get it until the holidays.

  35. I would honestly rather have shit preorder bonuses than potentially miss out of significant content for not preordering. It's a gross practice.

  36. Same here. Pokemon pre-orders in the past at least have been less scummy than other game company. One of my least favorites is when they have day 1 dlc that is part of a pre-order bonus.

  37. I personally have a huge problem with pre-orders in the first place. This just shows even more why it's a pointless idea

  38. I mean, some developers are nice about it. Take for example Doom Eternal, where the pre-order bonus was two skins and an extra remix level, and if you missed it you can still just buy the pack for like €5.

  39. Back in Pokémon Colosseum they gave us a bonus disc which would let you download Jirachi which was pretty awesome. I think you could do it as many times as you wanted (one per save file)

  40. Yeah that's what I was expecting when I saw the post. Now I have to CHOOSE between potions or berries? That's as important a choice as my starter Pokemon!

  41. Remember when you preordered something and you actually got cool shit for it? Especially if it was for a physical game.

  42. There was awesome artwork in the playbook that came with games on discs. Nintendo put out a lot of cool shit that came along with the game. Their lore and walkthrough books are highly collectible.

  43. Given the unthinkable financial power of that company courtesy of years spent raaaaaking in absurd amounts of consumer money, only to turn this dogshit out as a reward for pre-order, the best that could be done in return is to mush all those berries together, pop the pulp in a long, phallic mould, stick it in the freezer, take it out once hardened, dip it in olive oil and shove it up so far up their arse hole you can hear it clink against their molars.

  44. Maybe this is how we find out that the game uses a dead internal battery to tell the time, so these are the only berries you'll ever get.

  45. We could have a black and white berry scenario where we cannot regrow them so don't say that just yet, but yeah its pretty bad

  46. I know I'm super late to this thread, so this might not get seen by anyone, but if you preorder on Amazon Japan, you'll get a really awesome

  47. Make no mistake. This pre-order compared to previous ones is terrible. This is because the Pokémon Center had struggled hard to distribute not only the game Pokémon Legends itself but also the plush that came almost 2 months after.

  48. theyve started giving shite pre order bonuses in most areas since the switch era began. like they use to include a shiny pokemon or a figurine or at least steelbooks, but depending on your location steelbooks and figurines not that likely anymore, let alone a shiny pokemon. one of best pre order bonuses was shiny beldum in gen 3, where steven would recognize the shiny beldum if you showed it to him in game. dont see quality like that anymore. the pokemon center itself is maybe one of few places that have higher quality pre order bonuses but even then sometimes they not that great.

  49. Bro i remember getting genesect and keldeo as a preorder bonus when black and white came out. Side note: i preordered and paid for just one game, black version and when i went to pickup, they gave me black version, white version and a strategy guide…. Must have been looking at someone elses order🤣

  50. Seriously Game Freak? Who would want to preorder your new generation's first games for a bunch of generic status-healing berries that can already be obtained very easily? Absolute waste of time.

  51. In the Netherlands you get a "healing set", 10 potions, 10 antidotes en 3 revives... Still garbage, but a bit better

  52. For me, it's a good thing since nobody will miss out on preorder exclusive. I hate companies locking away exclusive content behind a preorder bonus.

  53. Now to make sure I read this ad right, this is for digital preorders only right? I mean this still isn’t a great bonus but there’s not a ton you can do for digital. Maybe you can give pokeballs, or access to a timed exclusive. Maybe you could give 24 hr early access but overall there’s not much to be done.

  54. I would argue that's a great pre-order bonus. Presumably it won't matter in the slightest, which is the ideal.

  55. We get pokeballs through Amazon in the UK according to my preorder, but I'd have been happy with the berries lol

  56. Wow, I didn't think it could be weaker than pokeballs but here we are. I remember getting the shiny beast trio bonus to soulsilver when I was a kid and if I remember correctly, there was even some physical bonuses.

  57. Doesn't even need to be anything crazy like even just pre order copies get a shiny starter or something one time code like fuck that's awful bonus

  58. I used to work at GameStop and lemme tell u, these preorders were such a shit show. A lot of the time we’d get our shipment for these and the codes to get your preorder stuff when you pick up the game, but they wouldn’t send us enough for the all the preorders. So we’d hope and pray not everyone would show up. But for a game like Pokémon, it was unlikely ppl would forget to come get their game. Id do my best to keep in mind who was a regular, collector, or a kid and make them my top priority for getting their preorder bonus just to make the best out of the situation. But this happened all the time. God and don’t even get me started on the crazy people that would buy Pokémon collector boxes, open them, try to resell them, fail, and try to return them. The amount of times I was threatened or harassed was absurd.

  59. I preordered mine from Japan. With the yen so cheap it’s even a lower price with the international shipping. I won’t get it the day that comes out but I’m not a streamer so no one cares.

  60. Honestly I think having the preorder bonus be complete garbage is better than some games where it would be an exclusive item or Pokémon you can’t get in the game without preordering.

  61. Nintendo is the only company that pulls something like this off. No loot boxes, no physical gifts. Miyamoto "give this trainers some berries".-

  62. On one hand, I like that you aren’t locked out of content for not ordering the game early, but on the other hand, this is funnier than the quick ball thing. Honestly I’m okay with it.

  63. What happened to Limited Edition Metal cases? Those were practically art. I'd happily settle for that, cause at least it's something cool.

  64. Oh please. As if people wouldn't happily pre-order both versions just for the company to spit in their face

  65. imo its better to just buy from the official pokemon website because they have a free backpack which might not be obtainable ingame. that might be their plan though so you have to give them money directly and pay for shipping. its still lame though

  66. For some of the earlier games that bonus might have been worth it considering all the menus you have to go through to pick a single berry bush.

  67. Different stores may have individual gifts supplied through the store. In the past, GameStop/bestbuy would give out pins or stickers

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