donphan my beloved

  1. My absolute favorite "challenge" in Pokémon was making teams of awful but synergistic Pokémon and dragging them through 50 consecutive wins. And then they went and nuked Battle Tower from orbit making it mindlessly easy. I'm still proud of my Trick Room Camerupt team!

  2. It's very much the opposite. Donphan is garbo in playthroughs because its movepool in Gens 1-3 are bad, and it's found super late in all games it's available save Crystal. Competitively, Donphan is surprisingly decent, even if it is outshone by a handful of mons.

  3. I don’t know. I just played omega ruby again and I dex nav’d a 3 star surskit. Masquerain was abysmal in the elite 4. So fragile, not fast enough. Was about lv 47 across the team.

  4. While this is true there is also no reason for so many y pokemon to be as bad as they are. There are so many pokemon that really make you question "what were they thinking?"like not everything has to be pseudo legendary but Jesus Christ, did you have to do ledian like that? Movesets in particular can be abysmal and that I think gets more in the way of fun than stats

  5. It's the same in PvP too as long as you're in a tier where the pokemon you want is viable, that's the whole point of the tiering system. There are some pokemon way down in untiered but even then you could find a use for most of them in ZU

  6. Donphan is probably my second or third favorite Pokemon. As soon as he popped out of that dude's PokeBall in that opening match with Ash in the first movie, I was in love.

  7. Definitely a top 10 for me. I bred myself a phanpy egg to trade into my most recent playthrough of Heartgold so I could use one from the beginning. I hatched it where it could be caught early in Crystal and had given Ice Shard and Seed Bomb. Was a great playthrough!

  8. I just wish its color scheme was a little less boring. Keeping either or both of Phanpy's color would've made it a lot better in my opinion. A secondary typing like Steel or Fighting woud've helped too. Still, i like it a lot.

  9. No one. People like pretend comp players will break into your house and murder you for using non meta pokemon.

  10. Wtf is this supposed to mean? Donphan was never bad. Smells like someone watched 3 poketubers and now thinks knows all about competitive. Holy shit the comments here are even worse.

  11. I think a good chunk of us have a soft spot for Donphan since it was one of the first Gen 2 Pokémon to be introduced

  12. I'll never forget Pikachu's Vacation, and how absolutely PISSED I was when I purchased the pokemon first movie on Amazon, and it didn't include pikachus Vacation like the VHS copy I have.

  13. That’s exactly why I love Donphan lol. I remember how hype nine year old me was when I first saw it, waiting for G/S

  14. Yeah I remember back in gen 5 it was OU. It's fallen off since then but I'd hardly say its back bad any means

  15. Came here to say exactly that lol. Assault vest + Adamant nature + Earthquake + Ice Shard is fun. It's the only 6 max IV pokemon I have, so I love it dearly.

  16. It's okay. Just a tad weak of a move on Donphan since it's not even STAB on a move that already doesn't have much power on it. I guess it can do decent damage to Pokemon 4x weak to Ice like Gliscor and a few of the dragons.

  17. I thought this is one of the reasons why people use Donphan - Ice Shard to offset its low speed. Also a good SR setter afaik

  18. It’s no uber tier, but donphan has plenty of qualities that make it good. Its movepool is partially salvaged by egg moves, it learns rapid spin naturally, and it has overall solid physical stats without the liability of the rock typing that a lot of its competition tends to share.

  19. Foremost being Ice Shard! In the right setting/meta Donphan with Ice Shard is a serious problem not too many people are excited to see

  20. People on this sub act like competitive players are the most annoying group in the world, but I literally NEVER see competitive players shitting on other people on this sub. Ironically, it feels like people who make these posts are the ones shitting on competitive players for liking to play a certain way

  21. Cause we understand that when talking about the basic game, skill isn’t what matters, fun is. But casual players can’t understand that competitive players want to play competitively, with a mon they like doing good, not using it in a tier it doesn’t deserve to get stuck in,but every meme on here about comp seems to ignore this

  22. Yeah lmao competitive players give no fucks about how the casual community plays. We recognize that we're playing a completely different game. It's always casuals coming in and randomly telling us how bad we are for using Landorus-T too much.

  23. Definitely has to do with feeling inferior. Ever hear people call others ‘tryhard’? They like downplaying someone who enjoys playing optimally because they just “want to have fun”. Really same energy here tbh.

  24. Okay but where's the opposite lmao? Competitive battlers just having fun and then a person comes in like 'ugh you sweats are the WORST lmfao you're so obsessed with winning and don't know how to have FUN like ME the ONE AUTHORITY OF FUN IN THE WORLD. >:('

  25. Lol, I remember Donphan being like the first new Pokemon I ever saw. Like I was on the periphery of the Pokemon world, I had a pair of starter decks of Pokemon cards (which I earned by learning my multiplication tables), but like we didn't have a Gameboy or anything. So I was just watching Pokemon 2000 and Alla sudden we have that intro scene with Ash battling the Donphan, and I was like, what, I've never seen that before!

  26. Racism, homophobia and telling people to stop using their favourite Pokémon are the three biggest forms of discrimination in society.

  27. Very likely OP read a Smogon writeup of donphan or something which probably basically says "there are better options for whatever you want donphan to do" and took it personally

  28. Lmao someone who plays a lot of competitive its always the opposite. Casual-comp players telling us we're unskilled and uncreative for "using the same 10 pokemon."

  29. Idk about SwSh, but it was a OU big staple in Gen 6 and 7 since it had such a big move pool as a split attacker that it was hard to counter it since it could counter all it's counters as well

  30. My habit for a while has been to play a "soft" nuzlocke. Keep the first-catch-per-route rule and the nickname rule, but drop the permadeath. Swap out when you from your box when you feel it's appropriate. The benefits of trying Pokemon you don't normally use without the heartache.

  31. Donphan isn't even bad, it sets up rocks really well (basically guaranteed with Sturdy after gen 5) and has really nice options like Ice Shard and STAB Earthquake

  32. This is what I’ve always thought, if you’re not trying to climb rank in like ranked battles, use Pokémon you like instead of Pokémon that are just powerful

  33. Changing it up with Pokemon you like or wouldn’t otherwise consider is the way to go definitely. I like to try a new team of native mons that I’ve never used before in new games, as tantalising as it is to stick to old favourites.

  34. I used him in crystal recently for my livingdex run through all the games and once he got EQ he was great. Headbutt, def. curl, rollout, and EQ are the best on him IMO

  35. You can also get a special move on Donphan in Crystal version only -Water Gun- which I just love. I imagine him blowing water out like a real elephant 🐘

  36. As soon as I got past Sudowoodo, I beelined to Olivine to grab a male Corsola and cloned Rare Candies to get it to 54 for AncientPower.

  37. I mean Donphan and Forretress aren't really in competition with each other. Aside from both having hazards and Rapid Spin they fill different niches on each style of team. Forretress is more suited to Balance teams as a pivot leveraging it's amazing typing, hazards, and Volt Switch to not be passive. Donphan fits on more offensive teams, due to being worn down more easily, leveraging its higher attack stat, higher Base Power moves, and better offensive typing to make progress against the opponent. While they may be superficially similar, Donphan and Forretress don't really have much competition with one another.

  38. Nobody is telling you you can't use literally any Pokemon you want in the single-player mode lol, but if you end up playing competitive and your objective is to win then using Donphan is not a very intelligent strategy.

  39. eh... it's pretty terrible in modern comp. some old gens it has its moments but it's near-uselsss in gen 5, low tier in gen 7, and useless in nat dex

  40. I’ve been talking about how great Donphan is forever now! Mine could have swept Lance’s team with Rollout in Crystal if I didn’t cut the sweep short myself (wanted to give the rest of my team some time to shine).

  41. Against a gliscor, donphan is actually better than gengar or lucario. Ground beats them both, he resists all their stabs but ghost

  42. Ah yeah, sure everyone says that to you all the time. Oh my fucking god, play whatever fucking Pokémon you want without bothering others and stop being a soyjack.

  43. Donphan is a liability? What? Rocks, spinner, priority especially against that Gliscor, I think he also got knock off?

  44. Donphan is fun in crystal. Sure you basically only have mudslap as a ground move until victory road but defense curl rollout is super fun

  45. Did its move pool get revised? Because last I looked it had a very diverse move pool, able to run a set like Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Seed Bomb, and Gunk Shot, and many other coverage moves that make it awesome in pve.

  46. Lucario isn't even that good, is very fragile and not speedy enough to beat other offensive mons :')

  47. Donphan is my favorite Pokémon so I love seeing it get some recognition. Also I would say it’s movepool is far from limited considering it’s coverage

  48. Who knows, they might've taken the time to breed it.... Ice shard donphan isn't struggling in this specific matchup

  49. Maybe in lower tiers, but he's otherwise outclassed - if you insist on pure ground typing then Hippowodon is better, as it has recovery, inflicts chip damage via sand stream, is tankier etc - if you're just looking at ground types in general then Mamoswine hits much harder with the benefits of a secondary STAB, Gliscor has reliable recovery and a better movepool, Excadrill outclasses it in every way as a spinner etc.

  50. Ignorance is bliss... I really enjoyed pokemon before I am introduced to IV and EVs and I never even knew about those until Sun and Moon.

  51. You could’ve used someone far worse than Donphan for this meme. Like, I dunno, Lumineon, for instance (but nobody remembers the butterfly fish).

  52. If the leaks are true and paradox Donphan becomes ground fighting and ground electric, it might have an opportunity in competitive. And I would really like to because I've always liked the design, concept and it's not so bad, acceptable stats, movepool and type. Is like a slightly weaker Mamoswine.

  53. You say Donphan has a limited move pool, but there are many Pokemon that would kill for the tools Donphan has. Hazards, Rapid Spin, Reliable STAB, high Base Power coverage moves, and Priority you honestly couldn't ask for much more besides a recovery move. Donphan is a powerful Pokemon with a few flaws, but lack of move pool options is not one of the them.

  54. Donphan isn’t that bad. Just checked Showdown and apparently it’s in the OU tier for BDSP Smogon singles so if anything it’s really good (it’s considered UU in National Dex, so the lack of Gen 5+ Pokémon didn’t benefit it as much as you’d probably think).

  55. tfw when Donphan unironically has higher usage numbers than any pokemon in this meme cause of teams using it as a bulky spinner and rock setter, so it sees play all the way from RU to OU

  56. can someone make one of these posts except with incineroar and the person is talking about how “all bipedal starters suck” i’m too lazy to do it myself edit: nvm just did it

  57. I have pretty normie taste in pokemon. My favorites all include the usual suspects like Charizard, Gengar, Scizor, Garchomp, Lucario etc. But something about being able to spin at high speeds greatly increases my respect and adoration for a pokemon. So among those gods of popularity stand the likes of Donphan, Forretress, both Sandshrews, Golurk and other spinners.

  58. "actually, he is correct. Donphan is not viable in competitive Pokemon and should not be used. Lucario > donphan." - 🤓

  59. If 👏🏻 that 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 what 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 want 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 do. 👏🏻 There 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 also 👏🏻 nothing 👏🏻 wrong 👏🏻 with 👏🏻 wanting 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 use 👏🏻 strong 👏🏻 Pokémon.

  60. "Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled Trainers should try to win with the Pokémon they love best."

  61. If the conditions are right Donphan has a very weird gimmick that can take one or multiple pokemon down with it. Give Donphan a shell bell with the moves Ice Shard and Endeavor and have it be as low level as possible. Your opponent will go first and hit Donphan, which will trigger sturdy, as you click endeavor, which brings them to 1 HP and fully heals you. Then you can ice shard them and rinse and repeat. Super funny when it actually works

  62. Ah yes, I love seeing Smogon Snobs getting pissed at people simply having fun with Pokémon.

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