A game like this would be awesome don't you think? I used GSC sprites and put them into 3D space (+Postprocessing magic) and this is the result.

  1. Good point, I will try it with hoenn graphics next^^ But I also like the concept of really oldschool style pixelart mixed with modern graphical effects

  2. I'd say gen 5 would work better since it was the most "3D oriented" 2D/pixel style. Not that similar to Octopath but in my opinion it works better. Nice job OP! Love it!

  3. I dream of black and white 2 remakes in octopath traveler style. I know it is never going to happen but let me dream.

  4. Octopath looks gorgeous and I think Hoenn sprites would be absolutely radical in that style. I have the technical know-how to do it, but hot damn would that take some time.

  5. It's literally what I wanted. I'm gonna be honest 3D is nice but if they're not commiting to make enough animations then this style should be used instead. They could also just not do pixel sprites and just 2D animated sprites (be it anime, chibi or anything).

  6. Hm I was thinking about creating a game by mixing the Octopath Traveler style with Pokemon mechanics a while ago. Let's be real, Game Freak will never release such a game by themselves.

  7. this is literally the kind of style pokemon fans would whine about as a remake style for not committing enough

  8. Yup. I'd adore a game like this, assuming it actually played like Gens 1-2. I'd be far more excited for this than any of their modern games, even though I really liked Legends Arceus.

  9. The thing I miss the most is that the 3D models just don't have the personality of the old sprites. Kinda miss the funny poses xD

  10. The style has charm to it. You can definitely see how it tries to replicate that nostalgic feeling while also giving it a different perspective.

  11. I just want more pixelated Pokémon games… I find them far superior to the 3D models. I wish developers would realize “better graphics” doesn’t always mean better. If they still did occasional pixelated games I think they would do great.

  12. I wanna see an Octopath-like Gen5 remake one day. The pixelated sprites would look so cool with all the shading and modern effects, while also giving that retro nostalgic feeling.

  13. I would do ungodly things for them to take this approach with re-releases. Probably wouldn't take any more effort than BDSP(?) and it looks SO GOOD!

  14. Ever since Octopath Traveler I’ve been wanting Gamefreak to have a remake in this style. It’d be cool to do it with Black and White because that game had sprites and 3d buildings so it’d be cool to demake those 3d buildings to be pixels and fully capture that Octopath style.

  15. Octopath traveler presentation with pokemon sprites? This looks gorgeous. Best part is I feel most of the spritework from earlier generations really holds up (especially 5th gen)

  16. Not a fan. Not a fan of sprites and unreal engine shaders style that squenix have been leading the way with though. The two styles are totally at odds with each other, while it makes the world look 3D as a composite it makes everything individually look noticeably flat. Top down sprite work on its own gives a much better illusion of 3D space overall. I also find the realism of the shadows rather immersion breaking. When you’ve got one unified style, the world feels like it all belongs together, even if it’s highly stylised, the realistic shadows break that up and make it feel like paper cutouts in a puppet theatre, rather than a world that your character is living in (a valid stylistic choice, just not one I’m a fan of).

  17. This would be a pretty cool concept for remakes of Gens 1-5, use the "style" of the old graphics and sort of update it into 3D [not like how BDSP did it, more of like the style seen here]

  18. I really hated the octopath traveller movement style, just hate the way the characters move, nothing serious. But as a serious pokefan i can safely say i will pay good money for any new game

  19. What issues did you have with the octopath movement style? As fas as I remember it is just top down movement with 8 directions.

  20. Ever since seeing Across the Obelisk in action I've been flirting with the idea of modding something up that takes its approach to map progress and with pokemans

  21. Maybe but in my view the pixelmon mod scratches a differend itch, it is more about endless exploration than a classical rpg experience.

  22. Play pokemmo. It's free, it has gen 1,3,4,5 all in a breathing online world with other players running around. Trade with anyone, battle with anyone. There is an online player auction house to sell items and pokemon accessible from any pc. There is ranked online pvp matchmaking with all the different formats like overused, underused, randoms, etc. If you want an online up to date version of pokemon before scarlett and violet come out check it out.

  23. Octopath travelers comes to mind. Its a bit of a shame that they never experimented with that sort of stuff past gen 5, I do think if the 3D does reach proper levels it could be very nice to look at tho.

  24. I love this. I like the 2d games as well as the 3d games but my problem with the 2d games is it's always been hard for me to visualize the world and feel like I'm in it, for exame it feels like the Pokemon aren't in the world anymore in the battle UI screen. 3d is much easier for me to visualize the world. This style is amazing because it has the feel of 2d but has the ease of visualization that 3d brings. I hope they do something like this for the older 2d games.

  25. Something similar to this was around a few years ago. It was a 2.5d remake of GSC on Unity or something playable on gamejolt or something. Pretty sure it was just called Gold 3D

  26. looks really good. u can do so much more with pixel art than 3d models. octopath traveler artstyle pokemon game would be amazing

  27. I would love this only for the fact that I love GBC graphics. Pokémon Gen 2, the 3 Zelda games, Resident Evil Gaiden, Wario Land 3. Something about it feels so good.

  28. Feels like octopath meets those acrylic diaramas on etsy. I would love love love to play a game like this. I think it would be cool if the sprites could be animated a bit as well like in BW.

  29. Anyone else waiting for a Pokémon maker to be released ? Like Mario maker but with Pokémon, I could then have endless entertainment between game releases

  30. I remember back then there's someone made a Gen 2 fan game using Minecraft style blocks and in first person 3D. I forgot what's it called I think I also saw the youtuber MunchingOrange played it on his channel

  31. Style is great but Pokémon should venture this territory only with their own artstyle. They have enough resources and could hire anyone who would want to create a new 2.5D artstyle for Pokémon, so they shouldn't just look at the best-looking 2.5D games and copy the style

  32. I've wanted a Pokemon game with modern features but stylized graphics like this my whole life. I would love it so much.

  33. Nearly perfect formula for remakes. Well, at least if they're going the lazy route like with the latter games.

  34. wdym??? I would have been thrilled if they released the gold/silver/crystal remakes on virtual console with that kind of graphics! :D

  35. Isn't this kinda what they did with BD SP last year? Almost like a tilt-shift style, using somewhat outdated graphics but in higher definition?

  36. looks cool. this is what game freak should be doing, 3d environment but rudimentary 2d assets, almost paper mario style. it could work really well, it looks modern but appeases the older fans who are bored of the same models we've had since 2013. i wish they'd do something more visually experimental

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