I can't be the only one who has this mindset

  1. I played it a lot for the first 3 or 4 months after I got it, then started only pulling it out when I had people over. Sold it about a year after getting it. Still ordered a PSVR2 and am still 100% hyped for it.

  2. I still have my release day PSVR and a PSVR v2. The 2nd one sees several hours of use per week between me and my grandkids.

  3. Same especially after I got my quest 1. The PSVR might have been more comfortable to wear and maybe head possibly better graphics that we haven't used in forever so I couldn't say for real anymore. But the no wires mostly was what did it. I mean there were other reasons but the setup up.

  4. My ex bought me one for my birthday even though I would have bought one for myself if I wanted one. As I expected it was a terrible experience with low resolution screens and I only used it about 5 tomes.

  5. I just bought my Ps5 so I’m not in a hurry to spend another small fortune on this. That being said when it’s released, I’m getting it as soon as possible.

  6. I got one!! They sent me a PS5 one as well last year, I snatched one up so fast. This is one of the few things I life I have gotten lucky with🥲

  7. They've been up for a while now & I just casually preorder on the night of November 15, not sure if they're sold out now but check best buy & Gamestop.

  8. That damn thing is more expensive than the PS5 itself. If you’re planning on getting it, I’d wait to see if there’ll be a price drop because I don’t think any sane person would pay that much for it especially considering that there aren’t going to be many games that take advantage of its features for a while.

  9. I have an oculus 2 its awesome but i also wanna play the new hzd vr game, question is can i play pc vr games with the psvr 2??

  10. I’ve had the PSVR since 2019. It’s great for that it is, the move controllers however are not great for VR. They get the job done I guess but not ideal. Also setting up can be annoying with the processing box of whatever it was and how many cables it needs. Excited for the VR2 cuz it seems like it fixed all those issues and then some

  11. After having an quest 2 and a psvr, there is 0 reason to buy a psvr right now with all the limitations it has

  12. It seems like we always have to be reminded that vr exists, then there's a few months afterwards where it gets pumped heavily, then we all forget about it

  13. PSVR was a fun diversion. I played Moss, Thumper, some Rez-style games. I tried VERY hard to play Skyrim VR but I felt sick after an hour.

  14. Im waiting for PSVR kits to get low enough that its worth getting it. The one and only VR game Im interested in is Deracine.

  15. Had the 1st one, kept it for maybe 4-6 months and sold it. It was cool but no real AAA titles and yet it was enjoyable. It really showed what was possible and made me think damn if this did 4K and had better games it would be amazing. So I preordered the second one hoping it will vastly improve over the 1st Gen. Worst case if I hate it I can sell it. I really think this time SONY will have more compelling titles.

  16. I had this mentality for years, even before psvr2 was announced. I then was gifted a pc vr headset about 2 weeks ago & decided I may not buy psvr2, to which inth n saw it up for preorder & thought "meh, might as well".

  17. Bro I got it because I thought the PSVR 2 would be releasing in ages, and am now stuck with it because my box broke for it so I probably can’t sell it.

  18. You'd could probably find someone who's headset died who'd be interested in it for a decent price.

  19. I want the PSVR 2 so bad. But I’m afraid I’ll have to wait for a price cut. I will not pay 550 euro for a VR headset. I know it’s a good one. But it’s far to expensive for me

  20. Im curious about the vr porn..but not sure to spend so much on psvr2..might wait to see if i can get a second hand one..just give it a good clean.

  21. Nobody in the history of the world has ever been so genius. Let's hit up president ye and get you a medal of honor

  22. Yes, that's me. I tried PSVR in a store shortly after its release, and it was a blast, but was too expensive for me at the time. Now that I have a job, I can afford it. And yes, I am excited to get PSVR 2.

  23. Depends with me how it fares against the valve index. If I buy an expansive piece of equipment I am okay with paying more for a superior product. And the differemce between te psvr2 and the index is like one month working for me.

  24. If it was backward compatible with ps vr 1 games I would have bought it d1. But without that, I’m going to wait the end cycle of it.

  25. Wouldn’t buy a headset that only worked on a console. VR is so much better on PC, it’s like buying a headset that might support 20-30 games in its life (prove me wrong Sony!) instead of every bit of VR content.

  26. Hahaha same. I waited so stupidly long and am technically still waiting. Still, at least now I have those preorder details and email to read when impatience rears it’s ugly head.

  27. It’s more expensive than the ps5 itself. If it ends up being a hit along with a stellar arsenal of games, then it’ll be worth it.

  28. I never bought the PSVR because I knew the PSVR 2 wasn’t far off. But even know I probably wouldn’t buy a PSVR 2 because there’s like only one VR game I see myself playing and not much else.

  29. My reason is I own 2 pcvr HMDs one of them can work standalone and at psvr2s price for it to be locked into 1 console is laughable and at this point vr for me is going the way of 3dtvs and having wii levels of shovelware I can't remember the last time I thought oh shit I need this vr game besides beatsaber and resident evil 4 and that's been in last 8 years since my first oculus dev kit.

  30. Other bad thing is its not backwards compatible with vr1 witch mean I would have to buy a 1 just to play the older games witch I want to play but 300 200 is still a lot of money for a vr1

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