PS5 Price Decrease soon?

  1. Considering there was just a price increase in some countries nearly 2 years after the console release, nobody can really know this answer.

  2. Definitely not like in fact, they are increasing the price in some areas like + with God of War Ragnarök most likely being the last PS4 first party exclusive, we are truly about to enter the next Gen era and Sony is definitely going to want to capitalize on that

  3. It’s smarter to save for a PC. All of the PlayStation exclusives are going to come to PC ( probably after a year) GAAS games are going to launch on PC day and date.

  4. Seeing as he's on a PlayStation sub talking about buying a PlayStation, I'm gonna guess he wants to checks notes buy a PlayStation.

  5. I actually already HAVE a Gaming PC. I probably should’ve mentioned this earlier too, but the main reason I want to buy the PS5 is just because I want to have a feel for next-gen gaming. Also, the Astro’s Playroom Demo Game is something I’m VERY looking forward to. :)

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