anyone know the name of this controller?

  1. FYI, I don’t believe Sony ever authorized officially licensed third party controllers. So if it doesn’t have the Sony sticker on the back and the buttons aren’t the official shapes, it’s a knockoff.

  2. That is a knockoff Dualshock 4 you can find on Amazon. Will be hard to find that exact one because they come and go so often but just look at the buttons symbols and you will see it on all the cheap ones trying to avoid Trademarks.

  3. Everyone has funny comments, which is great. But I assume it's just a DS4 with custom buttons. They're not that hard to replace or anything.

  4. If you are seeing this DO NOT waste your money on these. They are absolute garbage. They WILL break or stop working. You can find them on amazon and some third party retailers for cheap but I promise you, it’s not worth the price and you will end up getting an official controller eventually because of it. Make you spend even more than if you had just gotten a DS4 to begin with.

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