How much would you pay for PS4 will these games and 4 controllers?

  1. Not to mention all the Call of Duty games are completely scattered about. Heck, pretty much all the games should be organized by alphabetical and by franchise order with the games in CoD being sorted by publishing order.

  2. People come here to be told they're right, perfect, the best. Not actually get advice, see if they're TA, be told their MIL isn't being crazy. Its stupid af sometimes

  3. Your asking price is unrealistic. On the surface you've got the console, 4 controllers (authentic or 3rd party) and 32 games.

  4. Since I have some experience in this from a few years ago I went through and totalled up how much I thought each game was worth.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I hate GameStop. This is just such a stupid comparison though!!! If you want to sell for cash DONT USE GAMESTOP…….. OR ANY RESELLER STORE!!!!

  6. This-is-actually-true-I-went-to-sell-Riders-republic-dying-light-gang-beats-gt-sport-dead-cells-destroy-all-humans-fifa-18-lego-batman-3-and-2-others-and-they-wanted-to-give-me-48-dollars-for-all-that

  7. I’m going to be completely honest with you most of these games aren’t very good. Quite a few of these can be found in a bargain bin for under 5$, and the rest the actually good games like Tomb Raider, or Mafia are old enough that you can buy them for cheap as well. I’d say if everything was in good condition everything would be 230$ no more than 300$ though. Just my opinion though.

  8. I agree with this, most of these games are basically worthless and you'd be offering them as free bonuses, not including them in the price estimate lol.

  9. Wouldn't say most aren't good, aside from the yearly releases (COD, sports games), most are at least worth trying, but I agree with the valuations.

  10. The problem is I’m not interested in literally any of those games personally. I also don’t need four controllers. So to sell it as a set is to find a very particular person or give a big discount. Not sure exactly how much it should go for but if I were currently looking I think I’d be interested for about $250-300.

  11. $250 max. If you sold the games bulk or individually you'd prolly make more. I find it hard to justify paying over $200 for an out of date console.

  12. ps4 $200, controllers and some of the better games $10-15 each. if it were me i’d sell the ps4, all the lesser value games, and two controllers for $250 then sell the other controllers and higher value games separately. or to save time, maybe $300 for all. $250 would be quite a deal still i think

  13. $150 for the games? What? You wouldn't even be able to sell the sports games for $5 a piece. I had trouble selling Watchdogs 2 for $5 and I can't even sell Anthem for that fight now and have even tried to give away in a bundle and people have said to keep the game and lower the price lol. I'd say $200 for the games and console with an extra $50 for the extra controllers.

  14. Disc quality is superb. I’m thinking about selling and just wanted to get some feedback so I know what to post it for.

  15. I wouldn’t pay no more than $120 for just the games. Most of these are just old multiplayer/sports games not worth anything

  16. I had trouble selling my PS4 for $200 CAD back when I got my PS5 (January 2021). I put ads on Kijiji and Facebook. Managed to sell it for $120 CAD I think. It was not a PS4 Pro btw. With all these games and 4 controllers, I would try selling this for $220 CAD

  17. Why would someone pay $300 for a used console that they could buy direct new for $300? Maybe $250 for the console and games I would say $290 for controller games and ps4 but that still seems high

  18. I’d probably sell the games individually because you’ve got some good ones there but games like NBA 2K age like milk and aren’t worth anything really

  19. Just sold my ps4 slim with one controller and red dead 2 discs for 200 €. But it depends where you are. In my country there is a shortage of ps4 right now, I sold it to a friend, I could have gotten a little bit more on the used market. For the record, ps5 go for about 700 €. With 4 controllers I'd ask here for at least for 250 € and at least 5 € per game. But as I said, depends on where you are, how much demand there is, how much offer there is.

  20. Whatever you come up to, Anthem takes at least $5 away from the value. Just keep it, eventually it'll become an antique as one of the worst games ever and maybe it'll have some value then.

  21. Many of those games aren’t worth much. You’d probably get around 60$ for the games alone. And for a used PS4 (regular, not even the PRO) i’d say around 200$. 300$ can get you an Xbox series S.

  22. I mean considering how most of those games are outdated (Madden, MLB, etc) or just not that good I might pay 30-50 dollars for the games total. And then probably 100 for the console, and 100 for the controllers combined. Total is between 230-250

  23. Exactly. 7 cods and outdated sports games, free to play destiny and anthem which is worth maybe 10 cents at most. Only worthwhile game is sekiro. For the whole bundle I’d say probably 100

  24. $150-175 for these games imo as a Lot deal Controllers depends on condition, if they are over used might have controller drift

  25. What condition are the discs in? How many and what parts of the controllers don’t work or need fixing. How much dust is inside the ps4? What’s your SSN?

  26. Probably good disc condition, the controllers almost definitely have stick drift if they aren’t willing to take them to a real store (since they test that stuff out and if they’re good controllers still sell for a decent price), unless they’ve taken apart and cleaned their system there is guaranteed to be a ton of dust as well. SSN is [REDACTED].

  27. Unfortunately about half are old CoDs and sports games which to me personally don’t have much value unless there’s some nostalgia factor

  28. 6 cods, outdated sports games and a couple newer titles. I’d give you maybe 100 for just the games. Destiny is now free to play and anthem should just be thrown in the trash

  29. A lot of these are like, yearly release games, like Call of Duty and the outdated Sports games. Then games like Destiny are free now. Anthem is... Anthem. You have like 4 or 5 games here actually worth spending more than 10 bucks for imo. 500 is way, way too steep for these.

  30. I personally wouldn't pay much seeing plenty of sports games, call of duty games, destiny 2 is free to play, anthem...

  31. My experience has been that the sports games and COD games don’t have much used value. The people who truly value those games often buy them new on day one. Every time I’m in a thrift shop or used game store they have stacks and stacks that just never seem to move.

  32. $50 most people would rather get a ps5 now and it’d be stupid for anyone to buy a ps4 unless they’re budgeting so they wouldn’t pay more than 50

  33. This isn't eBay. Hop on there and other similar sites to check prices for what you're selling. If someone wants to buy it all at once, less work and shipping for you, sell it to them for a bit cheaper.

  34. Is this a shit post? $500?? My dude this is $50-$60 worth of games on the high end. Games lose value quick plus many of them have been or are currently free with PS plus.

  35. Not sure on US prices but here in the UK you’d prob be looking at £100ish for the system plus average £5 or £6 per game so maybe £260 - £300 max depending on condition, boxed status etc with controllers.

  36. Is that a cursed condom, a used condom, or a mix of the two? Because I’d pay good money for an unused cursed condom.

  37. Ps4 with games and 4 controllers $200, ps4 slim with games and 4 controllers $375, Ps4 Pro with games and 4 controllers $400 to $475. No more than 500 bucks.

  38. What I do when I sell games is look up the used price GameStop sells it for and base it around that. You have a lot of good games that are probably worth $30 or more

  39. Realistically thats probably about $250 to $300 depending on what the console condition is and which model. The games aren't worth a ton.

  40. Is it bad I wouldn’t give anything for them? I’ve got a PS5 now (very few games for it), but going backwards feels like a waste? I have a strange disinterest for them now.

  41. I swear man half the comments r just people flexing y'all got ps5s lmao not what he asked. He saying bout how much could it be sold for dude

  42. Since I already have a PS5, I would have no reason to buy a PS4. Also don't need 7 old versions of CoD. But I'm sure there is someone else out there who does.

  43. Still way too much. A brand new PS5 is only $500 +tax. No one is going to want a 10 year old coffee console for anything close to that.

  44. Like $300 *MAX* depending on overall console and controller condition. Did quick gamestop trade calc and its roughly $220 for trade in price with no promo.

  45. Ps4 fat and games €250, Ps4 slim and games €300, PS4 Pro and games €350. That's what I would honestly ask for, but I've been out of the console scene for a year, so maybe I gave an higher value to some of the games. Sports games (unless they just came out), destiny 2, random casual games and anthem are basically worthless. Similarly games that came out with ps plus, €5 or maximum €10 each. Games that have a lot of dlcs and expansions don't have a high value unless the physical copy has them included on disc

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