Who is in your team?

  1. Right? Can imagine these guys having a post fight beer. Ratchet being the comedy relief and getting on Kratos nerves. But, bc he can kick ass, Kratos has to respect him... a bit. Jin is subdued but mischievously assists Rachet in pissing off Kratos in the least noticeable way possible.

  2. Pick Kratos, then just pick the other based on who would be fun to hang out with. You don't need another fighter. So I pick A1, B1 and C4

  3. Don't discredit Ratchet though. Him and Clank can slow down time, and his guns can drop nukes, open black holes and so on lmao.

  4. Yeah but op didn't even say what this team was meant for. Just, pick your team. Is it a team deathmatch? Volleyball game? Bake off?

  5. But Jin is a samurai. The Ghost is even better. He can set up elaborate ambushes and wreck shit. Much better than being experienced with a gun I'd say. To each their own.

  6. Hey, finally someone who gets it. Basically every other pick is just a massive risk of people who are super unstable.

  7. Yup. A lot of people haven't played FF VII and it shows.By the end of the game Cloud is stupid strong.

  8. Exactly man. People aren't thinking about his abilities, makes him more useful than the other 3. If we are talking about combat haha

  9. I get why everyone is picking the obvious choices for combat but considering we don’t actually know what the team will be assembled for…

  10. Cloud - because he might be my favourite game character of all time, from my favourite game of all time...also, he has a cool sword, magic and epic summons.

  11. A1 B1 C4 I pick Nathan over Jin because Nathan's canonical extreme luck would probably win in most situations.

  12. For a party? For a battle? Who I like the most? Parameters very unclear & would obviously change my answers in many ways.

  13. A1, A3, and A4. I know it’s not the rules, but Kratos, cloud, and aloy are probably my favorite PS characters of all time. Add in Lara Croft and solid snake and that’s all I need

  14. Honestly depends on the situation and what I would need them for. For example (using middle row) if it was a heist or treasure hunt I would choose Drake, for a direct fight I would choose Jin and for long term survival I would choose Ellie. It all depends on what you need the team to do. It's all well and good having Kratos on your team, but if you need to be stealthy or you don't want to draw attention to yourself a God Of War probably isn't the best decision.

  15. A1, B1, C4. Kratos is self-explanatory, Nate is the luckiest mfer alive, and I haven't played a Rachet and Clank game in a hot minute but he seemed to be the best option.

  16. A1 b1 c2 One very intense charictar, one skillfully intense and funny, and one to ease the intense, plus, who knows, astro guy maybe more powerful

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