PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - Need for Speed Heat Granblue Fantasy: Versus | PS4 Toem | PS5 sept 6- Sept 20

  1. I speak solely for myself but I’ve been a little disappointed with the last two monthly updates for Premium and Extra, but some of it is my fault because every big game they have on the service I already own. lol. These other little games they add I don’t really have interest in. I love indie games but I own most of the good ones. One thing I’ve done is not cave in to any recent sales on games that I think will come to Premium/Extra. I’m being patient and waiting for them to come to the service. 😆

  2. I couldnt finish payback because of I suck at offroad and wanted to try heat but it was very expensive for a single player racing game. I am happy that they put heat on plus.

  3. It was fun. You run errands taking photos and helping people. Mindless fun. If you like trophies, its guaranteed. But its not a shooter per say. You take (shoot) photos. We had fun using the controller to line up shots.

  4. It’s definitely better than payback. Brings back some of the 05mostwanted vibes but not as good as that obviously

  5. Heats way better, better mechanics like you're more in control and drivings more fun, good customization generally, upgrade system is not through a stupid card system but you just purchase them, not trying to be fast and furious, good cops and probably other stuff i missed

  6. Heat is absolutely a step in the right direction for the NFS franchise. It reminds me a lot of older NFS titles and that’s a very good thing. It’s way better than Payback imo and it got rid of the dumb card system. It’s such a shame the game wasn’t supported much post-launch because the studio got placed as support in, wouldn’t you know it…

  7. When my ps4 cdrom broke. It was cheaper to replace the games i had on disc with digital ones. I hadnt replaced Heat yet. Ty playstation gods

  8. Of all of these i might try granblue fantasy the other 2 don't get my attention. But playstation will keep doing this because many people will add these games to there library even though they will never be played and playstation will thenk that the games are liked. I don't see why they can't put old AAA games on that go on sell for less than $10 for a month anyway the games where $60 new they sell for $20 now and wen on sell they can go down to as little as $2 I'm sure playstation can cover the cost of $2 to $20 old games

  9. Idk putting heat on for free is a bit of a shitty move. Its always on the deals getting extreme discounts. Instead of buying the deluxe game for 120$ I only paid 20$ and its been on sale since. Anyone that did want to play it already has..

  10. Heat is garbage not going to lie I love racing jdm cars and all that good stuff but heat the scenery just seems dead The Whole time no life to it hopefully nfs 2022 will be good

  11. Gonna play heat for couple of hours then probably delete, Granbl.... ain't even gonna write the whole name because only Asians would play those lame ass rpgs that are all the same. Toem is interesting and a definite maybe. Probably will finish it due to out of the ordinary style

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