just picked this up and wondering what I can use to get rid of the sticker residue

  1. Actually lemon or lime juice gets sticker residue off things really easy it’s very acidic and will make it as if the residue was never there trust me! Best of luck

  2. Tip- use some wd40. The oil will lift the sticky stuff off, also works for caked thermal paste and some rust. Then brush it off then clean it off with regular rubbing alcohol. Bam! Bye bye sticker

  3. Sounds crazy, but I've used duct tape to remove sticker residue in the past. Just take a strip and do a sort of dab-and-peel move on it over and over and it should come clean and un-sticky.

  4. Throw a paper towel in the microwave - load it up with white vinegar before. Do this for my fish tanks. Rub it on the glue etc and let sit for 5 mins then scrap it off with a credit card - doesn’t scratch / fuck the paint up etc.

  5. Mineral Turpentine and sponge, wipe it and leave it for a few seconds with a sponge with a little mineral turpentine. After that should wipe off quite easily and no damage to plastic

  6. Don't know if it's the best solution, but I would try to clean it with a soft toothbrush and warm water with a little bit of soap.

  7. Citrus based "air freshner." Can be found at dollar tree and it eats stickers up. I use it on my game cases too so it won't damage anything

  8. Melamine pads aka mr clean magic erasers are the fastest, least goopy way to get rid of this kind of thing. You just need a bit of water and it will be gone with no damage

  9. Actual answer: oil. I personally use valve oil for trumpet valves as it is colourless and odourless but pretty much any oil will do. Works on most any sticky glue residue.

  10. You can use WD40, that works great and you don’t have to worry for discolor the PlayStation casing. 😃😊🎮

  11. WD-40 ! I used it on some game cases that has stickers on them and it removed it perfectly. if not try soap and water but don’t completely wet the console ! use a cotton bud or something.

  12. I usually use lemon or orange pledge, but that’s for the GameStop stickers on game cases. Not sure how it’ll interact with the plastic of a game console.

  13. Rubbing achool will do just put some on a cloth and dab it around the sticker then just start to peel it off we use this method when cleaning grapihcs from glass

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