Official Bug Reporting Megathread - July Update

  1. Ok this is well up their with upvoted bugs and QOL and most of them are responded to by devs except this one I DONT UNDERSTAND WHATS SO HARD still love the devs but still

  2. [BUG] My horses are eating pumpkins at a rate of 1 every 7ish seconds. Put 120 pumpkins in a trough, came back less than an hour later, they were all gone. Replenished them, checked back after a minute or so and they had each already eaten a stack of 20.

  3. same. horses continue to feed even after health and stamina are fully recovered. horse will continue to consume all food in the trough until none remains, and they consume it very quickly.

  4. Yeah its happening to me as well. This bug renders the trough useless. At first I thought it was a change influenced by the server owner via a umod plugin (modded server) but it turns out this happens on vanilla as well.

  5. [BUG] Still unable to launch rust in 1920x1080 on a 4k monitor without changing the entire screen resolution. This is still causing the use of 8x/16x to be impossible for anyone who plays on a higher resolution thatn 1920x1080 because the scopes now scale to resolution. 2nd wipe in a row posting this.

  6. [BUG] Whenever I go into the paint sign mode, stroke thickness and strength are on their weakest setting, yet the UI usually shows them somewhere else (e.g. on the strongest).

  7. Yep, i have to change each thing off what it shows and then back. Something changed in painting last wipe and people on my server started complaining.

  8. [BUG?] or just me, but im getting this in console about twice a second. don't know where to ask so..

  9. [QoL] Can't place doors where objects are close to them. Even when you can place the objects when you already have a door there. Really frustrating.

  10. [BUG?] Driving a copter/horse into certain places can dismount you and prevent you from mounting it again, leaving the vehicle stuck. Usually happens with corners/edges, for example when I land a copter on a rock's edge or run a horse into a corner with protruding stones. My assumption is that the corners/edges would penetrate the box of the driver's seat which is unallowed and causes the above symptoms.

  11. I've had this happen to me with horses as well. Sometimes the horses get permanently stuck, and once it insta killed me. Here's hoping it's fixed soon.

  12. [BUG] When reloading the M249, Double Barrel, Lr-300, and more they do the reloading animation and just don't reload the gun I've tried with many friends it happens for them aswell.

  13. I am getting the same problem, sometimes I can reload if I open a garage door just after I press "R" and the reload animation has just started, but it is intermittent.

  14. [BUG] (maybe). In the past 4 wipes I counted 3 times that the ch47 left a crate. Every other time its just came , did its trip around the map and left without leaving the crate. Is it normal? Can I do something about that? Btw optimization was amazing. Server fps is waaaay better. Gj to all of you!

  15. I've noticed the same thing I thought it was just a server thing but maybe it's not, the Chinook will just fly around monuments but leave before dropping anything sometimes

  16. (BUG) A friend of mine can't reload any weapon unless he is outside and aims up into the sky. He has tried reinstalling the game, checking the integrity of the game files pretty much every suggestion found online. Any idea if there is a resolution for him. Very frustrating.

  17. [BUG] sometimes if you land mini-copter on top of some "prop" it kicks driver out and you cant enter driver seat again.

  18. [BUG] I have a member of my server who loses keyboard functionality after interacting with a code lock or after being presented with the menu from a sleeping bag. I thought it may have been just her, but

  19. [QoL] Make all electricity component blueprint drop from barrels. Sucks getting that shit from military crates and such. Or default them, almost no one uses electricity.

  20. [QOL] Server startup messages no longer transmitted to RCON console. Therefore when my server which is hosted elsewhere, restarts I no longer can see the progress and have to hope that it just comes up.

  21. [BUG] Majority of long guns still clip through players camera on 3440x1440 resolution resulting what doesn't even look like a weapon for some guns when ADS'ing. Namely the thompson is by far the worse.

  22. I’m not a dev, but this sounds like such a unique scenario, you’d probably want to include your full system specs.

  23. [BUG] Please fix the map lag. This started happening after the June 21 update, any time someone opens the map and then closes it they get a lag spike. This starts as a slight jitter at wipe and then gets worse and worse as more shop markers are added.

  24. [Bug] minicopters can easily be used to destroy tcs inside of bases by crashing one into the wall. One copter is enough to destroy a tc 90% of the time. (On small non honeycombed bases)

  25. [Qol] when painting anything you have to play on max settings for anything to be visible, anything below 5 means it’s a pixelated mess when painting but crystal clear when looking at it

  26. [QoL] Please revert placing doors through objects, I can not stand having to deconstruct my loot room to upgrade with a new door, it is the current reason I am not playing. I used to play in a 6 man group and I often would make loot rooms that are now so frustrating to manage placing doors.

  27. [BUG] - PVE and can't kill scientists, instead we take damage. We are doing PVE this month so we can do bunch of holiday events in July. In PVE Mode we can't kill scientists. Is this expected?! If so, we lose oil rig and cargo events and just have to avoid them in loot piles, seems like PVE would include killing NPCs.

  28. This is how vanilla PVE works in rust. It is Reflective damage. You attack anything in the game, and you take damage for the attack. It's a stupid mechanic imo, I discovered it this past week as well.

  29. " PVE Mode" is this a plugin on your server? check the health of scientists with combatlog in f1 console if the health is going down you can kill them?

  30. I haven't had any issues (in-flight or grounded) on my vanilla server. Are you on a modded server? If so maybe a mod is causing a conflict?

  31. I built in double cave with the two buckets and after putting foundation it wouldn't let me build high walls, saying no room. Both areas of the cave had the same issue.

  32. [BUG] Game crashes to desktop when you try to view servers in "Favorited" menu. All other menus appear to function normally.

  33. [QoL?] Troughs seem very finicky in terms of placement, and as far as I've seen they can't be placed on foundations or floors. Is this intentional?

  34. Happens quite often here also. Either I'm no longer in a team at all when I log back in, or I see an entirely different list of people in the corner (I'm not even in that list!!) and can tell who's in the team...

  35. [BUG] I'm not exactly sure if this is a bug or not but its happened twice once on large oil rig and once on small but after I cleared all scientists I usually take about 1 - 2 minutes getting to full health and organizing where I'm gonna go and the crate has just disappeared (the crate was not opened already it was still unhacked).

  36. [BUG?] Not sure if this is intended, but splitters still allocate a third of the energy to an activated blocker or turned off switch, this makes it difficult for efficient electronic setups without multi-component work arounds.

  37. [BUG] outpost and bandit camp aggro range is really scuffed. Change it so you actually know when it's safe to hit a barrel or animal. Right now it feels completely random and then the 30min wait time. Really sucks.

  38. [BUG] Drop box with single slot on both sides. I installed a drop box and the single slot was on the side I wanted it. When I went to other side it also had a single slot. All things deposited went into the twilight zone.

  39. [QoL] any tree except normal brown trees on good settings and lower have a issue where it becomes impossible to hit the x to cut down the tree (especially desert trees)

  40. [Bug] Sometimes your steam friends’ names don’t show up when you are trying to bag them. It only shows up if they change their names on steam.

  41. some one made a post about this and people said have them msg in chat... must be a real old bug if people have found so many work-a-rounds ;\

  42. Bought game today. Installed. Went into que for 30 minutes. Started loading. Crashed. No error msg. Did that three times with three different servers on three diffrenet loading parts. Refund. Try again devs.

  43. Ever since the June update I have been experiencing random game crashes while in game on any server I join. My screeen will freeze and I can still hear the in game sounds for a few seconds before my game completely crashes. If anyone saw the issues "ImBerne" was having its the same issue for me. I have tried proritizing the Rust.exe in my task manager, reinstalling rust and even try to run the game as an administrator. Any one experiencing these issues? It only started doing this after the June update.PC Specs:i9 9900k

  44. [BUG] minicopter.outsidedecayminutes server variable still isn't working as intended. Any change of this variable is not reflected in gameplay, including after using server.writecfg and a reboot of the server.

  45. Minicopter parked ouside my cave exploded and the explosion clipped through the surface and burned out my tc. Tc was in the cave and on the edge by cave wall. Cave wall was not sealed off.

  46. [QoL] Can you guys fix the suppressor shadow when using weapon flashlight. this has been in the game for years.

  47. there is no vsync setting in the game..? if you are doing it via other programs this is causing your tearing..

  48. Since the update earlier today around 40% my shots are invalid. Doesn't seem to matter what gun I use or what server I'm on. It really screws up my gameplay.

  49. [QoL] Anything placed within the frame of a door will stop the placement of that door. Upgrade from sheet to garage door and now your base doesn't have a door at all.

  50. Cheaters keep getting under the map and my cave base gets looted through walls and sometimes bullets come under the ground and starting killing me which is also annoying

  51. [BUG] I have the boots BP learned but it doesn't show in my list under clothing. It does show in my quick craft.

  52. [QoL] Windows with a sheet metal embrasure on one side cannot equip window shutters on the other side.

  53. Can you please get more devs or bug fixers because there are soo many in this game i have 3k hours so im not just raging. and in this game called rust bugs mess up a whole week sometimes makes you not want to play because its resets you or its a waste of time when bugs cause deaths. Example pulling out crossbow and it doesn't shoot like whats up with that?

  54. [BUG] When you get downed in game and you try to open the map you cant move the map and it puts you in a wrong spot also maps can be bugged and keep you in a spawn point and your player doesn't move on the map but your team does

  55. [BUG] You can wall in boxes and TCs and access them between the ceiling gap. This makes it extremely difficult and expensive to raid.

  56. [BUG] Twice today, I died by hitting something. First time I shot my bow towards a player nearby and heard a but felt like I hit myself and died. It said 'Died by generic'. Second time I was building a base and hitting foundation with a salvaged hatchet and it does damage to myself.

  57. This does sound exactly like reflective damage, due to the server PVE convar (server.pve) being set to true. Vanilla PVE mode uses reflective damage to discourage damage to players and structures, and always uses the "Generic" monicker for kill messages. You might inquire with the server admin about whether PVE is currently enabled. My guess is that it is. Typically, most PVE servers have the convar set to false and use oxide/umod plugins to manage the conditions of their PVE rules versus the default server setting, as it creates several frustrating issues.

  58. Okay this is completely game-breaking, I was shooting someone on a ridge and was taking damage each time I hit him. Then he came up and blasted me at point blank range with a shotty and he died to "Generic". What gives?

  59. [QoL] I don't know if this should be considered a bug, but I had metal double doors in a stone framw from with a large chest on one side and a lvl. 1 workbench on the other. When I removed the doors to upgrade the frame, and tried to replace, I was told there wasn't enough space to place the double door where it just was situated ago.

  60. [BUG] This bug has been around for quite a while now. Sometimes, if you place a workbench (lvl 2 is what I have experienced this with) next to a wall and destroy the wall, you cannot replace the wall because it collides with the workbench. Please fix this. It is especially infuriating because you cannot easily replace or destroy workbenches.

  61. [BUG] Sometimes launching rust gives instance already running error, this does cause easy anti-cheat to start running and if trying to run rust again whilst easy anti-cheat is in the task manager it will keep giving the instance already running error.

  62. [BUG] When on the stairs to the underground you are able to see through the walls, you can see the full underground through the stairs and some of the deck. Maybe it's with low graphics.

  63. Can a dev please look into hapis there’s cheaters able to build into rocks to secure all loot, also way to glitch into players caves by going under the map, gonna take another couple months off till you guys do something with these cheaters/glitchers

  64. The static Level 2 Workbench on Large Oilrig doesn't allow to craft items that require a Level 2 Workbench, the visual indicator does not show.

  65. [BUG] When joining server, get randomly paired on a team with other people I do not know. This gives away base locations etc.

  66. Community servers exist too, they are often vanilla. Also not everyone that's running the game is in a server. No way 88% of people are playing modded.

  67. [QoL] Headlight go completely through walls? Not sure if this is an issue with flashlights also. But it looks as though the player is standing outside when the're actually inside the building. I understand the little bit of light bleed from a torch through the cracks in the wall or whatever but this one looks like it shouldn't be doing this.

  68. [QoL] Focus button on mini map needs to be right-clicked in order to respond. This leads to confusion amongst never players that doesn't know this little 'trick'. Left-clicning the focus button should atleast work aswell.

  69. Maby someone allready mentiond it. But trees seem to appear some seconds after you chop them down but you cant interact with them, only to disapear after some minutes.

  70. [BUG] 2 teammates and I were booted mid roam and since then every time we attempt to connect to the server it loads all the way then right before entering game it goes back to the main menu. This is on the US large server

  71. [BUG] Shotgun Traps in caves do not work. They will trigger and shoot but no damage is done even if you stand directly in front of it. Only tested in the cave configuration of 2 ends ones with 2 bucket drops attached to same tunnel

  72. [BUG] Taking Clones of Hemp from a small planter when an auto turret is placed adjacent on a floor (not foundation) destroys the turret

  73. This is a bug also happens when you place twig near a auto turret. Not always but sometimes (pretty rare).

  74. [BUG] Found a blueprint in crate, without dragging it into my inventory, I learned it. It didn't disappear from the crate.

  75. [BUG] If you sit on a horse and go up to a window and there is a ladder in someone’s base you can climb onto the ladder through the window even though it’s inside there base

  76. just a heads up guys if your TC is full and you try to top off the stack, anything that doesnt fit in that stack disappears...

  77. [BUG] As other users stated I am getting a constant rust crashing error that is quite strange. After about 5 minutes in a server my game will freeze up and it will crash within 10 seconds. Steam believes the game is still running and I can not relaunch or launch any others games. I could not open control-alt-delete or press the system shutdown button in Windows OS. No other game I play has this issue. I HAVE to force shut down my computer with the power button in order to restart and keep trying. I have submitted log files on player data and a dxdaig file on a support request on Facepunch and have recieved no help for about a week. The game is unplayable.

  78. [BUG] I have some raised triangle foundations that I upgraded to stone. After building my base I’ve gone to upgrade those foundations to metal, but the upgrade wheel is greyed out

  79. This can happen if something like a barricade or a workbench is too close to the foundation.

  80. Game crashes since last update. Friends having same issue. It will just freeze and still frame, but can still hear in game sounds and move for about 10 seconds then the game will crash to desktop.

  81. [BUG] Alt-tabbing sometimes causes a cursor to be stuck on the middle of your screen as of a few wipes ago. It requires shutting down and restarting rust to fix. Super annoying.

  82. [BUG] I dont know if you are aware but on the server I play on there's a boar stuck at 0 hp we cannot kill it and it just runs arround and its kinda annoying since its arround our base

  83. Patch released on the the 11th causes the game crashung upon loading after the resolution and graphics setting screen, no error message is displayed. Staging starts normal.

  84. I was looking into Rust crashing for friend recently and it seemed that adjust virtual memory helped a lot of people. Try setting your pagefile to 1x installed RAM.

  85. Not a bug but you guys should definetely lower the volume of the RHiiB and the small boat in general its higher than anything else

  86. No it's fine, small boat is loud and slow but fuel efficient and rhib is quiet and fast but uses more fuel. Good for sneaky plays. I like how it is, I do turn my volume down a bit in the row boat though.

  87. [QoL] make the minicopters despawn quicker. Sucks when some bases have 6 copter inside and all the roads are completely empty.

  88. [Bug] Tons of projectile invalids. On all types of servers, every fight we have at least 1, often 2+. Does this happen for everyone? 60 ping 120 fps. Feels really shitty.

  89. [QoL] Make the boxes on the ocean floor worth looting. Needs 4 very specific item and the loot is shit.

  90. I launch rust and the loading screen freezes i press on the screen and it says RustClient.exe stopped working i tried lowering the graphics to the lowest and it still doesn't work. sometimes it says Untrusted system file (C:\Windows\System32\amdihk64.dll). i dont want to delete anything because its system32. Help!

  91. [BUG] when u try writing the code in the codelock it sometimes bugs and doesnt put the 4 digits instead it puts 1 or 2 digits, and you need to reatart it again. If in a stressful situation this happened like say u need to put a door after a raid and u hear someone outside, and he kills just becouse of that.

  92. [BUG] Can't see any skins I equip in game. They just appear to be default even though on the hotbar you can see they have skins.

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