Carti 51th on top 100 streamed artists

  1. This is for 2022 only. YB dropped like 5 projects now, Taylor is coming Friday, Bad Bunny only has one release, and Dawn FM hasn’t been performing as well so he’s carried by his greatest hits album

  2. He’s got a song right now doing great but it’s from 3 years ago so maybe that means something about his current music not being that solid

  3. I honestly don’t get it, he only has like 1-10 million Spotify streams per song, sure he gets like 10 mil on yt on some songs too but Jesus Christ man not Taylor swift level like how

  4. Evytime im at a party and conmected to the aux my homies come up and tell me i should play murder on my mind 😭 like alright i do it for them but tjats like the only exception

  5. We can talk all day about how Eminem’s new music is trash but being at #11 top artists 25 years into your career is fucking crazy.

  6. how the fuck is coldplay at 50 bro i genuinely hate coldplay best coldplay song is them on a kanye feature dude ass band ass life ass singer ass fanbase-me

  7. that shit gotta be fake cuz how does yeat have more streams than adele, bruno mars and travis scott

  8. bro young boy at 2nd is crazy I don't think I've ever seen yb be talked about anywhere but in hip hop and rap communities. hell id say carti's bigger than yb

  9. You guys gotta realize we are a select group of individuals who look at music more critically than most fans. I would say at least 80% of all the people who use Apple Music and Spotify on a daily basis will literally just play whatever the top 100 is and be happy with it like hardly any people actually endeavor as deep as we do and most don’t even care who’s at the top. People simply just want to head bop on the way to work, school, and to the club and while at the club, And on the way home. Music is more about catchy melodies and less about delivering a heartfelt message.

  10. Drake being someone’s favorite artist is rly another way of saying you are totally uncreative, unoriginal and can’t think for yourself

  11. Funny how Polo G dropped like 1 song and 4 features this year and is 23rd, thats how u know hes the goat

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