Is the Nick Mason show worth it?

  1. I just went last night, it was a great show, some of these songs are ones that you will never be able to see live again.

  2. Yea that’s what I basically vowed. I missed a chance in 2016/2017 to go see Van Halen because my friend didn’t want to go, and then I didn’t get a chance to see them before Eddie died. Since then, I vowed to see any (reasonably priced) concert from the old bands I love that I haven’t seen, since it’ll likely be my last chance ever.

  3. Roger plays the mega hits mixed with his solo work. Cover bands like Brit Floyd and Australian Pink Floyd play the popular songs and some lesser known ones. But, Nick plays early stuff pre-DSOTM, stuff you can’t hear or see anywhere else. You’ll get to see the cover bands again, this is likely Nicks last tour. The show is most definitely worth it.

  4. You are 100% spot on, this show is unlike any other, a refreshing change from the normal "Floyd" shows. As close as you'll ever get to seeing a "Syd era" Floyd show.

  5. To me it was worth it. I spent almost $300 for two tickets. I would go again. But I’m a huge Syd Barrett fan and I never thought I would have an opportunity to hear any member of Pink Floyd do songs like vegetable man, candy and a currant bun, astronomy domine, etc. For me, I just loved it. I had perms-grin for a few days after the show. If he tours again, I’ll go again. So I would say if you’re a fan of the early, more obscure stuff, then yeah. Go see it. However, if you’re a Floyd fan who only recognizes DSOTM, animals. Wish you were here and the wall, then no. You probably won’t like it.

  6. Just go, you won't be disappointed. If you want to see what he's done, he released a DVD of the first leg of the tour and some of its on Youtube.

  7. Just saw him last night with my family and we were all kind blown!! Those guys could rock and Nick Mason is still a beast! There is a lot of history in that show and lineup as guy Pratt and lee Harris have been working for Pink Floyd since the 80s and helped with AMLOR and Division Bell. The show at Minneapolis last night was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t recommend it more. Who knows if you’ll ever get a chance to see Nick Mason live again sadly…

  8. Lee Harris has no prior history with Pink Floyd. However, he's been the driving force behind the band's formation and when you watch him play, you know how much he has studied this music.

  9. I was beyond thrilled with his show in Chicago. I actually prefer the pre-Dark side material, so it was right up my alley.

  10. I've seen Nick Mason's show 3 times on the last tour, have tickets for 2 more this month. It's worth twice that price. If you don't walk away from the show feeling like you were transported to the UFO club in 1968, you didn't go to the show.

  11. I attended the Minneapolis show last night. Great experience; loved hearing the early psychedelic work. Great tribute to Syd and recognition of his contributions.

  12. Yes! I went to the first tour, and it was a blast. Just bought tickets for the Denver show because this thread reminded me.

  13. I saw Waters, Aussies, and Brit this year. none of them came close to making me feel the way that Masons show made me feel. Once in a life time for sure and 10000% worth going to.

  14. I went and really enjoyed it. Would definitely go again. But it's strange that for you it's more expensive than Rog. I paid around 80 € for two tix for NM. And I just got 2 tix for Rog for spring concert, European tour, for 200 €, which is understandable due to the size of his show.

  15. Yea that's what kind of turned me off. The seats are also farther back than what I got with Waters and theres the theatrics. I know every venue is different but do you think back row seats are good enough?

  16. Just watched it last night in Minneapolis and holy shit it was amazing! I mean what do you expect when a group of people on stage have centuries of stage presence amongst them. Guy Pratt was a great vocalist/bassist and Gary kemp was mesmerizing on the guitar especially for echoes. It’s a very psychedelic show with music all before 1972. Would easily recommend spending $200 for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  17. You probably can get discounted tickets the day of if you're on the fence and worried about the cost.

  18. That's a shame. Then again, Pink Floyd were mostly underground in the US until the "Money" single, while they had been racking up high chart positions in Europe and the UK with some pretty avant-garde stuff.

  19. Saw the last tour and it was great. I'd easily pay $200 for 2 tickets to see him again (if only he was playing my town this time around!)

  20. It’s a really fantastic show and you’re likely to have more fun than you would at the Roger show anyway. Absolutely go if you can

  21. I saw him in Pittsburgh last Friday and he was amazing. They did early PF stuff that you don’t hear a lot and it blew my mind. Plus between songs Nick spoke some and he was really interesting and pretty funny too.

  22. The Nick Mason show is fucking great, period. Just all kinds of songs you'd never hear the other guys play, and the intergenerational madness of 14 year olds and 70 year olds going apeshit over early Floyd at the same time is a spectacle to behold.

  23. I saw it on Monday, it was great. All early stuff, lots of Meddle, Syd stuff. His band was great. If you like the early stuff, definitely go. If you only know the later hits, you may not like it.

  24. YES. If you like old pink floyd, YES. It is honestly the best show I've ever seen. Everyone on stage WANTS to be there, nick is a humble dude and there's no begrudgingly playing music. He LOVES this stuff. And the crowd doesn't get out of control like at Roger's shows.

  25. Just saw Nick in Columbus and it was worth it. He is usually playing intimate theaters and it was great hear the pre DSOTM stuff live. The band is great and they sounded awesome.

  26. Actually, despite being not as visually overwhelming like Roger‘s shows it was musically my favorite. If you like the old songs before DSOTM than you will have a really good time.

  27. I went last night and it was SO with it. Like those guys really put their whole hearts into it and you could tell they were having the best time!

  28. Very, very much worth it. It’s a great show, with a setlist of tunes I never thought I would see a member of PF play live. Not a game changer when it comes to lights and lasers and all that, so if you love that stuff you are better off with Roger. But if you want to sing along with tunes from Obscured by Clouds and More and Atom Heart Mother and others, or just sit back and let the music wash over you this show kicks ass. I loved it.

  29. Saw it in Pittsburgh last week it was fantastic and I saw Pink Floyd a half dozen starting in ‘71.

  30. The Nick Mason show is an incredible experience not just because it’s a member of Pink Floyd, but because they play things you’ll ever hear live otherwise. The band is great and I came away appreciating Nick even more as a drummer.

  31. 100% worth it, been lucky to see each of Mason, Gilmour and Waters' individual shows and Mason's was a unique gig, felt like an awesome insight of the bands pre DSOTM days, played the tracks you wouldn't normally hear (Echoes being my favourite), said some really nice words about Syd and seems like a really humble guy.

  32. IMHO, the Mason show blows the drawers off the Waters show. One show is about the music and one is about the individual. If a tried and true long time Floyd fan asked me which to choose I’d say Nick’s show. If a newer Floyd fan was asking I’d say Roger.

  33. I saw him on his last tour and it was a fantastic show. I’m seeing him again in a couple weeks. It’s totally worth the money.

  34. I’m going twice, one in Phoenix and later that week home in Los Angeles. As many people have said, the only way you will hear Syd era and pre Darkside songs live.

  35. Yes, totally worth it if you're into early Floyd. I kind of preferred it to Roger because it's refreshing to hear all these old songs instead of the same old DSOTM, The Wall etc. Nick still sounds great on the drums and is friendly and funny between songs. Also nice to see a Floyd show in smaller venues compared to the big stadiums that Roger plays.

  36. I forgot to add that their version of Echoes is awesome. Never thought it could be so good without Gilmour. Not saying it's as good as his but still very enjoyable.

  37. Worth it! I just got home in Milwaukee. I was almost moved to tears several times. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear these songs in their proper form.

  38. $200 Cdn per ticket for Montreal?! Wow, no thanks. Paid like $75 to see Ringo Starr last week. Great show and band. I’d love to see this, but the ticket prices are just insane.

  39. I've been there two times this year in germany and it was amazing. The setlist is great with just pre DSOTM songs. I hope he'll do another tour in the future

  40. Seen him 2x in 2018 was amazing to hear song from their psychedelic era and now I get to sit In the front row in 20 days and I am stoked to hear echoes I just wish green is the colour, careful with that axe and Cymbaline were on the bill

  41. Cymbaline is sorely missing. I'm hoping they do the entire Atom Heart Mother suite next time and maybe Narrow Way pt 3.

  42. I bought VIP for two of my buddies and myself, a little over 700 total. Would do it again in a heartbeat and invite more people to come with me!

  43. Yes it is absolutely worth it. I just saw him in Chicago and it is such a great show. Expect songs from only 1967-72 Pink Floyd era. None from beyond then

  44. The setlists, theatrics and atmosphere make Roger's and Nicks shows difficult to compare, but as an overall experience, I find Nick's shows several times more enjoyable than Roger's.

  45. I went to go see him, tickets costed about £55 each- great show and met him before the show, signed 7 LPs for me- just don’t ask for a photograph..

  46. Atom Heart Mother and Echoes are worth the price of admission alone. Real deal Pink Floyd experience. Good merch too, way better than Roger's. Nick sells three kinds of signed posters for $75. Can't beat it.

  47. If you're a fan of the earlier albums it's fantastic. It's a more relaxed and low-key way to enjoy Pink Floyd live, and you'll hear songs you love played in new ways by people who also love them.

  48. Just saw the show in Grand Prairie (Dallas) last night and it was great! Nick is such a sweet and humble man. Def worth it if you’re into any of the pre-Darkside material.

  49. Yes. I would skip waters lame “farewell politics tour” even though I didn’t. Don’t miss Mason it’s the best “Floyd” going on right now 🤘

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