Merchandise Warning: Don’t Buy this shirt

  1. Sorry that happened to you! For what it's worth, sometimes misprints like that can become hot ebay items later on. Interesting they added a new shirt with an error - they definitely weren't selling that design in Atlanta

  2. Not as bad as a few weeks ago when at the Washington DC Commanders game they had mugs with the logo and the state of Washington on it.

  3. Based on the print quality and.. this.. I don’t think this is an official shirt. You purchased this at the merch stand, you’re sure? Looks like a bootleg and it wasn’t sold at the sacramento show

  4. I think the issue is the extra S on Roger's name. Perhaps there are other issues with the shirt but just realized that is the issue.

  5. Weird. Usually misprint shirts come from random people selling illegal unofficial merch in the parking lots of shows. A guy once sold me a shirt that said Rodger Waters on it haha

  6. Graphic designer and creative team had one job and didn’t think about putting the crossed hammers (from the wall) underneath “This is not a drill”. That would be funny enough to buy

  7. I always buy the unofficial merchandise. I mean , this is what Roger waters preaches right? Anti capitalism anti machine support the small guy

  8. OP bought it in the parking lot. This has been happening since Rock concerts started selling merch. Enjoy the memories of a so so “Floyd” show.

  9. Lol, an older local radio journalist has been inadvertently mispronouncing his name exactly as "Rogers Waters" whole week when reporting on his Ukraine comments. I guess he had a reason after all 😂

  10. Miss prints are highly collectible aaaaand can be great conversation starters round the bon fire in the woods while shrooming

  11. I saw him live in Vancouver, and got this shirt. Been wearing it a whole lot since. I just saw this post, and decided to check my shirt to see if it also had the mistake. Yep, mine says "Rogers Waters" too. I had absolutely no idea the typo was there until now, that's actually so funny.

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