Daith healing progress- from pierced, to very angry, to almost healed (more info in comments)

  1. it seems to be healing, but another person commented it looked shallow too so i’m going to go to a different piercer to get their opinion. worst case scenario, i have to take it out and get it re-pierced!

  2. you were definitely right- while i didn’t have any more bumps or crusties, it never stopped hurting and wasn’t showing signs of healing further so i took it out today. my ear is much happier and once it heals i’m getting it redone!

  3. I was recently told by my piercer after I went to her about my irritated piercings that not all titanium piercings are made equal! She explained the difference between implant grade titanium and regular titanium and how on a very tiny impossible to see level, regular titanium can have little bumps that can still irritate your piercings. So if you find you're still not healing great maybe try switching to implant grade! Hope this helps and hope you heal up soon 😊

  4. Did you use neilmed everyday? Or just before showers? Im dealing with this now and its getting frustrating!

  5. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks really shallow to me. That might be part of the reason why it was so irritated... Keep an eye on it, if it starts rejecting you'll want to remove it sooner rather than later!

  6. now that you mention it, it definitely does look shallow compared to other pictures on here. maybe i will go to a different piercer to see what they say about it

  7. As others have said it looks shallow, HOWEVER if it does heal up then you could do a double daith which looks amazing and not many people have it!

  8. ooooh that’s a super cool idea, thank you!!! i’ll ask about that when i go to have another piercer take a look at it

  9. amazing! i’m literally on the same journey as you, got it in may and it’s been acting up! however litha has greatly helped! hope yours continues to thrive!

  10. Be attentive to that current piece you have in it. It has a hinge and a seam and if it moves too much, the hinge and seam can irritate your piercing. Also, at only 5 months and after all that trauma, it's likely not healed yet and I'm surprised you changed the jewelry. Mine is over two years, I have a similar piece in (switched to it at 16 months), and still having issues. I'm going next week to have my piercer assess and possibly go to a curved bar or just retire it.

  11. I got mine done two years ago and it was very similar to yours. I hope everything works out for you, please update us! And I’m so glad you stuck it out :)

  12. I had the same adventure with my daith, it’s also how I discovered this subreddit. Someone mentioned spraying it with saline solution 5-10 mins before showering, remove the crusty bits in the shower and dry with paper towel. Complete game changer, before I knew it, all healed

  13. mine took FOREVER to heal and would randomly get that bump that would suddenly ooze and burst with blood lol. the ONLY thing that got it to stop was cleaning it with salt water until it completely went away. anytime I got lazy, the bump would come right back. tea tree oil is very irritating to the skin especially when not diluted. I suggest cleaning if with salt water.

  14. I saw someone else say they’d be surprised if it ever healed- don’t lose hope in it! Mine did the same thing months after getting it pierced, my ear would quite literally be gushing blood at times. Now I’ve had it for over three years and haven’t had any issues since! Mine is just as far back and as shallow as yours as well for reference

  15. definitely, which is why i stopped! i originally read on a few websites to use tea tree oil to heal, but then i started to do some more research after it was only making it worse

  16. Wait why shouldn't you leave it wet? I have a nose piercing and I spray it with neil med then wipe and let the last big drop coming out of the bottle just sit over the piercing hole. Is that not good? Your daith looks great btw.

  17. My piercer told me I need to make sure mine are dry otherwise I could get moisture bumps (where moisture sits under the skin) and that a moist warm environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria

  18. I'd be surprised if that doesn't reject hun... That's a very shallow daith... Unfortunately, I'm not really sure it's worth the effort it took to heal. If I in some way, performed one like this, I'd re do it.

  19. I’ve had my daith since mid july and it’s also irritated, not nearly as bad as this one, but god it’s annoying 😫 Glad it’s healing well for you!!

  20. I got my daith pierced in May. One thing my piercer said is to never put anything on your piercing that you wouldn’t place in your eye. I found it to be sound advice. He also advised aiming a cool blow dryer at my ear after I shower. I cleaned with the NeilMed twice a day. My titanium ring with a ball closure was much thicker than your ring. I developed the dreaded bumps a month or two in, although mine weren’t as severe as yours. But keeping my ear dry aside from showers and the occasional saline spray was so helpful.

  21. Ugh my daith was a mess to heal as well. The first week it was fine, then crazy bleeding, swelling, pain, etc. I followed the LITHA method as well, saline spray only, and it eventually sorted itself out after a couple weeks. Now, 3 months after piercing, it looks great! Obviously I still have ages before it's truly healed for good, but thank goodness it's down and pain-free. Still so glad I did it, it's probably my favorite piercing I've gotten.

  22. Honestly almost exact same thing happened to my daith. I gave up tea tree oil which kinda shrunk it. I just used litha and like every now and then sea salt soak. Litha is the key tbh…

  23. I just had something similar happen to my daith that's a couple of months old. Mine started giving me terrible headaches, which is when I noticed it swelling and bleeding a bit. I cleaned it with Neilmed wash three times a day for a couple of days, dryed with hair dryer (on cool) and q tips, then I applied antibiotic ointment afterwards.

  24. Just wanted to add for anyone else reading these comments, I recommend if you were pierced with jewellery that is just one circular piece of metal like it appears OP was, I would switch it out as soon as you can once it’s healed enough. The little section where the two ends of the circle connect can really mess up the healing process. My daith refused to heal for like a year until I switched to a circular barbell and then it healed PERFECTLY a month or two later

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